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Rio Terrace New Construction Real Estate and Show Homes

Rio Terrace New Construction Real Estate and Show Homes

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The People and The Real Estate in Rio Terrace

If there’s a city that’s booming in terms of commerce these days, then it's Edmonton. The Canadian city has emerged into a major employment factory and an urban paradise for people who look for the much-needed work-life balance. As such, the demand for real estate in the city, such as for Rio Terrace real estate and other Edmontonian neighbourhoods, has peaked due to a massive influx of people. 

The west side of Edmonton is one of the most coveted parts of the city owing to the treasures of adventure, fun, and convenience that people can uncover here. If you wish to explore the ultra-modern aura of Edmonton, then investing in Rio Terrace real estate would be a smart idea, especially if you are a novice homebuyer. 

There are quite a few aspects that set the Rio Terrace neighbourhood apart from other Edmontonian neighbourhoods. Most prominent of all aspects is its location beside the North Saskatchewan River Valley. The lovely balance of nature and urbanscape that the borough flaunts pulls people like a magnet - just enough for them to check out Rio Terrace homes for sale on Edmonton’s property listings.

Although development began in the 1950s, the neighbourhood was annexed to the city of Edmonton only in 1964. As such, it’s not unusual to see a mix of the past and the present in the way the neighbourhood spreads out. The community got its name in 1958 from the Spanish word "Rio" which means "river," which is apt as it overlooks the river valley.

Today, Rio Terrace is a sprawling community, housing both millennials and retirees. The neighbourhood leaves no stone unturned to create the feeling of a close-knit residential setup, beckoning families to come and be a part of a warm circle of people. Although each family has its own values to follow, there’s always a thread of amicability and mutual harmony that binds everyone together in Rio Terrace.

The New Community of Rio Terrace

The neighbourhood of Rio Terrace is located in the western side of Edmonton, just along the banks of the North Saskatchewan River, spanning between 149 Street and 156 Street. Its picturesque location has made the demand for Rio Terrace homes for sale go sky high.

If you reside in this pristine community, you wake up to the spectacular views of the river valley and the lush greenery surrounding it - just enough to relish nature’s beauty sitting in the comfort zone of your bedroom!

To the west of Rio Terrace, across 156th Street, lies its sister neighbourhood called Patricia Heights. There are a couple of other neighbourhoods bounding the community; the Quesnell Heights across 149th Street and the Lynnwood neighbourhood across Whitemud Drive bound the eastern and northern fringes of the neighbourhood respectively.

Investing in Rio Terrace real estate comes with its own perks. Besides the river valley, you can also get breathtaking views of Fort Edmonton Park from designated vantage points along the Rio Terrance Drive. Fort Edmonton Park steals the light as a popular tourist attraction, providing an entertaining and educational journey through the city’s past.

Rio Terrace is truly a caring community because it provides its residents with all the necessary amenities within a convenient distance. Two bridges over Whitemud Drive, one at 156th Street and the other at 159th Street, provide easy vehicle access to the neighbourhood. The Edmonton Transit System connects the area to West Edmonton Mall, University of Alberta campus, and Edmonton downtown, making it a breeze for students and working professionals to reach their educational and employment centres.

Besides the West Edmonton Mall, you can also shop for daily essentials at the Patricia Heights Shopping Centre, which is situated on the western part of 156th Street. Not to forget, you can enjoy direct access to Rio Park, which has a playground for kids. The cycling and walking trails close to neighbourhood make for good weekend outings with family—just what you need to reinvigorate your senses.

The Rio Terrace Elementary School, the Patricia Heights Elementary School, Hillcrest School, and Stratford School are a few schools that kids in the community can attend. The Rio Terrace Community League, founded in 1960, represents the neighbourhood and maintains an outdoor rink, a community hall, and tennis courts—all of which are located at 76 Avenue and 155 Street. 76 Avenue is also the address of The Rio Terrace Moravian Church, which welcomes people for regular prayer services even from the two neighbourhoods surrounding Rio Terrace.

Your New Rio Terrace Home in Edmonton

An increasing number of modern-day families are investing in Rio Terrace real estate thanks to the perfectly-designed housing options offered by the neighbourhood. Majority of Rio Terrace homes for sale were constructed in the 1960s. The entirely of residential dwellings here are single-family homes, with about twenty percent of them given out to tenants.

Many of the residential dwellings are also huge split-level homes or bungalows featuring rear-lane access to detached garages. The neighbourhood has seen new infill development in recent years, with many homes with the 60’s-style architecture either getting demolished or replaced by contemporary designs.

Other patterns of land usage in the neighbourhood include a community league, an elementary school, a park, and a church. All of these facilities are located in the central-west region of the neighbourhood. Finding Rio Terrace homes for sale would be perfect if you wish to live in your dream haven amidst an urban yet tranquil Edmontonian landscape.

Things to do in Rio Terrace

It will be nothing less than a happy coincidence if you find Rio Terrance homes for sale. The quiet and charm of the community will make you will like living here forever. Besides the weekend outings and biking trips, you can check out a plethora of attractions in the city.

Edmonton is hugely famous for Alberta Legislature Building, Alberta Aviation Museum, John Walter Museum, Edmonton Public Library, Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village, Edmonton’s River Valley Parks, and Edmonton Valley Zoo. Make sure you plan a visit to these places either alone or with your family and friend during weekends and vacations.

Navigating the complexities involved in Rio Terrace real estate dealings can be challenging. But you can overcome your hurdles if you have the right estate agent backing you. No matter what, you should consider an investment in this booming market to be a part of a warm and balanced community.