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Woodcroft New Construction Real Estate and Show Homes

Woodcroft New Construction Real Estate and Show Homes

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The People and The Real Estate in Woodcroft

Edmonton is a city that is on the list of every individual who wishes to explore multiple employment opportunities and a favorable lifestyle. As such, it’s not unusual to see the demand for houses in the city’s neighborhoods soaring.

Woodcroft real estate is not lagging in this regard, with various perks luring home-buyers to invest in this neighborhood. If you are looking for a pristine area, equipped with all the modern facilities and comfort elements, then investing in a Woodcroft home for sale would open up a whole new world for you.

Located in Northwest Edmonton, the historical, post-World-War-II character propped against a contemporary landscape cannot miss the eye. As a present-day urban neighborhood, named somewhere in 1907, Woodcroft retains natural hues in its green parks and exudes a distinct experiential charm, despite the commercial mixes in the light industrial subdivisions surrounding it.

Not to forget, the neighborhood is a magnet for millennials, with thousands of them already residing in the community along with families. The neighborhood houses an eclectic mix of people, from young to old, self-employed business professionals to salaried employees. As such, the neighborhood has a busy but lively and pleasant aura that appeals to home-buyers looking for a balance in life.

The New Community of Woodcroft

Before investing in Woodcroft real estate, it’s good to know a little about its location. The neighborhood is surrounded by four prominent roadways: 118th Avenue, 111th Avenue, 142nd Street, and Groat Road. The mature neighborhood showcases a uniqueness in the sense that more than half of its total area is outside residential coverage. With only a multi-family development on the western side, all of the neighborhood’s residential structures are lined on 113th Avenue.

Coronation Park, counted as one of the most beautiful parks in Edmonton, sprawls over the western side of the neighborhood. The park features a clean outdoor lawn, multi-player tennis courts, the Peter Hemingway swimming pool, a bowling facility, a running track, and an arena. Not to forget, the park is also home to the Telus World of Science, which is one of the most popular attractions for adults and kids alike.

The residents of the community can find the Westmount Shopping Centre at a stone’s throw distance. The shopping center was built in 1955 as Edmonton’s first indoor shopping mall. It was also one of the first enclosed shopping malls to have come up in North America.

Edmonton Public Library is the haven for knowledge buffs residing in the community. Ross Sheppard High School (located between the Westmount Centre and Coronation Park), Woodcroft Public Elementary School, and the St. Marks Catholic School are few schools catering to the educational needs of kids here.

Woodcroft is also the 14th most walkable neighborhoods in Edmonton, thereby allowing residents to accomplish most of their daily chores on foot. Six prominent residential neighborhoods surround the neighborhood: Sherbrooke to the northeast, Dovercourt to the north, North Glenora to the south, Westmount to the southeast, McQueen to the southwest, and Inglewood to the east. The west and northwest of the neighborhood are surrounded by Dominion Industrial and Huff Bremmer Estate Industrial establishments respectively.

The Woodcroft Community League, which was founded in 1957, represents the Woodcroft community. The league is in charge of maintaining an outdoor rink and a community hall, both of which are located on 115th Avenue and 139th Street respectively.

Your New Woodcroft Home in Edmonton

The Woodcroft real estate domain is older than most people think. Early development in the area began in the early 1900s, beckoning many railway employees and tradespeople to settle here. Although the majority of Woodcroft homes for sale were being constructed in the 1950s, the area underwent a significant redevelopment over the following decades.

Today, the Woodcroft real estate market offers a variety of housing styles, ranging from single-detached homes to condominiums and apartments, all of which totals to approximately 1,200 residential units. About half of these dwellings are meant for single families, embracing the one-story-bungalow style of construction. One-third of homes in Woodcroft are apartment-style condos, clustered mostly in the southern half of the neighborhood. Row houses are also a common feature in Woodcroft homes for sale listings.

Things to do in Woodcroft

When you invest in Woodcroft real estate, you get a number of perks besides a comfortable community living experience. Being located in one of the most popular parts of Edmonton, residing in the community opens the doors to a plethora of attractions that the city is known for.

To start with attractions within the neighborhood, Coronation Park certainly deserves the first spot. From recreational activities to fitness to education, the park has everything that families with kids require. The community also offers an excellent opportunity to explore some of the best restaurants here, such as Nikki's, Antonio's Pizza and Pasta, and Discovery Café and Restaurant, where you can enjoy a sumptuous fare with your family. 

Thinking of having a day out with your kids? You will never face a dearth of attractive landmarks in Edmonton. The Alberta Legislature Building, Commonwealth Stadium, Downtown Edmonton, Edmonton City Centre, MacEwan - Centre for the Arts, Manulife Place, and Northgate Centre should undoubtedly be on your list. 

Finding Woodcroft homes for sale shouldn’t be a challenge if you have the right estate agent guiding you. Do keep an eye on the latest real estate deals if you wish to be a part of this remarkable community.