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Homesteader New Construction Real Estate and Show Homes

Homesteader New Construction Real Estate and Show Homes

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The People and The Real Estate in Homesteader

This north east Edmonton neighbourhood is predominantly residential and the expert use of natural landscaping makes Homesteader a beautiful little community to call your home. Located to the north of Yellowhead trail, this neighbourhood is connected to the rest of Edmonton in a most efficient way yet is tucked away in a peaceful nook. This gives residents here the twin advantage of living in a quiet little community without giving up the luxury of having a quick commute to work or into the city.

Great access to the river valley system enables residents to enjoy the best that Edmonton has to offer in terms of nature trails and scenic beauty. A well thought out neighbourhood plan ensures that the roads are laid out to let the residents reach amenities with the greatest of ease. Designed to be a self sufficient community, Homesteader has everything that you could possibly look for, irrespective of whether you are a young professional, a parent or an elderly person seeking a beautiful community to enjoy an active lifestyle in the company of friendly neighbours.  

The New Community of Homesteader

Homesteader is encircled on the south by Yellowhead Trail, to the west it has 50th Street, and to its north lies the Kennedale Ravine. Hermitage Road passes right through this neighbourhood and leads on through Overlanders right to Hermitage Park and River Valley Hermitage. Homesteader is actually bisected by this road which turns east from the 50th Street. For residents in the southeast corner of the community the 127th Avenue leads to this main road. The Kennendale ravine is another route to the River Valley system.

Apart from Hermitage Road, which is one of the arterial roads here, this community has the advantage of being close to the Belvedere station from where residents can take the LRT to reach all other parts of Edmonton. This station lies to the west of Homesteader from where it is just a quick, easy LRT journey down to downtown core, Northlands, the University area and also the Commonwealth Stadium.

The neighbourhoods surrounding Homesteader are Kennedale Industrial, Belmont, Sifton Park, Overlanders, Abbotsfield, Industrial Heights, Newton, Bergman and Abbotsfield. A quick overview of these locations tells you that the area has been predominantly rural here and the innate characteristic is still being retained with the result that you have a very rustic charm in these communities.

Look at the layout of the community and you will notice the curvilinear pattern being followed here. The planners have taken care to ensure that residents can get to various places within the community on foot or by cycle and the pathways are strategically laid out to enable this with ease. The heart of the community is reserved for the school and recreation site as is the case with many of the more recent Edmonton communities.

The commercial services and shops are clustered around the 50th Street as well as in the Hermitage Shopping Centre and also the Hermitage Plaza. This ensures that you do not need to step out of the neighbourhood to get your essentials. There are also bus stops on this route connecting the neighbourhood with other Edmonton locations via public transport and the bus service is efficient enough for you to be able to rely on it for your regular trips. You can take the bus to Clareview Town Centre for your shopping needs or to get the LRT from there if you prefer. Getting into the city for work or leisure is easy via the Yellowhead Trail too, that runs along the neighbourhood’s boundary.

Your New Homesteader Home in Edmonton

This neighbourhood of Homesteader is one of three that is encompassed within the Hermitage plan area. The community gets its name from the men and women who first settled down here in Edmonton and started using these lands for agriculture. The name of Hermitage itself can be traced back to the year 1875, when Anglican minister, Canon William Newton, came to Edmonton. He built his home here and a church. He also built a hospital here in a location that he christened Hermitage that was located 10 kilometres from Fort Edmonton. Newton’s home continued to remain here for over two decades.

Hermitage was primarily agricultural land and it stayed that way until the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway line gave the area’s boundary its final shape along the right-of-way of the railroad. In 1961, along with many outlying areas, the Hermitage was also included within the City of Edmonton’s boundaries after annexation.

Development hit a few road blocks here with doubts being raised about the viability of creating residential units with industrial plants lying so close by. This was one of the reasons why during the 1960s not many homes came up here. The government and developers addressed these issues and by 1970, the Hermitage Outline Plan area was finalized with Homesteader being a part of it.

Interestingly, once these issues were resolved, Homesteader was the very first of the three neighbourhoods in Hermitage area where development began at a fast clip. It was subdivided in 1974, and just a year later building activity was happening full force. A decade later, almost the whole of the neighbourhood had been developed fully.

Today, you will find that Homesteader has a predominance of single family detached homes with sprawling open spaces in the front and back, that make them ideal homes for families with young children. A good number of row houses also find place in Homesteader’s property market. There are also a few low rise apartments, less than five storeys tall.

With quite a few public and private schools to choose from, Homesteader is a great choice for parents of young children to settle down in. Within the neighbourhood you have Homesteader Elementary School, St. Maria Goretti School and Overlander School. For parents of children who are too young to go to school, the Clareview Head Start is a good place to ensure they can spend some time interacting with other children and expending their energy in a constructive manner.

Things to do in Homesteader

The community’s efficient connectivity makes sure that you can simply get to Edmonton’s downtown area when you feel like going out for entertainment during the weekends. With restaurants, theatre, art, music and much more to experience in downtown, you will never want for exciting things to do as Homesteader residents. All it takes is a quick LRT journey or a quick drive down.

Within the community you have several facilities maintained in pristine condition by the community league. These include facilities for soccer, baseball, softball games and the league also organizes these games within the community and with neighbouring ones as well for some friendly competition. The outdoor rink is a good spot to hang out at during winters and you will find most Homesteaders doing just that when the temperatures dip. All you need to do is become a member of the league and you can enjoy the many activities they come up with to keep the community members interacting with each other and making new friends.