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Spruce Avenue New Construction Real Estate and Show Homes

Spruce Avenue New Construction Real Estate and Show Homes

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The People and The Real Estate in Spruce Avenue

A good work-life balance, ample employment options, and easily-accessible amenities are a few factors that people look for in a city. While most cities in the world promise this, not all of them stand up to the mark of Edmonton in Canada.

The city flourished into a major commercial hub over the decades, and currently beckons people of all age groups to wallow in its modish lifestyle. As such, it’s not unusual to see real estate in the city’s neighbourhoods skyrocket in recent times, including Spruce Avenue real estate.

Located north of Edmonton’s downtown area, Spruce Avenue seems to assume a special character among all Edmontonian neighbourhoods. The development of the neighbourhood began by the end of the Second World War, lending it a historic vibe that most other neighbourhoods in the city find difficult to match.

The neighbourhood derives its name from the erstwhile designation given to 114th Avenue, which was known as 114th Avenue-Spruce Avenue. Most likely, it’s the lines of spruce trees along its boulevards that inspired the neighbourhood’s name.

In early days of Edmonton, 1st Street and Namayo Avenue were the main freeways for people commuting between Edmonton north and downtown. As such, the neighbourhood harbours anachronistic residences along these streets, becoming one of the oldest neighbourhoods in today’s fast-paced and ultra-modern Edmonton.

If you are looking for a contemporary neighbourhood sporting a historic touch, then investing in Spruce Avenue homes for sale would be an excellent idea. The neighbourhood is dotted by all essential amenities along with park sites and commercial facilities that families and working professionals would require for a comfortable life. The blend of the archaic and the contemporary in the neighbourhood’s vibe makes it one of the best residential communities to live in Edmonton.

The New Community of Spruce Avenue

Its central location is one of the reasons why Spruce Avenue real estate is so much in demand. The neighbourhood is situated just a little north of downtown Edmonton, on the southeastern edge of the Blatchford redevelopment.

It is bordered by 111th Avenue on the south, 97th Street on the east, and Kingsway Avenue on the south west. The neighbourhood shares its northeastern boundary with Princess Elizabeth Avenue, all the way till 107th Street. The northern boundary then runs along 118th Avenue all the way toll 97th Street.

Given the prime location, the neighbourhood has attracted a varied pattern of land usage. It is home to Kingsway Garden Mall, which is a region shopping complex that’s at par with the downtown commercial district of Edmonton. The part of the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) campus also stretches into the neighbourhood. Spruce Avenue also provides an easy access to Edmonton City Centre Airport, which lies to its northwest.

The residents of the neighbourhood enjoy direct access to a Metro LRT line, tree-lined gridiron streets, schools, hospitals, and recreational activities. St. Basil Catholic Junior High School and Spruce Avenue Junior High School are two schools catering to the educational needs of children residing in the community.

Royal Alexandra Hospital and Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital are two primary hospitals addressing the healthcare needs of residents here. You can also find six places of worship in the southeast, east, and northeast corners of the neighbourhood. When it comes to recreation, you get a skating rink, spray park and playground, and large green spaces—all of which maintained by the Spruce Avenue Community League, established in 1918.

The neighbourhood of Spruce Avenue also enjoys a close-knit connection with surrounding neighbourhoods. It’s surrounded by Westwood neighbourhood to the north, McCauley to the south-east, Alberta Avenue to the north-east and east, Queen Mary Park to the south-west, Central McDougall to the south, and Prince Rupert to the west. As such, getting Spruce Avenue homes for sale is the best way to enjoy the benefits of living in a convenient and warm community.

Your New Spruce Avenue Home in Edmonton

Being an old neighbourhood, most of the residential dwellings in the Spruce Avenue real estate scenario belong to the post-World-War-II era. The oldest residences in the neighbourhood are located along 101th Street and 97th Street, while you can see the development of new residences taking place in the western part of the neighbourhood.

What’s best about finding Spruce Avenue homes for sale is that you will be a part of a nature-rich community. The neighbourhood’s residential section is situated along gridded streets that are lined with beautiful elm trees. The well-paved streets and green field with tree linings lend a spectacular appeal to the neighbourhood, making it ideal for anyone who loves open spaces.

The construction of the residential pockets of the neighbourhoods was substantially completed by 1980. Since then, the Spruce Avenue real estate market has undergone changes by leaps and bounds. It provides an eclectic mix of single-detached houses, duplexes, semi-detached homes, row houses, and apartment buildings. Six out of ten residential dwellings in Spruce Avenue neighbourhood are given out on rent, with the remainder being owner-occupied units.

Things to do in Spruce Avenue

If you get a chance to invest in Spruce Avenue real estate, then consider yourself fortunate because you will unlock a whole new world of Edmontonian adventures. Besides the recreational activities within the neighbourhood, the city area has so many things to see and do that boredom will never touch you. If you are kids, Edmonton will surely mesmerize them to the core.

Edmonton’s River Valley Parks, Snow Valley, Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village, Alberta Aviation Museum, Northland Parks, and Edmonton Valley Zoo are a few Edmontonian attractions that both and you kids will love. You can even take a weekend day-out to U of A Botanic Garden, Muttart Conservatory, and John Janzen Nature Centre to spend some quality time with your family.

Looking for places to eat? Szechuan Village, Madison’s Grill, Otto Food & Drink, Blue Plate Diner, and Normand’s Bistro are a few eateries located within the vicinity of Spruce Avenue.

Finding Spruce Avenue homes for sale shouldn’t be difficult if you have the right estate agent backing you. Consider an investment opportunity here to be part of this homely and pristine community amidst Edmonton’s urban scape.