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Garneau New Construction Real Estate and Show Homes

Garneau New Construction Real Estate and Show Homes

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The People and The Real Estate in Garneau

This legacy neighbourhood tucked away in Southwest Edmonton is perhaps one of the most picturesque ones you will find down here this side of Alberta. The quiet tree lined streets, sprawling homes dating back from the 1950’s and rubbing shoulders with modern duplex homes, happy children cycling down the lanes, friendly neighbours sharing a quick word before they get on with their peaceful daily lives- that sums up Garneau for you. ‘Idyllic’ is the word that comes to mind when you step into this community and absorb the unique charm that is so characteristic of this location. But do not let the quiet, calm of the neighbourhood fool you into thinking that it lies miles away from the heart of Edmonton. Garneau lies close enough both to the bustle of Strathcona and the buzzing activity of Downtown Edmonton to keep you well within reach of everything you could possibly need, be it shopping opportunities, culture, food or the famous nightlife here! 

The New Community of Garneau

Lying close to the North Saskatchewan River Valley, Garneau is surrounded by Strathcona, McKernan, Queen Alexandra and the University of Alberta. This locality is hugely popular because it is one of the neighbourhoods that offer great access to both the University and the commercial centres of Edmonton, which makes a good place for students and young professionals to settle down in. 82nd Avenue that runs right through Garneau offers access to the University area. 109th street NW, one of the arterial streets here also runs through this neighbourhood. In fact, one corner of Garneau is bound by University Avenue and 109th street and the 112th street separates this neighbourhood from the University area. Easy access to Whyte Avenue where commercial establishments, businesses and services are clustered is one of the prime locational advantages that Garneau offers.

The High Level Bridge Streetcar route has a stop here in Garneau and apart from this several bus routes run through this neighbourhood, connecting it very efficiently with the neighbouring communities in Edmonton. If you prefer to take the LRT, then you can take a brisk walk up to the University LRT station that lies just about 1.5 kilometres from here.

Your New Garneau Home in Edmonton

Garneau is one of the most sought after of Edmonton’s communities thanks to its near perfect location. The demand has spurred housing construction here in recent years. However, the good news is that the community is making efforts to preserve as much of the original old world charm of Garneau as possible while allowing new buildings to come up here. You will see that some areas have been designated historic sites and in these you can see what Garneau was like decades ago, with old buildings maintained in pristine condition to give you a glimpse into the past. After all, this is one of the oldest neighbourhoods here in the city.

Trace back the history of this neighbourhood and we can see that before 1912 this area belonged to the City of Strathcona. Laurent Garneau was one of the first people to setup home here when he came here in 1874 with his wife Eleanor. One of the Métis who fought in the Red River Rebellion that concluded with the creation of Manitoba, Garneau came here to Edmonton in a bid to start a peaceful life after the strife.  Over the next decade, he purchased Lot number 7 that lay to the south of the North Saskatchewan River. This was the property, named The Garneau, that later became part of Strathcona and then even later, was merged into Edmonton.

In late 1908, once the University of Alberta started functioning here, development in this locality boomed. Many University staff members moved to Garneau owing to its proximity to their workplace. When the High Level Bridge proposal came by, it served to take the popularity of Garneau a notch higher. 

Garneau continues to be a great place for families to live in with easy access to schools, a pleasant, calm neighbourhood for both the young and old to enjoy. Apart from the older homes here, you will find both low rise and high rise condos in this community.

Things to do in Garneau

Garneau’s location gives you access to pretty much everything you may need or desire. Shopping is easy thanks to the presence of both Whyte Avenue and 109th street. Whyte Avenue is the hub for entertainment as well as eateries. 88th Avenue is yet another location you can head to if you want to browse through the most popular Edmonton shops. Some of shops date back to times when Garneau was just beginning to develop.

Since the river valley is so close by, there is no dearth of places in Garneau where you can just sit back and enjoy nature or take a leisurely stroll surrounded by greenery. Close by is the meticulously maintained Kinsmen Park, where you can take long walks. If you are looking for a spot where you can restart your active lifestyle, then head down to the Kinsmen Sport Centre and work up a sweat with like- minded fitness enthusiasts.

There are three playgrounds right here in the neighbourhood- one right beside the Community Arts Centre and two at the Garneau Elementary School. Apart from these, the Garneau Tennis and Beach Volleyball Club is a good place to head to for some fun and games.

One of the main attractions of this neighbourhood that draws crowds from all over Edmonton is the Garneau Theatre. An iconic building here in Edmonton, it was built in 1940 and restored in 2009. This is the perfect place to head to if you want to catch a few cult classic movies or an indie movie. There are quite a few popular restaurants within the same complex where you can relax and fill your stomach with comfort food too.

For history lovers, the John Walter Museum in Walterdale gives you a glimpse at the history of these surroundings and shows you what the river valley looked like before it became the busy commercial area it is today. You can always head down to Old Strathcona too, to get a feel for what these parts used to look like in the days gone by.