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Pleasantview New Construction Real Estate and Show Homes

Pleasantview New Construction Real Estate and Show Homes

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The People and The Real Estate in Pleasantview

Whether it is north, south, east or west, every nook and corner of Edmonton exudes a distinct charm that not many cities can match. The Canadian city has created a unique perception of itself in people's minds, emerging as one of the biggest commercial hubs in the world.

Over the years, a massive influx of population has swept across the city, pushing the demand for real estate in different Edmontonian boroughs sky high. The Pleasantview real estate market is not lagging behind in this respect, becoming one of the most coveted neighbourhoods for novice homebuyers looking to settle in the city. The community is home to a diverse population of both young working professionals and retirees, providing them with the much-needed work-life balance.

The reason why Pleasantview homes for sale are so much in demand is mostly the neighbourhood's historic charm. A part of the area to the east of 106th Street has been a division of Edmonton since 1914. The remaining portion was annexed only after the Second World War. 

After the annexation, the scarcity of religious institutions, schools, and park facilities in the area was met to some extent. Prairie farmland, which is now the western part of the neighbourhood, was subdivided and sold under the Veteran’s Land Act for repaying a part of the debt owed overseas.

The neighbourhood was called Martin Estate until 1950, the name coming from David Martin, who settled here in 1899. It was in the mid-1900s after the annexation of the area to Edmonton subdivision that it was renamed after the hill in the neighbourhood from where the view is “pleasant.”

Today, Pleasantview is a bustling community with people from different age groups, countries, and professions investing in real estate. The neighbourhood has a cosmopolitan vibe, but retains its age-old heritage in some of its architectures. It’s a close-knit community where everyone enjoys an amicable, convenient and warm atmosphere.

The New Community of Pleasantview

It's the fantastic location of the neighbourhood that Pleasantview real estate is so much in demand. Its prominent location in the southwest part of Edmonton cannot miss the eye of a discerning homebuyer. If you are one of them, you should certainly know more about what’s there in and around this neighbourhood.

Nestled between 104th Street and 111th Street from west to east and 51st Avenue and 61st Avenue from south to north, Pleasantview’s central-south location makes it easier for you to access Whitemud Freeway. This highway offers a direct connection to the western and eastern parts of Edmonton. 

Not to forget, you reach Gateway Boulevard/Calgary Trail easily from Pleasantview if you wish to travel north and south. Going downtown and accessing major employment centres there also becomes a lot easier thanks to the roadway system surrounding the neighbourhood.

When it comes to retail establishments, Southgate Centre is the closest shopping mall located just south of Pleasantview. Going along Calgary Trail for a short distance from the neighbourhood takes you to South Edmonton Common, which is Canada's largest retail power centre and open-air retail project in North America.

Reaching the University of Alberta, the University of Alberta farm, Whyte Avenue, and the Neil Crawford Centre from Pleasantview are also quite easy. The neighbourhood is exceptionally child-friendly, providing plenty of open spaces for their sports and recreational activities. Mount Pleasant School, which is under the administration of the Edmonton Public School System, is located in the neighbourhood and is counted among the top-rated schools in Alberta.

If you reside in this community, the doors to facilities in surrounding neighbourhoods open for you. Queen Alexandra, Lendrum Place, Southgate, Empire Park, Allendale, Parkallen, Rideau Park, McKernan, and Malmo Plains are a few neighbourhoods with modern amenities that Pleasantview residents can access.

If you get Pleasantview homes for sale, you are likely to get every recreation option or venue you need close to your home. Thanks to the Pleasantview Community League, which was founded in 1946, because of which residents of the community can enjoy the benefits of a community hall, an outdoor rink, and tennis courts—all of which are located on 57 Avenue and 109th Street.

The neighbourhood of Pleasantview is also known for its vibrant community buzz, attracting a host of festivals and events every year. The famous Farmer’s Market is in the neighbourhood—just enough to create unmatched energy and action among residents and visitors who come to see the bountiful and fresh farm produce. It would indeed be a smart decision to invest in Pleasantview real estate market, given the numerous benefits you are likely to unleash for yourself here.

Your New Pleasantview Home in Edmonton

Majority of residential dwellings in Pleasantview were constructed after the Second World War. But quite a few of them have undergone renovation in recent times and incorporated contemporary designs. 

As such, the Pleasantview real estate market provides a good mix of old and new structures, made up of independent houses, semi-detached homes, low-rise and high-rise apartments, and row houses. Most of the low-rise and high-rise apartments in Pleasantview are already on rent.

It’s the central location and pocket-friendly price that make Pleasantview homes for sale so popular in Edmonton’s property listings. The eclectic mix of housing options offered by the neighbourhood would surely appeal to the refined taste of millennial homebuyers, who look for a blend of luxury and comfort.

Things to do in Pleasantview

If you get a chance to invest in Pleasantview real estate, then consider yourself fortunate because you will open a whole new world of Edmontonian adventures. Besides the recreational activities within the neighbourhood, the city area has a plethora of things to see and do for solo adventurists and families.

If you are a lover of heritage architecture and libraries, then you should certainly visit the Edmonton Public Library, Alberta Legislature Building, Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village, John Walter Museum, John Janzen Nature Centre, Herbert T. Coutts Education Library and Alberta Aviation Museum. Edmonton’s River Valley Parks, Snow Valley, Northland Parks, and Edmonton Valley Zoo are a few other attractions that both appeal to both kids and adults alike.

Finding Pleasantview homes for sale shouldn’t be difficult if you have the right estate agent backing you. Given the numerous benefits such as a warm atmosphere, convenient facilities, and work-life balance that you get, an investment in this community would simply be great.