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Kernohan New Construction Real Estate and Show Homes

Kernohan New Construction Real Estate and Show Homes

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The People and The Real Estate in Kernohan

The neighbourhood of Kernohan is located in Clareview, in northeast Edmonton. This is a well developed neighbourhood although construction is still happening here in a few locations with demand from new home seekers at a high. Located very close to the North Saskatchewan River, with the picturesque Victoria Trail bordering it, Kernohan is a nature lover’s paradise that offers easy access to some of the most scenic features that Edmonton has to offer. A mainly residential community, Kernohan has practically everything to offer- beautiful scenic surroundings, access to amenities, friendly neighbours, peaceful environs and more.

The most distinctive feature about the homes here is that they offer great privacy surrounded as they are by trees. You get the distinct feeling of living in the midst of deep, dark woods here in this little north east Edmonton neighbourhood and that’s a big draw for many people who choose to set up home here. With a lot of breathing space, parks, water front views and much more, homes here are a good investment too.

The New Community of Kernohan

To the west of Kernohan is the well known Victoria Trail, the oldest road still in use in Alberta.  To the neighbourhood’s north side lies the 137th Avenue. On the east lies the North Saskatchewan River valley, offering an excellent view for homes on this side of the neighbourhood. On the south the neighbourhood is encircled by the Kennedale Ravine. Closest to Kernohan are the neighbourhoods of Hairsine, Bannerman, Canon Ridge, Belmont, Overlanders and of course, the North Saskatchewan River.

Kernohan is on the north eastern edge of Edmonton and it has the river on one side and a huge parkland on the other. The community is actually nestled in between two beautiful natural features that are among the most beautiful places in this part of Alberta.

The Victoria Trail is one of the arterial roads in Edmonton that is easily accessible for Kernohan residents. Proximity to this trail also affords the residents access to the commercial areas clustered here and makes it unnecessary for anyone to go very far out of the neighbourhood for essentials. There are also homes located along this trail so if you are looking for a place to live in that is really well connected this is one location within Kernohan to focus on.

As is the case with many new northeast Edmonton communities, the neighbourhood has been planned in such a way that the main amenities at the centre and the homes surround this portion. You will find the school in the heart of the community here so that residents from all over Kernohan have equally easy access to it.

Kernohan is well connected to the rest of Edmonton by LRT with the nearest station being Clareview LRT Station, which lies along 137th Avenue. Bus service is quite efficient in the community too and there are four lines serving Kernohan, all of them winding through Clareview Rd. 

Your New Kernohan Home in Edmonton

Kernohan gets its name from an early pioneer farmer who was also a coal miner, James Kernohan. It was in 1884 that he came here from Ontario and settled down with his family. Kernohan owned and operated his own grocery store 1884 to 1899. In 1961, along with many other parts of the outlying portions here, this community too was annexed into the City of Edmonton where it became a part of the Clareview district later on in 1972.

Development started here in the 1960s but it was later that Kernohan witnessed a huge spurt in development. During the oil boom in the 1970s that transformed the face of Edmonton quite dramatically, this neighbourhood also saw a lot of construction activity as more people started coming into this part of Edmonton in search of employment opportunities. A number of homes here date back to this period, approximately half, according to surveys. There are a few homes built during the 1980s too. 

If you take a walk through the neighbourhood you will see that the most common type of home is the single family detached home. More than half the homes are of this kind here. Row houses are the next most common housing type you will come across. Then you have a few duplex homes and apartments with less than five storeys.

One of the most appealing factors about Kernohan is its proximity to Victoria Trail, the Kennedale Ravine and the North Saskatchewan River Valley (Hermitage Park). Since this affords easy access to the stunning river valley system, Kernohan is usually in great demand by home owners who seek a property that is close to nature.

Kernohan is a popular location for young parents who seek good educational facilities for their children too. The residents have the Anne Fitzgerald school here as the primary institution, operated by the Edmonton Catholic School System but that is not the only option. In the west, the Belmont School is quite close by and they can also choose to enrol their children in St. Bonaventure which lies in the north. Edmonton Music Studios conducts voice and instrument lessons here too.

Things to do in Kernohan

Kernohan residents have plenty of options when it comes to shopping. Along the Victoria Trail there are quite a few commercial establishments. The same goes for 137th avenue where you will find a cluster of local businesses.  If you are looking for more of a mall experience then all you do is head to either the Londonderry Mall or the Kingsway Mall, both located in neighbouring locations quite easily accessible from here. 

One of the most popular activities for Kernohan residents is outdoor adventure and it is Hermitage Park that is the most favoured spot for this kind of experience. With some well maintained trails and also boat access to the North Saskatchewan River lakes, there is plenty to do here. For dog owners, the off leash park is a blessing where their canine companions can have free run. Remember this is one of the biggest off leash areas in all of Edmonton.

The River Valley and the Kennedale Ravine are the popular spots for the residents to congregate at during weekends and holidays. The local park also has quite a bit of crowd during off days thanks to the many sports fields and diamonds where the youngsters and adults can play games or engage in fitness activities.