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Lorelei New Construction Real Estate and Show Homes

Lorelei New Construction Real Estate and Show Homes

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The People and The Real Estate in Lorelei

Given the ever-increasing employment opportunities and lively lifestyle, Edmonton is one of the most sought-after cities for Canadians and foreigners alike. With a tremendous influx of people, it’s not uncommon to see the demand for real estate in the city rising, especially in some of the well-known Edmontonian neighborhoods. The Lorelei real estate sector is one of the many examples we can cite in this context.

There is a good number of reasons why Lorelei homes for sale are so much in demand. First of all, it's the historic appeal of the place that continues to stand firm even in the face of high-degree contemporization. The developer of the Castledowns area named it after the famous castles located along the river Rhine in Germany, thereby following Edmonton's tradition of naming its neighborhoods after places of historical significance.

The 1970s marked an era of the oil-driven economic boom in Canada, during which Edmonton expanded its boundaries. In 1971, the city annexed the entire Lake District and Castledowns areas to house the increasing population. The birth of Lorelei as a neighborhood took place somewhere during this time when the land was significantly subdivided.

Today, Lorelei is a bustling neighborhood in the Castledowns area of Edmonton, providing housing to an eclectic mix of people. The community has matured significantly over the years, with several modern facilities doting its central area. Nevertheless, it continues to uphold the place's history and legacy in its contemporary landscape.

The New Community of Lorelei

Before you plunge into making a considerable investment in Lorelei real estate, it’s recommended that you gather some useful information on the neighborhood. The community of Lorelei is coveted for its convenient location in Edmonton’s one of the most prominent districts. The neighborhood is surrounded by Castledowns Road on its north and west, 97th Street on its east, and 160 Avenue and Beaumaris Road on its south.

Not to forget, the neighborhood also provides easy access to some of the city's prominent locations. Traveling north along 97th Street will take you past CFB Edmonton, which is situated just north of the city. If you travel south along the same road, you pass the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology and reach the downtown core.

Lorelei is a feature-rich neighborhood, providing its residents with the joy of living in a vibrant community. One of the most prominent aspects flaunted by the neighborhood is its vast open space, located somewhere around the two elementary schools, namedLorelei Elementary School and Marry Butterworth Junior High School. 

A network of pedestrian pathways and bicycle tracks cut through the neighborhood, promoting easy commutation to and from the residential area. Castledowns Shopping Centre (located at Castledowns Road and 108th Street), Stirling Shopping Centre, and Namao Shopping complex are prominent commercial areas catering to the shopping needs of Lorelei’s residents. Edmonton Public Library and Castle Downs Family YMCA are also located in the vicinity of the neighborhood.

TheLorelei-Beaumaris Community League represents the Lorelei neighborhood. The league was established in 1978 and has the responsibility of maintaining an outdoor rink and a community hall, both of which are located on 162 Avenue and 103rd Street respectively.

Your New Lorelei Home in Edmonton

Although the outline plan for the Lorelei neighborhood was approved in 1975, most of the residences here were constructed in the 1970s and 1980s. The neighborhood presently offers a variety of housing types, suited for different kinds of people. The Lorelei real estate mix comprises of single-family units, row houses, walk-up apartments in buildings with five or more floors, and duplexes.

The 2016 Municipal Census revealed that there were a total of 1,415 dwellings, 821 of them were single-family detached homes, 116 of them were duplexes/fourplexes, 369 were row houses, and 159 were condos/apartments in buildings with one to four stories. One thousand four hundred and fifteen of the total dwellings were occupied, forty-nine of them unoccupied, and one of them was no longer in use. 

These numbers may have changed over the years, thereby creating a new scope for homebuyers to invest in the neighborhood. Buying Lorelei homes for sale would be an excellent option for people who are looking for a quiet yet contemporary neighborhood to live with their families.

Things to do in Lorelei

When you invest in Lorelei homes for sale, you are likely to get many other perks in addition to the comfort and convenience of living in a modern community. Edmonton is a city where people don’t experience boredom because it has a plethora of attractions and activities meant for people of all age groups. From entertainment to sports to education, you open a whole new world for yourself if you invest in Lorelei real estate.

Besides the three shopping centers in Lorelei, you can even head to West Edmonton Shopping Mall, which is considered the largest in Canada. If you are looking for something educative and exciting, Edmonton has that in-store too. Fort Edmonton Park, Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village, Muttart Conservatory, Alberta Legislature Building, K Days, and Telus World of Science are a few places attractions in Edmonton that interest adults and kids alike.

Casa Laurel Kitchen, Sahara Palace, Bai Wei Edmonton Seafood Restaurant, Extreme Pita, Wild Wing, and Ricky’s All Day Grill Namao are a few eateries near Lorelei where you can head for a nice meal with your family.

Finding Lorelei homes for sale is easy if you have the right estate agent guiding you. Do keep checking the latest real estate deals if you wish to be a part of this remarkable community.