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Kirkness New Construction Real Estate and Show Homes

Kirkness New Construction Real Estate and Show Homes

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The People and The Real Estate in Kirkness

Tree lined streets, beautifully maintained parks  and manicured lawns in sprawling front yards impart to Kirkness the ambience of a little woody nook tucked far away from civilization. The neighbourhood is much sought after for exactly this vibe that you get as soon as you set foot into this northeast Edmonton location. However, you need not worry about not being able to get to the city when you want to, in a hurry. Kirkness may have the beguiling ambience of a little village tucked far, far away in a forest but in reality, this is one f the most well connected neighbourhoods in this part of Edmonton. With the LRT connections as well a public transport and also thanks to well planned street layout that leads you to the arterial roads lying right outside the community, getting to and from Kirkness from Edmonton’s most busy hubs is a breeze.

The young population keeps the neighbourhood a place buzzing with activity and joie de vivre and with the indoor arenas and golf courses that lie nearby, you are sure to have an exciting life down here. For those who seek a location that allows them plenty of opportunities to lead an active and healthy lifestyle, Kirkness seems to be the tailor made option.   

The New Community of Kirkness

Kirkness falls within the Clareview district in northeast Edmonton. This neighbourhood has the 153rd Avenue to its north, the beautiful Victoria Trail lies to its east, in the south it is encircled by 144th Avenue, and to the west it has a public utilities corridor. Thanks to this corridor, Kirkness has a strip of open space separating it from the CNR/LRT right-of-way. Surrounding this neighbourhood are the communities of Gorman, Fraser, Bannerman, Harisine, Clareview Town Centre and Ebbers.

One of the main advantages that Kirkness offers to professionals who are looking to cut down their commute time to work is the access to the LRT system. To the south of the community lies the Clareview station and Edmonton LRT extends right until here. Thanks to this connectivity, Kirkness dwellers can get to south and central Edmonton with the greatest of ease. For those looking for a neighbourhood that affords the ease of using the LRT yet is removed from the buzz and bustle of the city, this community is an ideal choice.

Kirkness is also well connected by the bus service. The major bus stop on Kirkness  Road enables you to hop on the bus service to make your way comfortably and quickly to many key locations in Edmonton. Again, this is a big advantage to both professionals who need to commute daily and to residents who prefer going into the city on weekends for purchases.

Your New Kirkness Home in Edmonton

This neighbourhood is named after James Kirkness, one of the first settlers in this area. He was a poor farmer who came to these parts from Scotland in the year 1866. James travelled through Rupert’s Land, working at fur trade outposts, and then landed up at Fort Edmonton in 1871. The company’s records show that he was an interpreter and later on, a trader and clerk. Until 1881, James worked for the Hudson’s Bay Company and after that he retired to River Lot 26 with his wife.   It was at Fort Edmonton that he met his future wife Sarah. After their marriage, the Kirknesses lived in a log cabin before they built their own home here in 1909. The neighbourhood is named after this family, one of the first to settle down here.

Development activity in Kirkness has been going on since the 1970s. A major spurt of activity took place in that decade but construction in some parts was still very much underway in the 2000’s and though it has tapered off, there is still some activity. As a result you will see a mix of old style architecture and modern designs here in the homes in the market.

About half the homes here in Kirkness are single family detached homes. A few semi detached homes are here too but hardly a handful when you compare them with the low rise apartments and row homes that make up the rest of the property market here apart from single family homes. You will find most of the latter clustered around the Kirkness Road bus stop, which makes them prime properties for professionals.

The school is located on Kirkness Road, easily accessible from anywhere within the neighbourhood and the recreational facilities are also grouped towards the northern side of the community. 

Things to do in Kirkness

The Clareview LRT Station provides quick and convenient transportation to the downtown core, and this means Kirkness residents have no dearth of entertainment options to explore over a weekend Just hop on to the LRT and make a quick journey into downtown core for a plethora of options to choose from. Theatre, music, art, shopping- you name it, downtown core has it all and then some to offer. The dining options here are comprehensive and you will find both sumptuous local fare and exotic cuisines in the many restaurants that dot the streets. Decide to spend your weekend in downtown and the only regret you will have is that there wasn’t enough time to take everything in.

If you do not feel like venturing out too far from Kirkness, then you can head to one of the golf courses that lie near the community itself. There is also a park here; named after James A. Christianson, sponsor of the Meteors basketball club, that is a good place to head to if you just want to unwind after a hard day’s work. The Clareview Rec Center lies very close by as well, and this gives residents a great opportunity to enjoy the many facilities maintained here. The aquatic centre here has a whirlpool, a leisure pool, lazy river, steam room and much more. They also have a fully equipped fitness centre with gym, jogging tracks, weight room, cardio area and more. If you want to keep up with your fitness goals, all you need to do is pay regular visits to this Rec Centre.