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Queen Mary Park New Construction Real Estate and Show Homes

Queen Mary Park New Construction Real Estate and Show Homes

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The People and The Real Estate in Queen Mary Park

Queen Mary Park has been witnessing a ‘revival’ of sorts in recent times after the construction of a brand new arena here. There are also plans for new condos to come up here in this central Edmonton neighbourhood and this has sparked a lot of interest in Queen Mary Park properties in recent months. This neighbourhood has always been a preferred one for both young professionals and the elderly because of the easy access it offers to the commercial hubs of Edmonton without comprising on the calm serene environment that makes it perfect for older residents.

The neighbourhood does have some buildings dating back from the bygone era but a good portion of it has recently developed and this means Queen Mary Park offers a charming blend of the old and new that is quite attractive.  The location’s historic significance stems not just from its age but also from the fact that the Edmonton cemetery lies within its borders on 118th Street and 107th Avenue. This is where you will find the Field of Honour, the final resting place of over 600 war veterans. A walkable neighbourhood that is neatly laid out with plenty of green space, this little community is a good one to call home.

The New Community of Queen Mary Park

The neighbourhood is in a central location, right next to Downtown with Oliver also quite nearby. The old Canadian National Railway earlier ran just south of Queen Mary Park, between 104th and 105th avenues. Queen Mary Park lies within old Hudson’s Bay Company Reserve area.

The easy access to the heart of Edmonton’s downtown is not the only advantage that Queen Mary Park offers. It is also really close to Grand MacEwan University college, which is a major advantage for students choosing to live here. Apart from this, NAITand Royal Alexandra Hospital are also located within easy reach from this neighbourhood. 

Queen Mary Park is encircled by 111th Avenue on the north side, on the south side 105th Avenue is its boundary. To the west side lies 121st Street and to the east 109th Street. The surrounding neighbourhoods are Inglewood, Westmount, Prince Rupert, Central McDougall and Spruce Avenue apart from Oliver and Downtown core.

One of the biggest advantages of Queen Mary Park is the great ETS access it offers. 107th Avenue is one of the arterial roads running through the neighbourhood and 124th street, with all its buzz, is close enough for residents to pop in and out quickly. With Columbia Plaza and Holland Plaza also lying in the neighbourhood, the community has quite a lot of advantages to offer.  

Your New Queen Mary Park Home in Edmonton

The neighbourhood of Queen Mary Park gets its name from Mary of Teck, the grandmother of Queen Elizabeth II and also queen of the commonwealth during the years between 1910 and 1936. Originally part of the Hudson’s Bay Company reserve, this neighbourhood was incorporated into the City of Edmonton later on.

The area did not develop very fast prior to the 1950s and you will find few homes here dating from that era. However, after this period and until 1970’s, construction activity received an impetus here as more people set up home in these parts. The single family detached homes that you will see here predominantly date back to those years. In recent times, the area has seen the construction of several homes, more in keeping with contemporary tastes and a result there are quite a few apartment style condominiums and duplex homes to be seen now.

This community has become a preferred choice for young professionals and young families in recent times. While the proximity to downtown core is the reason for the former, the latter can be attributed to the good schools located here. Within Queen Mary Park, you have two schools, St. Joseph Catholic High School which lies to the east and the Queen Mary Park Elementary School. 

Things to do in Queen Mary Park

Queen Mary Park is a great location for nature lovers to settle down in. The area has easy access to River Valley walking trails that make the perfect location for long walks or treks surrounded by nature. Within the community you have off- leash areas earmarked where dogs can run free while you enjoy a quick interaction with other pet owners. There are parks nearby and within the community, there is enough open space for you to follow an active lifestyle.  Airway Park lies just off 111th Avenue, a sprawling expanse of beautifully maintained greenery that is perfect for a long stroll on weekends. 

The community league maintains several amenities within Queen Mary Park apart from a well equipped hall. There is a spray park that is the favourite go- to spot for residents in summer season and also a playground with equipment for the young ones to spend many hours playing in. With ICE district as well as Rogers Place quite nearby, there is plenty of opportunity to enjoy both games and some music and dance.

For your shopping needs, you just have to make a quick trip down to Kingsway Garden Mall, not very far from Queen Mary Park, if the local stores and services do not satisfy you.  You can head to Oliver Square too, also quite accessible from here, if you want a change of pace with your shopping.

With the heart of Edmonton, the Downtown area lying so close by, there is never any risk that you will run out of things to do if you live in Queen Mary Park. Drop in at Citadel Theatre and you are sure to find a program that grabs your attention in one of the five performance venues here. Head to Muttart Conservatory for some downtime and spend hours learning more about the exquisite plant life you can find in Edmonton. Don’t miss the glass pyramid with the seasonal flowers blooming in a vibrant kaleidoscope of colour. West Edmonton Mall is also close to downtown and here you can browse through over 800 stores, check out the dolphin lagoon and lake, do some bungee jumping and much, much more to get the adrenaline pumping!