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Hollick-Kenyon New Construction Real Estate and Show Homes

Hollick-Kenyon New Construction Real Estate and Show Homes

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The People and The Real Estate in Hollick-Kenyon

The quaintly named Hollick Kenyon community is part of the Pilot Sound residential area in north east Edmonton. This is a newer community that is still developing in this part of Edmonton and the best thing about it is the blend of rural and urban vibes that you get here. As part of this residential area, Hollick Kenyon offers a quiet, calm environment that is ideal to bring up a family and also perfect for those who want a home away from the hustle bustle of the city. These parts used to be farmlands and the surrounding vast open spaces still make this fact evident and they are also the reason why it feels like you are away from the city when you settle down in the little community of Hollick Kenyon.

Since the development in these communities is recent and in many places, still underway, there is a modern vibe to the general layout as well as the homes here. Effective planning has ensured that residents will have access to all the amenities with the greatest of ease and also have no trouble coming into or getting out of the community. With public transport connectivity, green spaces, beautiful homes and the scenic surroundings, Hollick Kenyon has everything you could possibly be looking for when you want to invest in a north east Edmonton home.

The New Community of Hollick-Kenyon

The Pilot Sound residential area is located in north east Edmonton, encircled by 66th Street to the west, 153rd Avenue on the south side. In the east and north, it has one of Edmonton’s major roads, the Anthony Henday Drive, also called Highway 216. Right through Pilot Sound runs the 50th street, Highway 15 and there is also a Canadian national rail line going through the area.  Hollick Kenyon is one of the seven neighbourhoods in Pilot Sound.  This little community is bounded on its north side north by 167th Avenue, on its south side by 153rd Avenue. To the west lies 59A Street, to the east 50th Street. The neighbourhoods closest to this one are McConachie, Cy Becker, Brintnell, Miller, Casselman, McLeod and Matt Berry.

The design that is being followed in these communities within Pilot Sound is uniform and they all fulfil the goal of making sure that all residents have access to the community’s school and park, which are positioned in the heart of the neighbourhood. The homes typically surround this central area. Pathways are laid out neatly in such a way that residents can get around freely on foot without having to contend with too much traffic. Roads into and out of the community have been planned in such a way that there is not much thoroughfare leading through the main parts of the community, which makes it quite peaceful for residents. 

Your New Hollick-Kenyon Home in Edmonton

The Pilot Sound project encompasses the seven neighbourhoods of Hollick-Kenyon, Brintnell, McConachie, Cy Becker, Matt Berry, Gorman and North Sawle. Each of these has been named in such a way as to honour the rich aviation history of these parts.

Hollick-Kenyon gets its name from the pilot Herbert ‘Bertie’ Hollick-Kenyon. He was known for his derring do and he was credited with flying over many uncharted areas in the north and also across Antarctica. Hollick Kenyon was a First World War veteran after which he got his pilot license and joined up with the Royal Flying Corp. On his prairie flights he would carry out mail deliveries across the provinces. However, Hollick Kenyon became very famous after he carried out several search-and-rescue flights, in particular after he actively searched for a lost mining expedition. He also led a search mission for a missing Soviet pilot named Sigizmund Levanevsky. Hollick-Kenyon played a critical role during these operations, making available critical data to map the uncharted territories that needed to be scoured.

Later, Hollick-Kenyon replaced the pilot of Lincoln Ellsworth, famous American explorer, when he was starting his expedition of the Antarctic. The expedition was a very successful one and thanks to this effort much of this area could be land mapped. He worked for two decades with the Canadian Pacific Airlines, and later, in 1973, his name found place in Canada’s Aviation Hall of Fame. This community in Pilot Sound is named after this daring pilot.

The City Council adopted the Pilot Sound Area Structure Plan in 1981 and approved the overall development plan for the location. In Hollick Kenyon, construction activity began in the early 1990s. If you stroll through the neighbourhood today, you will see that a majority of the homes are single family detached homes with sprawling yards and beautiful views. About a tenth of the housing market is covered by duplex homes.

The distinctive feature about Hollick Kenyon is that it features a lake and that means lake side apartments are going to be in much demand. The overall rustic charm of the surroundings combined with the waterfront view makes homes here a good investment indeed. In the future, there will be schools and other facilities coming up here as development continues to take place and once completed, this community will be completely self sufficient.

Things to do in Hollick-Kenyon

Nature lovers will love Hollick Kenyon as they have great access to several arks close by including St. Albert and Sherwood Park. Both are well maintained parks with neatly laid out walking and jogging paths, playing fields and more and they are great spots for relaxing and winding down after a hard day’s work. If nature treks are your thing then explore the many walking trails that you can find in Miller Park and Casselman Park both well within reach from this neighbourhood.

Shopping options are plenty for Hollick Kenyon residents. Manning Town Centre is quite close by and there are a number of shops as well as restaurants and entertainment options here. The same goes for the Clareview Town Centre, which is a very popular hub for residents in these parts to spend time at during weekends.

Within the community itself, you have the Hollick Kenyon Landing retail plaza, with a comprehensive grocery store and diners. Many big box stores are located just minutes away from here and so is the Cineplex Cinemas.