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Ottewell New Construction Real Estate and Show Homes

Ottewell New Construction Real Estate and Show Homes

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The People and The Real Estate in Ottewell

Sprawling over an impressive 250 hectares of land, Ottewell is one of the largest neighbourhoods in Edmonton. Since much of the development and construction here took place in the 1950’s and 1960’s, the area has an old world charm that is quite rustic. If the well groomed homes with beautifully manicured lawns reflect the bygone era, so do the residents living here today, with their warm, friendly nature that might come as a pleasant surprise to city slickers used to having neighbours who barely recognize them on the street. Ottewell is a neighbourhood that seems to have it all with its quiet parks, well organized layout, great schools, comprehensive shopping areas and more. If you are thinking of settling down here, a quick visit is all it will take to tell you that you are on the right track to take a smart decision.

The New Community of Ottewell

Ottewell is one of the largest communities you will find in the greater Bonnie Doon area and it is located to the north eastern side here. This neighbourhood is bordered on the west side by the 75th street. On the east, it has the 50th street encircling it while on the north, Terrace Road and 98th Avenue do the same. In the South side, the 90th Avenue marks the end of Ottewell. The neighbouring communities are Fulton Place, Terrace Heights, Holyrood, Kenilworth and Eastgate Business Park.  

Construction in Ottewell was at its peak in the two decades following 1950 and that’s the reason you will see that this neighbourhood sports the open street plan that was favoured at that time. Generously peppered with crescents and loops and curved grids, the general layout of the neighbourhood is one that takes you back in time to an era when people preferred large homes with a big frontage and a backyard for the children to play in.

Your New Ottewell Home in Edmonton

Ottewell’s history can be traced back to one of the earliest settlers of Strathcona County, Richard Philip Ottewell. From his home in Ontario, Ottewell wandered down here in search of farming land, leaving his wife and sons behind. After a thrilling chance encounter with the Sioux and their chief Sitting Bull, Ottewell finally reached Edmonton in 1881 along with a group of friends. His first homestead claim was in what is known as Ottewell today. By the 1890’s, Ottewell had set down roots in Edmonton area with his own farm and later he branched out into other businesses as well. A keen acumen for business enabled him to be quite successful and in later years, he became a very prominent figure in the community that was slowly developing in these parts. The old log house that was the first home of the Ottewell family stands even today in the Fort Edmonton Park where it was moved to from its original location and restored in 1885.

Interestingly, Ottewell was known by the name of Braemar originally. Later, it was also known as East Glenora for some time during the 1910s and then East Edmonton Park. But the name that stuck was the one honouring the Ottewell family since they were among the very first people to set up home to the south of the North Saskatchewan river. 

Take a look around and you will see that much of the neighbourhood is occupied by single family homes, in fact, a whopping majority of homes follow this style of construction. Many of them may be older homes but typically, those available for rent have undergone significant recent renovations to add modern amenities and features. Next in terms of popularity come the apartments although you won’t find high rises here and most of these are complexes with fewer than five stories. Duplexes and collective residences make up the rest of the homes here in Ottewell. A good majority of homes are owner occupied here, which is one reason why you will find them in such good repair. The fact that Ottewell is so close to Edmonton’s industrial areas makes this an excellent rental market for the approximately 30% of homes that are rented out. 

Families with young children prefer Ottewell because of the many good schools in this neighbourhood. Of the total of six schools here, three- Clara Tyner Elementary School, Braemar Public School, and Ottewell Junior High School are run by the Edmonton Public School System. The St. Brendan Catholic Elementary School and Austin O'Brien High School fall under the Edmonton Catholic School System. There is also an independent charter school, Suzuki Charter School Native Land. The King’s University College is also easily accessible from this neighbourhood, which is a good thing for those looking for post secondary education options.

Things to do in Ottewell

Apart from the fact that this neighbourhood’s well planned streets offer just the ideal setting for long walks while you take in the old style architecture of the homes, Ottewell has much more to offer too. Walk down the 90th Avenue and when you reach the southern end of the neighbourhood, you will come to Ottewell Plaza. This is a very popular strip mall here that has shops of all kinds to cater to your everyday and more exotic needs as well. The king sized grocery store is a popular haunt for residents who want to stock up on things for the week ahead.  

The Capilano Mall that is located in the north east has a bit of history to it too. It was opened way back in the year 1966. The mall also houses the Edmonton Public Library branch here. If your shopping bug takes you further into Downtown Edmonton, then make sure to try out the High Level Bridge streetcar, that starts right at the rear of the Farmer’s Market building in Old Strathcona. A unique ride that gives you a spectacular bird’s eye glimpse of the surroundings below and the winding Saskatchewan river the streetcar ride is open from May to October. 

If you have a weekend free then a visit to the Mill Creek Ravine park is the best thing to do. With miles of hiking trails and plenty of nature to experience and enjoy, this place is just a dream for those who love to spend time in the midst of verdant greenery.