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Glastonbury New Construction Real Estate and Show Homes

Glastonbury New Construction Real Estate and Show Homes

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The People and The Real Estate in Glastonbury

The vibrant community of Glastonbury is part of the Grange area in Edmonton. Designed as an urban village that offers the old world charm  so sought after by home owners, as well as the convenience of a neighbourhood that is positioned within easy reach of the city, Glastonbury is quite an ideal if you are looking to set up home. Schools, recreation facilities, open green spaces, friendly neighbours- this little nook has it all to offer.

Step into Glastonbury and the first thing you might note is the beautiful layout of the community. Neatly laid out streets interspersed with greenery, the crystal lake right in the heart of the neighbourhood, the well organized design that ensures everyone has great access to the amenities- it all adds up to a perfect community for you to call home.

Reputed to be one of the most family friendly neighbourhoods in Edmonton, Glastonbury is also perfect for the young professionals who are determined not to spend most of their lives driving to and from work. The proximity of Anthony Henday Drive makes this one of the most attractive advantages that this neighbourhood has.

Paved trails leading right to the beautiful parks and peaceful water bodies in the vicinity make this a haven for nature lovers and those who love solitude as well while the modern homes are just perfect for young couples who seek all the conveniences in their new home. Glastonbury is one of the most buzzing real estate markets and there is good reason for this.

The New Community of Glastonbury

The Grange encompasses the Hamptons neighbourhood as well as Granville apart from Glastonbury. Hamptons lies to the south, and the location earmarked for Granville is to the west. Glastonbury itself is encircled by Whitemud Drive to the north. To the east lies the arterial Anthony Henday Drive that takes you to all other parts of Edmonton with ease. On the south, the neighbourhood is encircled by 62nd Avenue.

Whitemud Drive is another main road here that gives Glastonbury residents easy access to Edmonton locations on the south side. These include the University area as well as Southgate Centre and the Drive also leads to Whyte Avenue. To get to the Edmonton International Airport, you take the Anthony Henday Drive. Access into Glastonbury is easy from the city too via Whitemud Drive, Anthony Henday Drive and also 62nd Avenue. Despite being so well connected to the outside, the neighbourhood itself has very few traffic congestion problems thanks to the smart layout of internal roads to keep vehicular movement to a minimum within the community.

The neighbourhoods closest to Glastonbury are Breckenridge Greens, Potter Greens, Aldergrove, Lymburn, Ormsby Place, Jamieson Place, The Hamptons and Granville.

The Light Rail Transit System runs through Glastonbury and this makes it easy for residents to commute to the city’s heart in jiffy too via train. Take a bird’s eye view of the neighbourhood itself and the Glastonbury Lake located in the middle of the community is the centre piece. The pipeline right of way runs through the middle of the neighbourhood and arterial roads surround it.

Inside the community, the roads follow a loop pattern since they are laid out along the collector road connecting the traffic to the main roads at the boundaries. The heart of the neighbourhood also has a school/park site and there are plans to build both in the near future. The design has been created with a view to providing maximum recreational space for Glastonbury dwellers. There is also space earmarked for a commercial site in the northwestern end of the neighbourhood.

Your New Glastonbury Home in Edmonton

This area was primarily agricultural land earlier before the three neighbourhoods that now from The Grange were planned here. The name for this area itself comes from a period in England’s past when ‘granges’ was the term used to describe estates. Glastonbury borrows from this idea and it is named after an English monastery and also after the location of the same name in England that is associated with the Holy Grail.

The neighbourhood plan was originally adopted in the year 1990, but it was revamped massively later on to keep pace with evolving ideas and also changing market conditions. The present day form of the Neighbourhood Structure Plan was officially adopted in 1998.

Development began in this area towards the end of the 1990s but most of the construction activity can be dated back to the early part of the 2000s. As per the approved plan, the neighbourhood is to have 60 percent low-density residential homes and 40 percent medium-density residential units. Construction is still going on here and the eastern portion of the neighbourhood, in particular, has not seen much development yet.

As one of thenewer residential neighbourhoods in west Edmonton, Glastonbury has a good number of residential units with modern day architectural design. In fact, according to the Federal census in 2001, all the homes here were constructed after 1995. This is one reason why the homes here hold great appeal for young home owners.

Stroll down the streets in Glastonbury and the most common type of dwelling you will see is the single-family home. A little more than 70% of the homes are of this type. Duplexes come next in line on the list and then there are row houses and condos in apartment complexes over five storeys tall.

Glastonbury is a great choice for families with young school age children because of the easy access you have from here to many premier schools in the vicinity. Here are quite a few elementary and secondary schools to choose from in these parts but Ormsby School and Hillcrest School, both part of the Edmonton Public Schools system, are the most preferred choices. 

Things to do in Glastonbury

A plethora of recreational sites and green spaces in and around the neighbourhood enable Glastonbury residents to take a much needed, relaxing break after a long week of work. Fitness centers and rec centres dot the neighbourhood and there is also an outdoor pool here. For the sports enthusiasts in your family, the basketball and tennis courts may be the best place to head to for a quick game with friends. Indoor arenas with hockey rinks and ice skating rinks are also easily accessible here so you have plenty to do in winter months.

There are quite a few activities organized by the community league here to get the residents to interact with each other and get to know everyone better and these are great for the social animals. If you have young children, then a visit to the Edmonton Valley Zoo may be a good way to pass the time. Just use the public transport to get here and you can spend all day learning about the more- than- 350 animals that call the zoo their home.