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Minchau New Construction Real Estate and Show Homes

Minchau New Construction Real Estate and Show Homes

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The People and The Real Estate in Minchau

Situated in the northeast of the Mill Woods suburb, Minchau is a small residential community. It is a close-knit community and is very popular with families looking to put their roots down. Residents who stay in the neighbourhood are mostly families who enjoy the peace and quiet that the community provides.

Minchau is a suburban community with a rural feel that is not only liked by families, but also by single professionals who wish to enjoy life away from the hustle bustle of the city. The community provides an excellent nature-based living area that has lots of recreational activities for all residents. Residents of all ages get together and take part in these activities.

The neighbourhood of Minchau addresses more than a thousand residential dwellings and neighbourhood homes. The houses are mostly single detached houses, but they also include semi-detached houses, townhouses, and low-rise apartments. The residential properties are relatively new, which gives Minchau a fairly modern vibe.

Minchau does not have a lot of amenities like other communities nearby. But it is ideally positioned close to commercial establishments, educational institutions, recreational centres and other places that provide basic necessities to the residents. Regardless of this, a lot of people have made Minchau their home, and a long-term place to reside. There is continued interest in the Minchau neighbourhood due to its family-friendly community, safety, and the tranquillity of its environment.

The New Community of Minchau

Minchau is a small yet beautiful residential neighbourhood in the Mill Woods area of Edmonton. It is bounded by 50th Street on the west, 34th Avenue on the south, and by the Mill Creek Ravine on the northeast. The surrounding neighbourhoods include Jackson Heights to the north, Wild Rose and Kiniski Gardens to the northeast, Silver Berry to the southeast, Bisset and Weinlos to the south, Tawa to the southwest, and Greenview and Hillview to the west. 

The residents of Minchau have direct access to the Mill Creek Ravine, which provides the residents with all the recreational activities needed. The Minchau neighbourhood is also very close to main transportation routes, which makes it easier for the residents to travel. Due to the blend of recreation with convenience, Minchau is considered to be a vibrant and flourishing family-focused community.

The Minchau location provides easy access to several prominent places. The collector road that passes through the neighbourhood connects to major highways. The South Edmonton Common and the Mill Woods Town Centre are just a short distance away, no more than a 15-minute drive. Minchau is ideally positioned close to several commercial and recreational establishments. Malls, cinemas, schools, shopping centres and such are just a short drive away from the Minchau neighbourhood. 

Minchau is appealing to several homebuyers due to its location. It is positioned away from the hustle bustle of the city but conveniently located close to every establishment that is needed in the day to day life. It offers peace and entirely with minimal traffic, and a community that is as good as a family.

Your New Minchau Home in Edmonton

Nestled between the Mill Creek Ravine and 34 Avenue is the Minchau community, situated in southeast Edmonton. Minchau is one of the 27 beautiful neighbourhoods that make up Mill Woods. It is also a part of the three-neighbourhood community of Ridgewood. Minchau is named after August Minchau, a Prussian immigrant who immigrated from Poland in 1894 and settled in the Mill Woods area. The residential development began in 1960, during which 20 homes were built.

The Government of Alberta assembled the Mill Woods land bank in 1970 due to the concern over the increasing cost of serviced residential land in Edmonton. The city of Edmonton prepared a development plan, based on the concept of self-sufficient, multiple-neighbourhood communities separated by significant roadways. The complete residential development in Minchau happened between 1970 and 1980.

Minchau mostly consists of single detached houses and the high-density housing and commercial sites are located along collector roadways. The road in the neighbourhood is a combination of curving collector roads, curvilinear and cul-de-sac residential streets. The combination provides an efficient flow of traffic to and from the community and minimizes the dangerous effects of traffic. There are several strategically placed pathways to promote pedestrian and bicycle travel.

Educational facilities are located central to this area. The Minchau School is the only school in the neighbourhood and is located adjoining Mill Creek Ravine,  while the other schools close to the area include the Kate Chegwin Junior High, and W.P. Wagner Senior High School. The Southwood Playschool located close by offers daycare and pre-school classes. The Minchau community is represented by the Ridgewood Community League which was established in 1982 which offers after-school activities for children and adults.

 The neighbourhood looks like there is no commercial space within. But there are a few shopping places located conveniently right in the middle of the community. Apart from these retail outlets, the residents can visit the Mill Woods Town Centre for their commercial, recreational, educational, retail and healthcare requirements.

Things to do in Minchau

Minchau is a quiet neighbourhood that provides a tranquil for its residents who like to stay away from city life. The Ridgewood Community League offers after-school programs like dance, yoga, and boot-camp fitness to children and adults. There are several activities conducted that the residents take an active part in such as the seasonal festivities, fundraising events that happen throughout the year.

The Mill Creek Ravine provides ample recreational activities to the residents of Minchau, from walking, jogging, cycling, hiking to camping and picnics. It also offers the residents an opportunity to explore the wildlife habitat in the creek as well as the areas of natural vegetation.

The Aspenwood Shopping Centre and Mill Woods Town Centre provide several commercial, recreational, health services and educational services to the residents of Minchau. The Jackie Parker Recreation Area which acts as the eastern border of Minchau community gives access to open fields for sporting events, wooded trails for hiking and mountain biking. The park is also home to the Ridgewood Community League and Ridgewood Skating Rink which host classes, programs, community skating events, local hockey tournaments and skate-offs.

The Minchau neighbourhood is the most sought-after community, especially by single professionals and families looking for peace and quiet.