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Glenwood New Construction Real Estate and Show Homes

Glenwood New Construction Real Estate and Show Homes

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The People and The Real Estate in Glenwood

A mature community located in west Edmonton, Glenwood is one of the larger neighbourhoods here that presents a good mix of both commercial and residential usage. The advantage with this is that residents have access to a lot of amenities right within the community and they don’t have to make their way outside until they choose to. Beautiful parks within the community make this a great place for nature loves while the efficient connectivity to other parts of Edmonton is the major appeal Glenwood holds for professionals who have to commute to downtown for work.

This mature community also brings you the advantage of friendly neighbours who actively participate in programs aimed at improving the surroundings and the lifestyle of the residents. This is a part of the Jasper Place Revitalization program and there is an organized effort here to keep the neighbourhood clean and safe and also to make it more conducive for prime businesses to operate here. Apart from the fact that this ensures you have an amazing neighbourhood to live in and enjoy, this also means the value of your investment in Glenwood property is likely to keep improving year after year. The most recent efforts taking place here as part of the program are aimed at improving the Stony Plain Road and making it better for pedestrians.

Located quite close to the well known West Edmonton Mall, and the highly frequented shopping centres of Terra Losa and Mayfield, Glenwood is a great place for young families that need to be able to get essentials on short notice.

The New Community of Glenwood

This west Edmonton neighbourhood is encircled on the north side by the Stony Plain Road. To the south it has 95th Avenue, on the east side 156th Street and to its west lies 170th Street. The communities closest to this one are Stone Industrial, Brittannia Youngstown, Canora, West Jasper Place, Sherwood, Terra Losa, Place LaRue, Sumerlea, Meadowland Park and West Meadowland Park.

Spread over an impressive area of 177 hectares, Glenwood is quite a large neighbourhood; in fact, much larger than what you would find in Edmonton. The development took place here in phases with the segment east of the 163rd Street coming up much earlier, during the 1950s, and the segment to the west developing later through the 1960s. However, the phased development has not affected the overall layout or ease of access to the amenities in the area in any way.

Glenwood was originally a part of Town of Jasper Place and later it was amalgamated with the city of Edmonton. You will find the Jasper Place terminal of the Edmonton Transit System in the northeast corner of this community, giving you access to all the key location in the city. The transit system is the most popular choice for residents here who prefer to use public transport instead of driving down to various spots.

The west Edmonton headquarters of the Edmonton Police Service is located it the north of this neighbourhood and is one of the landmarks here. The layout of the community itself has been done with care so that there is plenty of greenery here and the many parks dotting the neighbourhood stand testament to this fact.

The main commercial area in Glenwood is located in between the Stony Plain Road and 100th Avenue and this is where residents head to when they need to get their shopping done. The nearby Mayfield Common is another popular spot they head to and over weekends you will find most residents paying a visit to the gigantic West Edmonton Mall that lies quite close to the community. The Stony Plain Road, later the 104th Avenue NW leads you right to Edmonton’s downtown via the 105th street NW.

Your New Glenwood Home in Edmonton

Interestingly, Glenwood got its name from a contest that was held to decide on a monicker for the Town of Jasper when it was newly incorporated in the year 1950. Formerly a part of the Town of Jasper Place, this neighbourhood became a part of the City of Edmonton in the year 1964 and after this, development picked up pace here. However, some areas of this community had already developed during the 1940s.  It was after the Second World War that the number of people wishing to set up home in Jasper Place started to grow at a fast clip. The neighbourhood’s popularity as prime residential location grew so fast that it was impossible to keep pace with and this was the reason for the amalgamation of the Town of Jasper Place with Edmonton. Glenwood too came into the city’s limits at this point. A former neighbourhood established way before in the year 1912, by the name of Westlawn was also included with Glenwood and today continues to be a part of this neighbourhood.

Although development took place in Glenwood right from the 1940s, mainly through the 1950s and 1960s, construction activity continued over the next decade. To the east of the neighbourhood, you are likely to find older style homes and to the west the newer ones, for this reason. Some of the single family homes were also built during the 1970s.

The variety of home styles you find here in Glenwood can be attributed in part to the development in phases too. This aspect is an advantage for new home buyers since it gives you a good choice to pick from. The real estate market here comprises of apartments, both low rise and high rise, there are single family homes, there are semi-detached homes, and also row housing. About 50% of the housing options are single detached homes, and approximately the other 45% is divided fairly equally between duplex homes and apartment style condos.  Row houses are relatively very few here but they ARE available.

Proximity to many good schools is one of the chief reasons why so many young families with children opt for Glenwood as their home. There are a total of six schools here. Three fall within the purview of the Edmonton Public School System, the Edmonton Catholic School System runs one school and there are also two independent schools here. In addition to all this, close by, in West Jasper Place lies the MacEwan College’s Centre for the Arts Campus. 

Things to do in Glenwood

There are four parks within the community of Glenwood, offering plenty of green space for residents to stroll about in when they need some solitude and peace. Beautifully maintained, with walking tracks and jogging paths, these make it easy for you to keep up with your fitness goals.

Shopping is easy in Glenwood with the Mayfield Common and Terra Lossa’s shopping area lying so close by. Of course, easy access to the West Edmonton Mall makes it unnecessary for Glenwood residents to go any place else.

For winter time sports, the community league has an outdoor rink that is quite the favourite haunt for the residents in these months. Remember, Glenwood is known for its close knit community so you will have plenty of activities to take part in here that will keep you busy all year round.