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Laurier Heights New Construction Real Estate and Show Homes

Laurier Heights New Construction Real Estate and Show Homes

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The People and The Real Estate in Laurier Heights

Laurier Heights is one of the prestigious valley crest neighbourhoods in Edmonton, known for beautiful views, peaceful environs and friendly, close-knit community. The neighbourhood overlooks the North Saskatchewan River and offers access to some of Edmonton’s most scenic nature trails and tracks. One of the unique appeals that this location has is that the homes and streets stand over strata that can be dated across several geological periods- this gives Laurier Heights a special standing in Edmonton.  

With the Valley Zoo located practically next door, quite a few parks and access to the rest of Edmonton’s hubs, this neighbourhood has something to offer to young families, professionals and older Edmontonians alike. A safe, quiet and well-connected community that believes in working together to make the neighbourhood a paradise, Laurier Heights is a great place to set up home!

The New Community of Laurier Heights

On the north side of the neighbourhood is the 87th Avenue, lying to the west of 142nd Street, which links up with the Buena Vista Drive. This Drive makes up the eastern border. To the south of the community lie the sprawling Wilfrid Laurier Park and Buena Vista Park that form the banks of the North Saskatchewan River. Laurier Drive loops back to touch Buena Vista Drive again. To the west of the neighbourhood lies 149th Street. Located in a bend in the North Saskatchewan River, Laurier Heights has just two neighbours, Parkview in its north side and Lynnwood in its east. 

Take a bird’s-eye view of Laurier Heights, and you will notice how the pathways have been laid out so that they follow the undulating river valley’s turns and twists faithfully. The general street plan followed here is the curvilinear road system, and in fact, this was one of the first neighbourhoods in Edmonton to adopt this design. Earlier it was the grid pattern that was used in the neighbourhood planning. You will find the school and park site right in the heart of the community forming a focal point within it with residences surrounding the site. 

The Valley Zoo is located right next to Laurier Heights and is one of the most popular attractions in these parts. The off-leash dog park is another attractive landmark here, as is the Edmonton rowing club. Access to the river valley park system is one of the most appealing features of Laurier Heights, and to get to these trails, you have a footbridge starting from the neighbourhood and leading right to these parts. This footbridge takes you alongside the North Saskatchewan River, runs through the Buena Vista Park and the off-leash dog park and on to Hawrelak Park. Residents of Laurier Heights use this path to walk or cycle down to the University of Alberta. 

Connectivity to other locations from Laurier Heights is easy and quick thanks to the proximity of Whitemud Drive that is linked via 149th street. Take this route to get to the major south Edmonton locations including Old Strathcona, Southgate Centre, Fort Edmonton Park, Whyte Avenue and the University campus. Getting downtown Edmonton is also very easy and quick from here. Go west from Laurier Heights, and you get to the enormous West Edmonton Mall via the 87th Avenue. 

The Misericordia Hospital also lies close enough to be easily accessible from Laurier Heights.

Your New Laurier Heights Home in Edmonton

Laurier Heights is in quite the perfect position to offer great access to major west Edmonton locations. It has buzzing shopping hubs, schools, the university area, downtown all within easy reach and this factor makes it a popular locale for new homeowners to pick. 

The neighbourhood has been named after Sir Wilfrid Laurier, who was Canada’s seventh Prime Minister. There is also a park here named after the early pioneer Wildred Gilroy Webb, and it is located by the 78th Avenue and 141st Street.

A lot of space within Laurier Heights is dedicated to parkland space in this primarily residential neighbourhood, and there is not much by way of a commercial segment here. Plans are in motion to further develop the surrounding parkland areas. 

The development of Laurier Heights can be traced back to the population boom in Edmonton post the Second World War when oil was discovered in Leduc in 1947. That was the period when many neighbourhoods, including this one, began to come into their own. By 1949, the population here had grown to such proportions that managing all the people, providing resources and amenities to all was becoming a big challenge for city authorities. That was when all of these neighbourhoods developed at a fast clip. A good majority of the homes here were built in the 1950s and 1960s with the most common type of residence being the single-family detached home.

Things to do in Laurier Heights

Laurier Heights has plenty to offer for the nature lovers with its proximity to the North Saskatchewan River and the access to parks and river valley trails. Apart from this, the neighbourhood also has adequate amenities to address all of your daily needs via the Laurier Heights Shopping Centre. This is a compact shopping strip, but residents also have easy access to Meadowlark Shopping Centre to take care of their regular needs. Given that Laurier Heights is so close to the popular West Edmonton Mall as well as Downtown core, residents will never want for shopping, dining or entertainment options here. 

Families with young children generally head to the beautifully maintained Edmonton’s Valley Zoo, a petting zoo that draws crowds from all over the city. Located in the river valley and accessible via the Buena Vista Road, this is a great place for a quick trip over the weekend. Since the same road also links to Laurier Park and Buena Vista Park, you can have a family picnic at one of the parks and wind up the day at the zoo. 

Head out to Old Strathcona via Whitemud Drive if you want to experience the authentic Old Edmonton culture and vibes. Fort Edmonton Park, Whyte Avenue and the Southgate Centre are also close by with enough recreation options for you to enjoy. Within the community itself, the community league maintains an outdoor rink as well as tennis courts that you can use with your membership.