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Ritchie New Construction Real Estate and Show Homes

Ritchie New Construction Real Estate and Show Homes

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The People and The Real Estate in Ritchie

Ritchie is one of the neighborhoods nestled in south east Edmonton, that grew during the post-war era. The community’s annual chili cook off, where the whole community gets together for some heartwarming fun and finger licking food, tells you how close knit this community is. Dotted with little shops that are owned by locals, peppered with homes of long time residents, Ritchie is a predominantly residential area that welcomes newcomers with its customary hearty warmth. Needless, to say, you will love to become part of this engaged community that believes in making the neighborhood a safe, happy place for the families, couples and youngsters calling it home. With public parks within stone’s throw, a plethora of recreational activities at hand, fishing, swimming and boating opportunities right at hand, Ritchie is quite the ideal place to move into. 

The New Community of Ritchie

To the east, you will find the gorgeous natural beauty of Mill Creek Ravine. In the west, Ritchie extends until the south of 79th Avenue and meanders along the 100th Street. 72nd Avenue encircles it in the south and Whyte Avenue borders Ritchie in the north, running the entire length of the neighborhood. Access to the downtown areas is not a problem at all with 99th street, which runs through the neighborhood, making this easy. That’s one of the biggest appeals that Ritchie has- it is perfect for those want to commute to the more commercial downtown without spending hours stuck in traffic. The nearby University of Alberta is also easy to reach using Whyte Avenue and that’s a big advantage for families with grown children who will be looking for higher education opportunities in a few years’ time.

Ritchie is nestled in between the communities of Strathcona, Hazeldean, Mill Creek Ravine and CPR Irvine- all communities with excellent infrastructure and their very own unique buzz. Its unique position ensures that Ritchie residents have access to the old world charm and the buzzing nightlife of Old Strathcona plus also the stunning scenic beauty of Mill Creek portion of the river valley park system. The immensely popular Old Strathcona Farmer’s Market in Strathcona is a quick walk for Ritchie residents. Add to this, the series of well laid out parks centrally located in this community alongside schools and it is easy to see why Ritchie residents take great pride in the way their neighborhood has been planned out.

Your New Ritchie Home in Edmonton

Ritchie has been named after the former Mayor of Strathcona town, Robert Ritchie, who owned Ritchie Mill. This is a historic site today that still stands proud at 102nd street and Saskatchewan Drive, a popular draw for tourists who want to take in the interesting architecture of old Edmonton buildings.  It was the establishment of the Calgary and Edmonton Railroad line here in 1891 that sparked off growth in this location and this development speeded up when, in the year 1902, the Edmonton, Yukon, and Pacific Rail line was completed.

Old Strathcona was the commercial centre and it was this location that developed at rapid clip early on and subsequently other locations on Whyte Avenue also followed suit. The streetcar line that linked quiet little Ritchie with the relatively more bustling Downtown Edmonton, via the 99th street, deserves all the credit for this. In1912, the City of Strathcona merged with Edmonton and Ritchie.

Even before it became a part of Edmonton, Ritchie’s planning had been designed in a grid street pattern with neatly laid out structures and pathways that you can still see today. In fact, take a leisurely stroll through the neighborhood now and you will come across many of the old Ritchie buildings dating back to before the 1950’s, still standing among contemporary structures. 

Today, Ritchie is predominantly a residential community although it does have its share of commercial and industrial properties as well. The most common type of home you will find here is the single detached home and these rub shoulders with semi detached, apartments and row houses. About half the homes are owner occupied here in Ritchie, with the apartments and row homes being the ones that are more commonly spotted on the rentals market.

The presence of three schools within the neighborhood makes this an ideal spot for families with young children. While the Ritchie Junior High School and Mill Creek Elementary School are public schools, there is also a private school, the Reach Out To School that is located on Whyte Avenue.

Things to do in Ritchie

Ritchie is the idea community to settle in if you are someone who loves to take long walks surrounded by serene greenery. The proximity of the Mill Creek ravine is a blessing for nature lovers, with its hiking trails, swimming and boating spots. Families with young children in Ritchie usually hang out at one of the many lush green public parks that are impressively maintained to offer wide open spaces for the kids to run about and play in while the parents walk or interact with others in the neighborhood.

For those who want to explore Edmonton and experience the culture of the locale, Old Strathcona is easily accessible too. This is the oldest part of Edmonton and it still retains much of its historic past in the many old buildings that still stand here. Don’t let the old world charm fool you into thinking that this is a sleepy little nook though. At night Old Strathcona comes to life with its many bars, restaurants, theaters and performances.  If it is history that catches your eye, then a visit to the Strathcona Spirits Distillery also might be a good idea. This boutique distillery, which has the distinction of being North America’s smallest one on record,  is locally owned and operated and it also happens to the first ever distillery in Edmonton. 

Easy access to the Ritchie Market is a big advantage for residents of this community because here you will see that practically all shopping needs can be fulfilled. This is a bike friendly development zone where new commercial establishments are constantly opening up, making it more and more of an exciting place to drop in at.

Theater lovers only need to pop into the Grindstone and they can enjoy shows almost throughout the week or take their pick from comedies, musicals, karaoke nights, plays and even improv jam. There is a restaurant in house that serves delicious meals with large helpings to fill rumbling tummies to the brim after a rocking performance on stage. 

When it comes to dining, Ritchie has a plethora of options to offer ranging from locally sourced sumptuous traditional fare to gluten free, low carb diets to organic food. You can even get a taste of cuisines from around the world right here in the little streets by walking into one of the Indian, Japanese, Vietnamese restaurants that serve foods special to these regions.

Once you are done with your entertainment and dining, you can always head to the Float House and take a relaxing soak in heated waters and congratulate yourself on having made the smart decision to move into Ritchie!