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Hairsine New Construction Real Estate and Show Homes

Hairsine New Construction Real Estate and Show Homes

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The People and The Real Estate in Hairsine

A relatively young neighbourhood in northeast Edmonton, Hairsine is a vibrant community that is quite sought after by Edmonton’s working segment. The community’s development took place in recent years and that ensures the houses are more modern when it comes to architectural style, an appealing factor for bachelors and young professionals who seek all amenities in the dwelling. Yet Harisine also has a number of advantages to offer for families, the main one being the easy access to the city facilities via public transport. Be it shopping or medical facilities or anything else in the city, all it takes is a quick trip by LRT to get there.

The community’s predominantly young adult population ensures that the ambience in Hairsine is always abuzz with excitement. With plenty of activities to take part in, open minded neighbours willing to step in and help when needed and a great location, Hairsine is quite the ideal place for a young family. With Clareview lying close by, access to schools or commercial outlets is a given too and that’s just another reason why this community has always been top of the priority list for new home seekers in Edmonton.

A great testament to the neighbourhood’s appeal is the fact that about half of the residents here have lived at the same address for at least a period of five years. After all, who would want to leave a community that has it all to offer?

The New Community of Hairsine

This north east Edmonton neighbourhood is bounded on the east by Victoria Trail, the oldest route that is still in use in Alberta. To the west of the community lies 36th Street, on its north it has 144th  Avenue and on its south the 137th Avenue. The neighbourhoods closest to Hairsine are Kirkness, Fraser, Bannerman, Kernohan, Belmont and Clareview Town Centre.

As is common with many Clareview neighbourhoods and also the more recent communities to develop in Edmonton, the layout is designed so that the school and park site are in the middle and the homes surround them. Streets have been laid out neatly and with great attention to ensure that access from within the neighbourhood to all the amenities is easy and it takes residents through roads that are not congested. Thoroughfare through the community flows freely thanks to a good network of roads leading in and out of Hairsine.

The Victoria Trail is one of the arterial roads in north Edmonton and its proximity to Hairsine gives the community a substantial advantage. There are quite a few commercial amenities grouped along this trail and the same can be said of 137th avenue as well. Since Clareview Town Centre lies close by, there is no dearth of options for Hairsine residents to choose from when they are looking for shopping spots to visit.

Hairsine is also well connected by the Light Rail Transit system, with the nearest station located in adjacent Clareview Town Centre. The service is so efficient that a good percentage of the residents, significantly more than the average in the city, use the LRT to commute to their workplace.  The station is located on the west along 137th Avenue.

Your New Hairsine Home in Edmonton

The neighbourhood was named in honour of Albert Hairsine, the first mayor of the Town of Beverly who served until the year 1951. It was in 1961 when many locations in Edmonton were brought into the city limits that this neighbourhood also was incorporated into Edmonton. In 1972, the community was officially made a part of the Clareview Outline Plan. Development began in the 1970s and peaked through the next decade and today, this is a fully developed community with all amenities.  

One of the younger neighbourhoods here, Hairsine is not even 40 years old although the surrounding neighbourhoods are far older than this. The community has been designed to be the perfect place for young families with all the amenities needed to raise children. Access to two elementary schools within the boundaries of the neighbourhood indicates that the goal of the neighbourhood plan was to make it easy for parents to choose Hairsine as their home.

The primary housing type you will see here is the row house. Typically, homes have modern floor plans and the generous yard space is ideal for kids to run about in. About half of the housing market here comprises of row houses. Low rise apartments are also quite common in this neighbourhood.

A majority of the homes in this neighbourhood date back from the years between 1970 and 1985. Two of five homes were built after this period and before 1990. This is the reason for the open floor plan and modern amenities that you will find in most Hairsine homes.

The Edmonton Public School System operates the John D. Bracco School here in the neighbourhood. There is also a Catholic school here, the St. Bonaventure Catholic Elementary School, which has a reputation as one of the best in Edmonton. 

Things to do in Hairsine

Hairsine Park is the go to place for most residents of this community when they need to stretch their legs or simply relax in the midst of a peaceful green space. With some beautifully maintained walking paths, this is a good place for you to keep up with your regular fitness schedule with walks and jogs.

The community league maintains several facilities in Hairsine for the residents including two rinks that members can make use of. These are popular spots during winter months and you can see friendly games being organized here among residents. For sports lovers, the community league is also actively involved in organizing soccer, hockey, baseball and softball games within the community and with neighbouring ones.

For shopping, the Clareview Town Centre nearby is the most popular spot for the residents here if they need more than they can find locally. However, a trip to Edmonton’s heart is so easy and quick form here that many residents also choose to just hop on the LRT and make this trip when they need to do some extensive shopping.