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Brand New Construction in Mcconachie Area & Nearly New Homes for Sale

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Mcconachie Area New Construction Real Estate and Show Homes

Mcconachie Area New Construction Real Estate and Show Homes

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The People and The Real Estate in Mcconachie Area

McConachie offers blissful suburban living cocooned against an enchantingly charming backdrop with easy accessibility to the bustling hub of modern urbanization. It has a distinctive charm and is the quintessential example of a homeowners' dream come true. And because it is the ideal blend of oodles of outdoor space and metropolitan trappings, McConachie truly offers the best of both worlds.

Sprinkled with picturesque tree-lined trails, gorgeous parks with lush greenery and dotted with pretty ponds, the community of McConachie benefits two-fold - from its peaceful setting as well its prime location. Residences are a combination of exquisite styling meets beautiful architecture while keeping the intrinsic classical charm intact. And thanks to its exceptional planned location, the residents of the area have easy accessibility to schools, retail stores, modern amenities and a host of exceptional services. 

The New Community of Mcconachie Area

Unquestionably one of the prettiest neighbourhoods in northeast Edmonton, Alberta, McConachie is a brand spanking new residential haven. Beautifully laid out, the area is an amalgamation of serenity with easy accessibility to the heart of the city, but is situated at just the perfect distance from it to offer a safe haven for families. It is well connected and accessible from major roads and is met on the west by 66 Street NW, on the east by 50 Street NW and on the south by 176 Avenue NW.

For an effortless transport option, McConachie features two transit centres, which are conveniently linked with the various transport facilities. The Anthony Henday Drive (Highway 216), located to the north of the area, is a 77-kilometre freeway that connects the area with neighbouring towns in Edmonton, Alberta. As one of Western Canada’s most popular highways, it also links Canada to the United States.

Your New Mcconachie Area Home in Edmonton

Founded only in 2006, the McConachie Neighbourhood Structural Plan (NSP) has been designed to ensure residents have a range of amenities at their fingertips from schooling to healthcare to recreation.

As part of the Pilot Sound residential project, the area has been quaintly named after Grant McConachie, honouring the famous pilot and aviation expert who later went on to become the CEO of Canadian Pacific Airline.

Fortunately, when it comes to the aesthetics of the McConachie residences, The Arts and Crafts architectural guidelines have blessed all the homes in McConachie with an elegance that is second to none. Every home has been subjected to meticulous inspections and approvals that have provided for sustainably beautiful designs, classy finishes, robust constructions as well as pristine landscaping standards, across the board. So in essence, thanks to the exceptional architectural styling, residences in the neighbourhood have a beautiful artistic appeal with charming facades, which has helped to create an overall sophisticated and graceful environment.

From modern condominiums to attractive abodes with semi-detached front garages and from enchanting single family rear landed residences to beautiful single family front garage homes, there is an extensive array of several different types of homes so potential residents are always spoilt for choice.  And with the gorgeously blessed aesthetic, homeowners can rest assured that theirs is a solid investment, which will only appreciate in time.

McConachie offers excellent proximity to some of the best schools in the area, starting at less than 1 km away, with the furthest school being a very convenient drive of just under 5 km. In addition, the area has 3 conveniently located libraries and a well-established daycare centre as well.

Last and probably the most important, further development is still under-way. The District Recreational Campus is a massive 40-acre initiative by the City of Edmonton that once completed will house two fantastic school sites, state of the art sporting facilities as well as additional pretty park spaces.

Things to do in Mcconachie Area

McConachie is undoubtedly a residential haven and thanks to its abundant picturesque parks and wide-open spaces, residents are never at a loss for fun outdoor sporting and recreational activities the whole family can enjoy.

Dotted with delightful tree-lined pathways and lush greenery, McConachie is a nature lovers' paradise that offers plenty of safe space for cycling and jogging or simply taking those leisurely walks with your loved ones.

Nestled in the corner of the southeast park area, is a gorgeous lake that offers a blissful backdrop for a fantastic picnic with family and friends as well as calming serenity where you can thoroughly enjoy a cool paddle as the sunsets over the horizon.

A massive shopping area in the heart of the commercial centre is situated close to the Manning Town Centre, which includes a movie theatre where families can really unwind and spend fun weekends with the neighbours and friends. In addition, there isn’t a dearth of entertaining recreational centers to keep the entire family entertained all year through. The stunning Clareview District Park is just a stone's throw away from the bustling commercial hub. The Northeast Community Health Centre is a state-of-the-art facility that provides affordable health care to the residents in the area, including an around the clock emergency department, that is so important for families and senior citizens.

For a fantastic city experience, Edmonton is only a 20-minute drive away. Home to the biggest mall in North America, the West Edmonton Mall, the city is a throbbing hub of culture meets entertainment and history meets sports. With Canada’s largest historical park, biggest living history museum and the finest restaurants and shopping, its urban landscape provides the best of recreational fun.

The Horse Hill Community League, which was founded in 1972 is an initiative to bring all the neighbouring communities of Alberta together through fun children’s events, including swimming and several other sports programs, as well as resident based initiatives to foster community harmony and kinship.

When you purchase a residence in McConachie, you are not just securing your future with a wise investment. You are also providing your loved ones with a lifestyle they deserve. From the lush outdoor spaces that glow with a charming country living vibe to easy accessibility to the humdrum of the bustling city, McConachie truly is a homeowners’ haven. And with further development in the works, the area will continue blossoming as one of Edmonton's best-loved and most popular residential abodes.