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Kildare New Construction Real Estate and Show Homes

Kildare New Construction Real Estate and Show Homes

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The People and The Real Estate in Kildare

This northeast Edmonton community falls within the Londonderry area along with Kildare. The Londonderry Mall is the heart of this location and famous as it is, it adds a buzz to the community. A curious blend of the old and new, Kildare is the ideal place to bring up your children if you are young parents. If you are older, then the peaceful streets are just ideal for you to stroll about and get your chores done with ease. If you are a working professional then the neighbourhood’s excellent connectivity to the rest of Edmonton will surely grab your attention. In short, Kildare has something for everyone and that’s one of the reasons why the neighbourhood is quite so popular in the real estate market.

Kildare is the newer of the two communities that make up Londonderry and the homes sport a modern design here. Packed with features, with easy access to amenities and sporting a vibe that can be described a youthful and animated; Kildare is an excellent option for you to look at if you want to invest in an Edmonton   home. The design of the neighbourhood itself has been done with a great deal of care and attention and that gives you an incredible advantage of having easy access to all parts of the community no matter which segment of Kildare you live in. Proximity to two arterial roads ensures that going out of Kildare and reaching the busiest hubs of Edmonton is a hassle free task. What more can you ask for from a neighbourhood that also offers affordable housing options?

The New Community of Kildare

This northeast Edmonton community is a mixed residential and commercial location. The neighbourhood is encircled on the south by 137th Avenue, 82nd street encircles it on the west side, 144th Avenue on the north and on the east it has 66th Street forming its boundary. The proximity to 137th avenue gives residents a huge advantage thanks to the fact that this road leads to the rest of Edmonton’s most buzzing locations. The arterial 97th street is also close enough and it just enhances this advantage.  The neighbourhoods closest to Kildare are Evansdale, Kilkenny, McLeod, York, Belvedere, Delwood, Glengarry and Northmount.

This neighbourhood is located within the larger Northgate area and the main development here took place during the 1960's. This was when the employment boom hit Edmonton and many people drifted into these locations in search of jobs. Many of the surrounding areas too developed during this phase of Edmonton’s growth. Once again in more recent years, Kildare has seen a lot of construction activity after the revitalization of thee parts. As a result of this development over two critical phases you will see a very unique layout design here that combines both old and new patterns. The neighbourhood has an open street plan that mimics older neighbourhoods but also has the more recent design and style of ensuring equal access to all residents for the main amenities the community has to offer.

You will also see that many Kildare homes come with larger lot sizes than you can expect to see in the more modern neighbourhoods in Edmonton. For those who are looking for sprawling back and front yards but do not want to compromise on the modern amenities, Kildare homes present a very ideal option.

Excellent pedestrian access is one of the most appealing features of the neighbourhood.  Large green spaces, especially the Kildare Park, afford residents enough area to stretch their legs.

Your New Kildare Home in Edmonton

In this part of Edmonton, many of the neighbourhoods are named after Irish towns. Kildare takes its name from the town and county of Kildare in Ireland. St. Bridget established a nunnery there and she changed the named of the location from Druim Criaidh and christened it Cill-dara, meaning “church of the oak.” Cill-dara became Kildare when anglicized.

Kildare presents an interesting example of mixed use land with slightly over half being devoted to commercial and institutional usage. This can be attributed in main to the presence of the Londonderry Mall here as well as St. Michael’s Cemetery. The Mall, in particular, has quite an impressive grouping of retail stores and services. Both are distinctive features in this neighbourhood.

Much of this neighbourhood was developed during the 1960s, at the time when Edmonton was experiencing its boom. However, there was activity taking place in 1980s as well. As a result you will find a mix of home designs here ranging from old style to modern architecture. About 45% of the neighbourhood is occupied by residences. And a good proportion of these are single family detached homes.   The rest of the property market is divided among row houses, low rise apartment complexes and collective residences.

For parents with young families, there is good reason why Kildare is a popular choice of a location to settle. The Edmonton Public School System operates the Kildare Elementary School here. The school has been operating here since the year 1968. In the future, the school also plans to have an English Core Program and a Chinese Mandarin Bilingual Program. Parents also have the option of choosing schools from the neighbouring communities such as the M. E. Lazerte Composite High School, Steele Heights Junior High School, and Londonderry Junior High School. All of these schools are operated by the Edmonton Public School System.

Things to do in Kildare

With the Londonderry Mall in the neighbourhood, there is really no need for Kildare residents to go elsewhere when they are in the mood to do some shopping. This mall is located at the southeast corner of Kildare. This is not the only shopping option here. Both the North Town Mall and Northgate Centre are also located very close by and these are popular among the Kildare residents.

Access to the rest of Edmonton is so easy from Kildare that heading down to Downtown core is just a matter of using the public transport or taking a quick drive in your own vehicle. Once here, you have plenty of entertainment options including theatre, art, music, culture as well as some eclectic restaurant and diners where you can enjoy a sumptuous meal.