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Lendrum Place New Construction Real Estate and Show Homes

Lendrum Place New Construction Real Estate and Show Homes

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The People and The Real Estate in Lendrum Place

Located centrally in Edmonton, Lendrum Place has good reason for being the preferred real estate market that is has become today. This well established neighbourhood offers great access to the rest of Edmonton and this is one big advantage for professionals and students alike. The community is mainly residential but it is also quite self sufficient meaning that you need not trek all the way outside to get any of your essentials at all. With schools and shops and parks all right here in the neighbourhood, the residents are quite justified in thinking of this little pace as the perfect spot to call home.

One of the major attractions of Lendrum place is the fact that the community is really close knit, comprised of friendly folk who do not hesitate to step up and lend a hand unasked. Newcomers to the locality find this the neighbourhood’s most charming aspect. Another factor that is a big draw here is that Lendrum Place has much to offer for kids and we are not talking about the schools here. With easy access to the Zoo and John Janzen Nature centre and other such attractions, families with young children never run out of places to explore over the weekends. In short, all of these combine to make Lendrum Place quite the perfect little nook for you to call home. 

The New Community of Lendrum Place

This southwest Edmonton neighbourhood is encircled on the north by 61st Avenue, on the south by 51st Avenue, 111th Street is the boundary on the east and on the west it is the 115th Street. Lendrum Place is surrounded by the communities of Parkallen, University of Alberta Farm, Allendale, Pleasantview, Empire Park and Malmo Plains.

On the eastern boundary of the neighbourhood you will see the South LRT extension and with this now in operation, residents have better public transport options than before. Access to the LRT is via Southgate stain or South Campus. A short drive away is the Fort Edmonton Park LRT station, right at 116th St. and 65th Ave. You can take this to get to northeast Edmonton or downtown via the Capital Line.  The bus network is also quite impressive in this location with the Edmonton Transit System running a good service. The arterial roads are also mainly clustered around the eastern part of the community and they give perfect access to the rest of Edmonton to Lendrum Place residents.  In particular, access to the buzzing hub of Downtown Edmonton is very easy from here and this is one of the main attractions of the neighbourhood.  The Whitemud Drive freeway that runs across Edmonton right from the east to west is close by too. 111th street is one of the busiest streets in the neighbourhood with several retail outlets located here.

One of the unique advantages that Lendrum Place enjoys is that the surrounding areas are not likely to be urbanized in the future, thanks to the presence of the University of Alberta Farm right beside it. This 160 acre farm lies to the west and northwest of this neighbourhood.

Your New Lendrum Place Home in Edmonton

Lendrum Place was named after neighbourhood was named after Robert Lendrum, who was one of the early land surveyors in these parts. A significant proportion of the development here took place after the 1960’s and the majority of homes you will see here date from this period. This means you are likely to see some older architectural styles here more commonly. The development did take place here up to the 1980s, although far fewer buildings came up here in these times.

This neighbourhood is primarily residential and almost 75% of the homes here are the old style single family detached abodes. The rest of the housing market is covered by low-rise apartment buildings. Most of these latter are to be found close by the bus routes and this is one main reason why these are much sought after by young professionals. 

Lendrum Place has adequate amenities to render it unnecessary for residents to go very far from their homes in search of essentials. The commercial strip alongside 111th street is a major haunt for residents and it satisfies most of the needs of the neighbourhood.

Right in the middle of the neighbourhood are the schools as well as the community league that maintains a number of amenities here. An important point to mention is that Lendrum Place offers great access to some really good schools, making this a preferred location for young families with kids. The 50 years old Avalon Junior High is one of the most preferred choices. Lendrum School is a public school for kids of kindergarten to grade six age. St. Martin Catholic Elementary School is a Catholic school for the same age group and it provides Ukrainian bilingual education, a rarity in these parts. Near the neighbourhood and easily accessible are other reputed schools such as: McKee School, which has an emphasis on special needs students, Alberta School for the Deaf- an Edmonton Public School Board school, the Tevie Miller Heritage School Program for students with communication issues.

Things to do in Lendrum Place

The community league is actively involved in making sure that the residents have enough to keep them engaged. They conduct martial arts classes including Tai Chi and karate. The skating and soccer training and games are quite a favourite with the young people of Lendrum Place. The league also conducts hobby classes and girl guides here.

Lendrum Place Park is located within the neighbourhood and it offers a superbly maintained jogging track as well as soccer fields and a baseball diamond. The rink is maintained here by the league as well and so is the Community Hall.

Apart from the many amenities maintained by the community league here, Lendrum Place offers residents plenty to do thanks to its location close to both Southgate centre Mall and Lendrum Centre. Both of these are comprehensive shopping areas with quite a few unique stores.

One of the biggest advantages of Lendrum Place is that it is close to places like the John Janzen Nature Centre and the Edmonton Zoo, both favourite places for children. Apart from this, both Fort Edmonton and the Saville Centre are also easily accessible so there is plenty for you to do and explore on weekends or during holidays.

For those who are keen on fitness and athletic activities, that greatest appeal of Lendrum Place  is perhaps that it puts you really close to some of the best public recreational facilities in Edmonton. The University of Alberta’s Saville Sports Centre is a popular haunt for residents and so is Foote Field, another comprehensive multi-sport facility that also supports aquatic sports and climbing. The Confederation Leisure Centre is the third place you can head to. Here you have a salt water pool and whirlpool alongside a steam room. A fully fledged fitness complex is located here along with indoor ice arena, tennis courts and sports fields- quite enough to keep you healthy and fit.