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Weinlos New Construction Real Estate and Show Homes

Weinlos New Construction Real Estate and Show Homes

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The People and The Real Estate in Weinlos

Located in the beautiful Mill Woods area of Edmonton, is a simple residential neighbourhood, Weinlos. Weinlos community is made up almost entirely of residential land. The neighbourhood is a charming residential community that is made for families. It is a mixture of diverse communities and offers a friendly atmosphere for all residents.

The neighbourhood houses single-family dwelling, apartments in low-rise buildings with fewer than five stories, duplexes, and row houses. The Weinlos area features an open street plan that uses several loop roads and creates a sense of space that gives the neighbourhood a pedestrian-friendly environment. The neighbourhood landscaping gives the roadways within the community a very light feel, and the well-maintained tarmac makes it easy to walk or cycle throughout the community. 

The centrally located Weinlos park provides a refreshing chance for outdoor activities. There are educational institutions around the park which accommodate students from elementary through high school levels. The only thing that is not found in Weinlos is commercial buildings. The neighbourhood does not contain any commercial land uses, but there are several services rendered to the community by nearby businesses that the residents can avail. Convenient shopping is done in neighbouring communities.

There are several places to worship within the community as well as in the neighbouring communities. Medical services are also located in the nearby residential neighbourhoods.

The New Community of Weinlos

In the southeastern part of Edmonton, is a beautiful development in the name of Mill Woods, home to 27 different neighbourhoods. A peaceful residential community called Weinlos is one of the 27 neighbourhoods which is bordered by 50th Street on the west, Mill Woods Road East on the east, 34th Avenue, on the north, and 23rd Avenue on the south. The beauty of the location is that it allows easy access to the entire neighbourhood from the north, south, east, and west part of Weinlos. Residents can use any of the roads to access the arterial roads that surround the neighbourhood. 

There are two schools in the Weinlos neighbourhood that provide top-notch education to the children residing within the community, as well as other communities. The junior high school is run by the Edmonton Public School System and is named after a well-known school administrator. The other school within the neighbourhood is an elementary school which is also run by the Edmonton Public School System.

The streets of Weinlos are arranged in a curvilinear pattern which does not offer a smooth thoroughfare for motorist from other communities. A collector roadway passes through the Weinlos neighbourhood, and past the elementary school. This road allows easy access to major highways that surround the community such as the 34th Avenue, 23rd Avenue, 50th Street, and Mill Woods Road East. The easy access makes it convenient for the residents to travel to the city of Edmonton and other neighbouring parts of the community.

The neighbourhood is home to Weinlos Park that provides a lot of recreational activities to the residents. The park is strategically located to the centre of the region, to allow the entire neighbourhood to have easy access. The Weinlos location gives its residents the chance to explore other communities, cultures of the surroundings, amenities, safely and pleasingly. There is plenty of open space in the neighbourhood that can be utilized efficiently in the coming future.

Your New Weinlos Home in Edmonton

Weinlos is a beautifully planned residential neighbourhood located in the Mill Woods area of Edmonton. Mill Woods was named after Mill Creek, the groves of Parkland forest trees that stood there. The Government of Alberta assembled the Mill Woods land in 1970, and by mid-1970s, the development of the northwestern portion had begun. Weinlos is located to the northeast of Mill Woods where the construction started in the 1970s and happened through the 1980s. 

Weinlos was named after two prominent surgeons, the Weinlos brothers, Dr. Morris Weinlos, and Dr. Harry Weinlos. They immigrated to Canada from Russia in 1921, obtained advanced medical degrees, and practised medicine in Edmonton from the 1930s. They were active members of local arts and humanitarian initiatives within Edmonton, which led to the neighbourhood being named after them. 

The neighbourhood of Weinlos has a contemporary feel with the majority of residential structures being single family homes. There are also low-rise buildings and condos which are mostly located on the main road that leads to the neighbourhood school. 

The Weinlos park is located at the centre of the neighbourhood. The park has numerous trails, sporting pitches, open fields, and playground facilities. Two schools are located close to the park, Kate Chegwin Junior High School and Weinlos School. The Kate Chegwin Junior High School started in September 1992. It is a public school named after Kate Chegwin, who was the first woman to hold a supervisory position in the Edmonton district Public School System. She was also the first female vice-principal and the first female principal in Edmonton.

Surprisingly, there are no commercial buildings in Weinlos. Residents can access the retail shops and amenities provided by another close by communities or visit the Town Centre Mall, which is located to the west of Weinlos.

Things to do in Weinlos

Weinlos is a very peaceful and friendly community. The lack of commercial space within the community is the reason behind the tranquillity of the neighbourhood. Residents who want to spend a day shopping and dining can use the major roads and travel to other neighbouring shopping centres or downtown Edmonton.

The roadways within the neighbourhood are designed to provide easy access to all residents, meaning, recreational and commercial establishments located outside the community can be reached easily. The Mill Woods Golf Course, Edmonton Valley Zoo, Fort Edmonton Park, Jackie Parker Park Sherwood Park, World Waterpark, Muttart Conservatory and West Edmonton Mall among others are just a short drive away. The residents can reach these places using the arterial roads that are connected to the collector roadway that passes through the neighbourhood. 

As the residents enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the neighbourhood, away from the hustle bustle of the city, it is a win-win situation for everyone living there.