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La Perle New Construction Real Estate and Show Homes

La Perle New Construction Real Estate and Show Homes

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The People and The Real Estate in La Perle

La Perle is one of the most attractive neighbourhoods in Edmonton. With its excellent connectivity to the rest of the city, the inherent charm, modern homes and the tree lined streets; it presents a very welcoming picture to visitors and long time dwellers alike. Proximity to the ring road of Edmonton, the Anthony Henday Drive, puts La Perle right in the centre of things, so to speak, because residents can quickly get to the heart of Edmonton with a quick drive.

Nestled in the northwest corner of West Edmonton, La Perle offers a close knit community of friendly neighbours who are committed to making this location safe and attractive for the residents. You will find a diverse mix of ages and ethnicities here that add to your rich experience and give you exposure to world views without even setting foot out of your comfy home.  This makes La Perle a most sought after place for both older generation buyers and young parents who want to raise their children in an environment that is open minded and progressive.

The mix of home types in this location makes it very easy for a home buyer to find exactly what they need right here and the neighbourhood’s many advantages make the purchase a great investment too. The biggest appeal of the neighbourhood is that it is such a well established, mature one that offers a whole host of amenities for you.

The New Community of La Perle

Anthony Henday Drive encircles La Perle on the west side, to the north it has 100th Avenue, on the east 178th Street is its boundary while on the south it is 95th Avenue.  Access to all of south Edmonton is easy thanks to the Anthon Henday Drive lying beside the neighbourhood. This is the route you take if you need to reach the Edmonton International Airport. The transportation/utility corridor also lies along the west side of the community. 100th Avenue passes right through the neighbourhood and takes you to the heart of Edmonton, the downtown area and also to the McEwan University area.  Commuting to central Edmonton is also quick and easy, which is an advantage for professionals living here. Surrounded as it is by arterial roads, this community offers excellent access to services and amenities. Remember that the well known and very popular West Edmonton Mall as well as Wal-Mart are both really quite accessible from here too.

The neighbourhoods closest to this one are Terra Losa, Sumerlea, Belmead, Suder Greens, Webber Greens, Stewart Greens, Place LeRue, and Winterburn Industrial Area East.

La Perle itself is predominantly residential and you may find that the commercial area here is limited. However, the neighbouring community of Summerlea that is in the southeast, more than makes up for this with the West Edmonton Mall, one of the biggest malls in the country.

Look at the layout of the neighbourhood itself and you can see that the common concept of recreation/ school site in the middle with homes surrounding the site is followed here too. At the centre of La Perle lies the park of the same name.

Like many of the neighbouring communities such as Terra Losa and Aldergrove, you will find that this community has ample open space in the form of parks, sports fields and play areas. This layout design makes La Perle an ideal spot for families with young children.

Your New La Perle Home in Edmonton

The neighbourhood gets its name from Eleodore Joseph (Leo) LaPerle, who came to Edmonton from Ontario, his place of birth. He came here when his father moved his family to Edmonton in the year 1906 and established a general store here in Winterburn Corner. Later on, Leo LaPerle managed this same store after 1929. The store was operational until 1969.

Development in this community did not take place all at once. It happened in two distinct phases and you can see this reflected in the architectural style of the homes here. It began in the 1970s and about a fourth of the homes that are here were built during that time. Later, in the 1980s, a second phase of activity was seen here and this was the time most of the community was developed. Almost all of the row homes and the low rise apartment buildings came up during this second phase of construction activity.

Today, home buyers can choose from a good variety of homes styles here ranging from single family detached homes to duplex homes to town homes to low raise apartment condominiums. A good majority of the homes here are single-family homes set in large sprawling plots with detached garages. You will also find a surprising number of two-storey homes here that also have attached garages.

The community has its share of parks as well as walking and cycling pathways to make it easy for residents to make their way around the neighbourhood without a need to get the car out. Shopping is easy too with Le Perle square providing adequately for the residents of the community. This is where you will find most of the local businesses clustered.

With access to good schools, La Perle is also an attractive proposition for parents of young children.  Designated public schools here are Westlawn Junior High School, La Perle Elementary School, and Jasper Place High School. There are also a few designated Catholic schools here such as St. Francis Xavier High School, St. Thomas More Junior High School, and St. Benedict Elementary School.

For those interested in dance training, the Lecky School of Dancing and Foot Notes Dance School make great options and both are located here. The community is also home to the Arashi Do Martial Arts School.

Things to do in La Perle

The two-hectare park right in the middle of the community provides an excellent spot for walking or jogging or simply spending some time in solitude in the middle of a green expanse. The local shopping options are at the La Perle Shopping Centre and also at 170th street but residents generally head to the hugely popular West Edmonton Mall on weekends since it is located so close by in the adjacent neighbourhood of Summerlea. As one of the largest malls in the country and sporting a very impressive array of shops and services and dining options, this mall more than meets all your expectations without any doubt. 

The community league also has two sprawling outdoor rinks here that are favourite haunts during winter months. Since the community is close knit, neighbourhood activities and games are quite a common feature and you can participate in these to build great relations with the folk here.