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Strathcona New Construction Real Estate and Show Homes

Strathcona New Construction Real Estate and Show Homes

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The People and The Real Estate in Strathcona

A premier cultural center, Strathcona is one of the most coveted residential locales for those who seek stunning scenic beauty alongside the quintessential Edmonton old world charm. With easy access to locations that are a hiker’s dream, some gorgeous architecture plus the right commercial elements, there is really nothing that this bustling suburb does not have to offer. This is the ideally located central suburb where you will find a mix of active youngsters and happy families enjoying the many advantages that the peaceful neighborhood offers.

Strathcona is a family friendly location where you will find many of the residents opting to traverse the streets on their bicycles or on foot. With sidewalks providing bike racks, this is not something that tourists miss out on either. During daytime, the locality is the perfect quaint neighborhood where everyone is a friendly, familiar face and at night, the restaurants and bars come to life, ensuring that there is plenty of activity to keep the young crowd happy. 

The New Community of Strathcona

Sprawling across the North Saskatchewan River’s southern banks, Strathcona is the nature lover’s paradise for sure. To the north is the Saskatchewan Drive that forms one boundary of this suburb, while in the west, you will find the 107th street girdling Strathcona. In the east, Mill Creek Ravine and in the South, Whyte Avenue form the outer limits of this locale. With its unique shops with unusual wares, exotic boutiques, a host of homely eateries and formal restaurants and pubs, Whyte Avenue deserves special mention when talking about Strathcona. This is the best known location of this community, quite famed for its music, dance, improv events and theater. 

Whyte Avenue is also important for another reason. Like the Saskatchewan Drive links the east and west, Whyte Avenue offers easy access to both north and south Edmonton and links to 109th street.  For folks who need to get to north Edmonton, this avenue is the easiest route.

With a host of live performances keeping the buzz up here in Strathcona, it is easy to see why this suburb is considered one of Edmonton’s cultural hotspots. Add to these the many festivals that are held here and the visitors from all over the world pouring in to witness the celebrations and it is evident that this neighborhood is a great place for those like to get a glimpse into the traditions and history of the location where they live. The famous International Fringe Festival is a good example of the kind of offbeat festival and events that you can find right here at Strathcona. What’s special about this festival is that it is the oldest and largest of its kind in the country and it has huge international appeal.

Your New Strathcona Home in Edmonton

It would be an understatement to describe Strathcona as a grand community, rich as it is in cultural heritage. One of the oldest communities in Edmonton, Strathcona was named after Lord Strathcona, Donald A. Smith, Hudson’s Bay Company Governor until 1914. Interestingly, it was Lord Strathcona who drove in the last spike for the CPR transcontinental railway. It was in 1912 that this neighborhood, until then a city, was merged into Edmonton. A significant part of Strathcona is still part of Old Strathcona, which happens to be a Provincial Historic Area apart from being Edmonton’s best known shopping and entertainment hub. Whyte Avenue enjoys pride of place as one of the top five best shopping destinations in Canada.

A well recognized hub for arts and entertainment today, Strathcona’s development can be traced back to the Canadian Pacific Railway and its growth since its establishment.  You will find some stunning 20th century architecture here that gives this neighborhood its own very special charm. The brick and wood framed buildings vie for attention alongside the more modern condos and apartments as you meander down the pathways to the newer parts of the neighborhood.

Efficiently serviced by both bus and rail routes and accessible via the 109th or 105th street bridges from downtown Edmonton, Strathcona is definitely well connected. Getting to work or to colleges is a breeze from here and that’s a very appealing feature of this locality.

Things to do in Strathcona

Life as a Strathcona resident can never become boring because there is so much to experience and see down here. Apart from the shopping here that is quite a big draw for most people, the nine independent theater companies here always have some interesting fare lined up for regulars and new comers, alike. For those who love to explore the cuisine of the neighborhood, Old Strathcona is the place to go to, with its innumerable family- owned eateries that serve up some delicious delights in generous portions that can warm your heart while filling your stomach to bursting. Grab a bite here and then spend the night jiving to some music at the many jazz and blues venues that pepper this location. You never know- at places like The Yardbord Suite on Tommy Banks Way you might come across the next big global music sensation too.

Nature lovers will never want for new tracks to explore, new places to see here and the cycling tracks criss- crossing the neighborhood make it easy for you to get to most of the parks. The proximity of the North Saskatchewan river valley system is a blessing for those who love the outdoors, as is the easy access to Mill Creek ravine. Queen Elizabeth Park, sprawling over a mammoth 75 acres of lush green riverside, offers some of the most stunning cycling and walking trails in Edmonton and the best part is that these are open all year round. Another attraction for nature lovers is the Muttart Conservatory, an inspired architectural beauty that houses the colorful plant life of Edmonton.

The dance, theater and music ensure that you always find something to do if you have an evening free on your hands. When there are no festivals charging up the atmosphere here, there is always the opportunity to stroll about the Strathcona neighborhood with its scenic beauty, just taking in the charm of this community!