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Wedgewood Heights New Construction Real Estate and Show Homes

Wedgewood Heights New Construction Real Estate and Show Homes

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The People and The Real Estate in Wedgewood Heights

One of the premium neighbourhoods in the West end of Edmonton, Wedgewood Heights is blessed with some of nature’s most scenic views. The first impression that you get when you set foot into Wedgewood Heights is that of calm and peace, and the neighbourhood does not disappoint in this respect. Deemed to be one of the safest communities in Edmonton, Wedgewood Heights is a haven for young families, professionals and older homeowners alike.

The large sprawling homes on enormous plots are lined up on both sides of tree-shaded pathways that are neatly laid out in an organized fashion. A sizeable park right in the heart of the community gives the neighbourhood its green lungs while the easy access to the Wedgewood Ravine and the North Saskatchewan River Valley system ensure that you have plenty of nature trails and tracks to explore. Good schools, beautiful homes, a peaceful community and much, much more- this is what this little neighbourhood has to offer you!

The New Community of Wedgewood Heights

The west-end neighbourhood has only a single entrance into the community, and this unique feature makes it one of the safest locations in the city. To ensure that there is no compromise on this aspect, the neighbourhood planning has been done in such a way that through traffic is carefully controlled without causing inconvenience to the residents. As a result, you will see peaceful, uncongested streets in here that are easy to traverse on foot or by cycle yet you have easy access to the rest of Edmonton from here via quick drives as well. Proximity to the Anthony Henday Drive ensures that Wedgewood Heights residents can get to the south and west areas of Edmonton with ease and also reach the Edmonton International Airport quickly. In fact, it is just a 15-minute drive to the airport from here if you drive down Anthony Henday.

The neighbourhoods surrounding this one are The Hamptons, Jamieson Place, Dechene, Donsdale, Rural West and Cameron Heights. Towards the east, Wedgewood Heights overlooks the North Saskatchewan River.

The western and south-western boundaries of this community are framed by the Anthony Henday Drive; to the south-east lies the Wedgewood Ravine as well the River valley. In the north-west, Lessard Road encircles the neighbourhood, and in the north-east, 184th Street and a ravine form the boundaries. Access to south Edmonton is especially easy via the Anthony Henday Drive. Lessard Road links the neighbourhood to the outside location via Wedgewood Boulevard, which is the main collector road in Wedgewood Heights.

The neighbourhood follows the same pattern as most of the recent developments in the city with the park site lying in the centre and the housing surrounding it. The pipeline right-of-way running across the neighbourhood offers a green belt of sorts right through and acts as a pedestrian corridor. Walk along this corridor to get straight to Wedgewood Ravine as well as the river valley.

Your New Wedgewood Heights Home in Edmonton

This neighbourhood is part of the West Jasper Place area Structure Plan, and this plan was adopted in the year 1979.  The community gets its name from the Wedgewood Ravine that is located north of Wedgewood Crescent. Within the neighbourhood, you will see that the roads are named after famous Edmontonians for the most part. For example, there are roads named after W.R. Wells, Dr. R.B. Wells, and W.A. Wells — all pioneers here.

This location saw some development in the 1960s albeit quite limited. It slowed down in the 1970s, and then during the 1980s and 1990s, there was a spurt of activity here, and most of the community came up during this time. The housing styles you find here are representative of the development taking place in phases over these decades. One interesting aspect is that all of the homes here in Wedgewood Heights are single-family homes, which makes this location a great choice for those looking to set down roots permanently.

A good majority of homes here are modern and come with all the latest amenities and features. That can be attributed to the fact that 20% of the residences were constructed in the late 1980s, but the huge majority were built in the 1990s or some even later. 

The largest homes and largest lots are found along Wedgewood Crescent, with some lot sizes spanning more than an acre in size. The mixture of land plots is unique in Wedgewood Heights, and you will not find a similar mix elsewhere in Edmonton.

There is no designated commercial area here, but that should not be a deterrent to buying property in Wedgewood heights since the community has great access to other parts of Edmonton including the massive West Edmonton shopping mall. The proximity of the Anthony Henday road that lets you get to other parts of Edmonton easily and quickly is another reason why the lack of commercial space inside need not affect your buying decision.

The phased development of the neighbourhood presents prospective homebuyers with a good choice of home styles and sizes to choose from with budgets ranging from affordable to premium.

Things to do in Wedgewood Heights

Wedgewood Heights was developed as a residential community and keeping this in view, the planning has incorporated several features and amenities designed to give residents everything they need to address recreational needs. The central community park is a sprawling, well-maintained green space. It also has two playgrounds for kids, tennis courts, a basketball court and sports fields. Keeping fit is not a problem for Wedgewood Heights residents, thanks to all of this right within the neighbourhood.

For dining, shopping and entertainment, all you have to do is drive down the Anthony Henday Drive, and you can get to Edmonton’s best hotspots in a matter of minutes. The Lessard Rd route also brings you to some of the most sought-after retail shopping areas in the city. If you would like a mall environment, then you are in luck because the sprawling West Edmonton Mall is located just a quick drive away in the north. This is Canada’s largest indoor shopping area, and there is virtually nothing that you cannot find here.