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Jamieson Place New Construction Real Estate and Show Homes

Jamieson Place New Construction Real Estate and Show Homes

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The People and The Real Estate in Jamieson Place

Like many of its sister communities, Jamieson Place also is well known for its beautifully landscaped homes on generous plots that are surrounded by trees. If you are looking for a cosy, private home that gives you the feeling of being nestled deep in a forested area, this is one neighbourhood that should be on your shortlist when you are looking to buy a home. Excellent curb appeal is one of the most significant characteristics about the properties here and also one reason why they are deemed to be such excellent investments.  With the close knit community being so committed to ensuring their neighbourhood remains safe, beautiful and attractive, you just cannot go wrong if you pick this little spot to make your first home purchase. 

This West Edmonton community is a family friendly one that has a variety of home types to offer. With tree lined streets, access to amenities, the central location and the friendly neighbours, Jamieson Place is ideal for young parents, professionals and older residents looking for a cosy, quiet nook to set up home at. 

The proximity to  Anthony Henday Drive, Edmonton’s Ring Road is one of the most appealing features that this neighbourhood has and it is thanks to this that Jamieson Place is such a  hit with professionals who are looking to cut down their commute time into the city. Easy access to the rest of Edmonton city, in particular, to Central Edmonton, is a given here.  

The natural marshland in the south east gives the residents plenty of scenic views to feast their eyes on and the green spaces ensconced within the neighbourhood further add to this advantage.   Recreation space, playgrounds and sports areas within the community ensure that residents have all the space they need to enjoy an active lifestyle here. Shopping is nearby too, with the West Edmonton Mall lying within easy reach as well many options in the surrounding areas. In short, Jamieson Place has everything to offer if you are looking for a peaceful little spot to set up home in.

The New Community of Jamieson Place

This neighbourhood is part of the West Jasper Place South Area Structure Plan (ASP). Encircling the neighbourhood is on the north is Callingwood Road. To the east lies the Anthony Henday Drive, in the southeast the 45th Avenue circles around the community and to the east, it is 184th Street. 57th avenue is the main collector road running through the neighbourhood. Lessard Road also lies to the south of this location. The easy access to Anthony Henday Drive is a major advantage for Jamieson Place residents since it allows them a direct link to many of Edmonton’s key areas in the South and also the Edmonton International Airport.

The communities surrounding Jamieson Place are Glastonbury, Ormsby Place, Dechene, Donsdale, Wedgewood Heights, Rural West and The Hamptons. Nearby at Hawkstone Square, there are quite a few retail stores, dining options and services apart from a Tim Hortons. 

If you take a walk through the neighbourhood, you will see that the streets are laid out in a curvilinear pattern with the school- park- recreation site located in the middle and the homes surrounding this site. The street plan has been created with the idea of keeping traffic within the community to a minimum without compromising on the ease of access to various amenities despite being efficiently linked to the outside by arterial roads, Jamieson Place boasts of quiet, non congested internal streets that are safe for pedestrian traffic. The pipeline corridor follows the boundaries of the neighbourhood, running from north to south and provides a green strip to the west side of the community. Inside the community itself, you have several storm water management ponds adding to the natural beauty of the place.

This neighbourhood is connected to the rest of Edmonton rather efficiently via bus service and that means you can rely on public transport quite heavily and do not need to drive down to get where you want to go. Both 103 and 105 bus services are routed along Lessard Rd NW and these are the ones most commonly used by the residents here. 

Your New Jamieson Place Home in Edmonton

This family friendlyresidential neighbourhood in west EdmontonAlbertaCanada gets its name from Frederick Charles Jamieson who was a well known lawyer- politician in these parts as well as a colonel in the Canadian Expeditionary Force during WWI. Jamieson came to Edmonton in 1895 from his home in Ontario and later practised law with Alexander C. Rutherford, Alberta’s first premier. He also served in the Boer War and was then in the Alberta Legislature for a period of four years from from 1931. Jamieson was the proud recipient of the lifetime achievement award from the Edmonton Bar Association too.

The neighbourhood named after him was a primarily used for agricultural purpose. Later on urban development began in the early 1980s, which is quite late when you compare it with other locations in Edmonton that were fairly established even before the World War I. This is the reason you will find that the architectural design followed here is predominantly modern. Construction was still taking place here in the early 2000s although now the entire neighbourhood is almost fully developed.

The most common housing type you will come across in Jamieson Place is the single- family detached home, which accounts for over 90% of the housing here. Apart from these you will find semi-detached homes and row-houses. 

For young parents with school age kids, Jamieson Place has great appeal because of the reputed Michael A Kostek school here. Other public schools they can opt for include Jasper Place High School and S. Bruce Smith Junior High School. The H.E. Beriault Junior High School, Good Shepherd Elementary School, and Blessed Oscar Romero High School are the popular Catholic Schools that Jamieson Place parents favour.

Things to do in Jamieson Place

As a resident of Jamieson Place, you do not have to venture out very far when you need to get some shopping done. The cluster of shops and services at Hawkstone Square takes care of your needs quite adequately. But if you are in need of a more comprehensive shopping area, just head quickly to the Market Place at Callingwood, lying close by. Remember that the sprawling West Edmonton Mall is located close by too, to the north of the neighbourhood and you are sure to find exactly what you need here.

For those who look for a peaceful, quiet place to unwind in the neighbourhood, the Colonel FC Jamieson Park is right inside the community, offering green space and walking tracks. The well maintained Dechene Park lies right next to Jamieson Place, easily accessible from here. The neighbourhood also has many options for sports lovers with its two soccer fields, a baseball diamond, and a playground. And of you are in the mood for some exciting nightlife, you can simply drive down to downtown Edmonton easily and quickly since Jamieson Place is well connected by roads too.