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Overlanders New Construction Real Estate and Show Homes

Overlanders New Construction Real Estate and Show Homes

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The People and The Real Estate in Overlanders

Whether you are single or married, young or old, buying Overlanders homes for sale is one of the best opportunities to experience the energetic and vibrant aura of Edmonton. The Canadian city is one of the few to exude such a cosmopolitan character, welcoming people of all ages, ethnicities, and origins. 

Much of this vibe extends to neighbourhoods located in the northeast part of the city. The neighbourhood of Overlanders is one of them. Just like most other Edmontonian neighbourhoods, this area is pretty contemporary in its essence—one of the primary reasons why Overlanders real estate is so much in demand.

But what’s noteworthy about Overlanders is that it’s still inextricably connected to its history that dates back quite a few decades. In 1875, an Anglican minister named Canon William Newton, arrived in this Edmontonian area and set up his home, a hospital and the first church here.

The entire area was then called the Hermitage, which was annexed to the City of Edmonton in 1961. The neighbourhood continued to flaunt Reverend Newton’s home for more than twenty-five years.  Also, during this period, the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway line was built along the area’s south boundary.

The neighbourhood area was named Overlanders to pay tribute to a group of miners who travelled  to the Cariboo gold fields from Fort Gary by Red River cart. A number of the miners discontinued this trek and settled in Edmonton in 1862.

Victoria Trail, which falls on the east boundary of the neighbourhood, got its name from a pair of trails that run parallel to the North Saskatchewan River. This was, however, the earliest days of settlement in Edmonton. After 1864, the path followed the river northeast to the Methodist mission at Victoria.

Today, the neighbourhood is Overlanders is bustling with modern amenities, retail centres, and a diverse population. As such, an investment in Overlanders homes for sale would be ideal for homebuyers who wish to see the diverse yet beautiful mix of the past and present in one frame.

The New Community of Overlanders

One reason why Overlanders real estate is experiencing such high demand is because of its location in the decent and flourishing northeast Edmonton. Overlanders is one of three neighbourhoods built within the Hermitage plan area and is also a resident-friendly one when compared to most other communities in the city.

Victoria Trail surrounds the neighbourhood on the east, Yellowhead Trail on the south, Kennedale Ravine on the north and Hermitage Road on the south. The western edge of the neighbourhood, formed by north of Hermitage Road, is about half a block west of 11 Avenue. The boundary of the west of the neighbourhood also follows Homestead Crescent and Hooke Road.

Residents of the Overlanders neighbourhood can access major parts of the city by the Edmonton LRT system at Belvedere Station. Located to the west of the neighbourhood, this LRT station allows residents to access the University of Alberta campus, downtown core, the Coliseum, Northlands and Commonwealth Stadium.

For catering to the academic and extra-curricular needs of kids residing here, the neighbourhood has Overlanders Elementary School, which is affiliated to the Edmonton Public School System. Overlanders is also home to the Edmonton Soccer Centre- East, which provides recreation space to residents of the community.

Abbottsfield, Canon Ridge, Belmont, Kernohan, River Valley Hermitage, Homesteader, and Rundle Heights are a few neighbourhoods located close to Overlanders.Connections to other neighbourhoods in the Hermitage area are provided by collector roads and bicycle and pedestrian pathways.

Located right at the centre of the neighbourhood is a multi-purpose educational and recreational site. The residents of Overlanders can also conveniently access river valley parks situated in the neighbourhood's north side. They can follow paths or roadways through Canon Ridge to the east.

As such, an investment in Overlanders homes for sale is the best way to experience social interactions, modern-day amenities and convenient connectivity of a diverse yet tightly-knit Edmontonian community.

Your New Overlanders Home in Edmonton

The neighbourhood of Overlanders was developed as a part of the Hermitage Plan Area, whose agricultural roots date back to 1875. After it was amalgamated wut the City of Edmonton in 1961, developers and government officials addressed concerns about residential development taking place too close to the industrial area in the vicinity.

It was only in the late 1970s that Overlanders homes for sale started emerging. This was the period when the Hermitage area was subdivided and housing options in the neighbourhood came in waves. Overlanders real estate then comprised single-family houses and row houses, which were constructed by the end of the 1970s. The majority of row and apartment housing structures were built during the 1980s.

Things to do in Overlanders

The proper mix of urban amenities and recreational opportunities makes the neighbourhood of Overlanders so alluring to homebuyers. It’s one of the most lucrative Edmontonian neighbourhoods for investment for both novice and experienced homebuyers. Finding Overlanders homes for sale unlocks an exciting and adventurous façade of Edmonton that most people don’t know much about.

Edmonton is known for the Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village, MacEwan - South Campus, Alberta Legislature Building, Edmonton Public Library Alberta Aviation Museum, Manulife Place, Northgate Centre, John Walter Museum, Edmonton’s River Valley Parks, and Edmonton Valley Zoo. These Edmontonian attractions beckon both youngsters and adults to spend some quality time during day-offs, weekends and vacations.

The West Edmonton Mall, the largest shopping mall in North America, is located not very far from the Overlanders neighbourhood. Residents can drive to this exquisite mall that features a wave pool, an indoor amusement park, bowling alley, golf course, ice rink, and aquarium.

For a more adventurous outdoor experience near Edmonton, residents of Overlanders neighbourhood can go snowshoeing at the Elk Island National Park, which has a higher density of hoofed mammals per square mile than any other preserved area in the world.

If you are looking for an investment opportunity in the Overlanders real estate market, then get in touch with an expert estate agent. This suburban but contemporary and warm community is ideal for settling in a welcoming and well-equipped community, either alone or with family.