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Gariepy New Construction Real Estate and Show Homes

Gariepy New Construction Real Estate and Show Homes

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The People and The Real Estate in Gariepy

The West Edmonton communities are known for their premium properties that have the best scenic views in Edmonton to offer. The affluent neighbourhood makes for a great property investment given that it is so close to the most amazing natural features that the city has to offer yet is also connected effectively with the rest of Edmonton. Whether you are a young professional looking for a location that will cut down your commute time to work or a parent wanting to make sure the neighbourhood is safe for young children or an older person seeking a peaceful nook in the midst of beautiful green landscapes, Gariepy is just perfect.

One of the most attractive features about this neighbourhood is the very friendly community. A number of activities are organized here for the neighbours to get to know one another and bond well as a family and that’s a huge advantage for new comers to Gariepy. Add to this the self sufficient nature of the neighbourhood and you can see why so many people love living here. 

Gariepy may be a small suburb but it is in no way a remote one since it has easy access to the rest of Edmonton via two main roads. With plentiful green spaces, stunning views of the river valley as well as the sprawling Terwillegar Park, this is one community that really lets its residents take advantage of Edmonton’s abundant natural beauty to the fullest. 

The New Community of Gariepy

This compact community is in the heart of the greater Callingwood area. Its location is at the very crest of a pronounced bend in the North Saskatchewan River. A main road runs right through the subdivision and enhances the access that residents have to the other parts of the city. Gariepy is encircled by the 178th Street n the west side, on the north it has Callingwood Road, to its east lies 170th Street, and on the south it has the breathtaking North Saskatchewan River valley. The nearest communities are Ormsby Place, Callingwood South, Oleskiw, Dechene and Donsdale.

Since the neighbourhood is located right alongside the North Saskatchewan River Valley, there is abundant natural beauty for the residents to enjoy and the neighbourhood planning has taken this into consideration very efficiently indeed. The layout of the community has been planned in such a way that the natural features within the neighbourhood are left untouched and the development structured around them.

The overall pattern followed in this neighbourhood has resulted in curvilinear roads. One of the main goals kept in mind during planning was to avoid traffic snarls within the neighbourhood to the maximum without restricting traffic flow into and out of Gariepy from outside areas. Priority is given to pedestrian traffic within the neighbourhood and the plethora of strategically located pathways stands testament to how carefully the planner has tried to fulfil this objective.  It is quite easy to get around Gariepy on foot or by cycle and get all your chores done without ever taking your car out to the road.

172nd Street and Callingwood Road are the main commercial hubs here and you will find most stores clustered around these parts. The school and recreation areas are at the centre of the community, affording equally easy access to all residents.

The community is connected to the city by means of public transport quite efficiently and bus stops are located throughout key places in the neighbourhood. You can simply hop onto the bus to reach the surrounding suburbs and also if you need to head to downtown Edmonton for your shopping.

Your New Gariepy Home in Edmonton

This small residential neighbourhood takes its name from Joseph Hormisdas Gariépy, who was one of the pioneer merchants in this area. Gariepy was born in Quebec and in his teens he moved to Montreal where he worked in the grocery business. From there, in 1893, he moved to Edmonton and bought land here for what was a whopping amount of $1200 during the times. He opened a grocery store on that parcel of land, becoming one of the first merchants to set up shop here. Later he was also a founding member of the Edmonton Board of Trade apart from having some political affiliations as well.

Development in this neighbourhood started in 1970s and about half of the homes you will see here today date back to that era. Later, during the 1980s also a lot of activity was taking place here and the neighbourhood was almost fully developed then. A few homes were built after the 1990s.

Stroll through Gariepy and you will see that a good majority of the properties are single family homes that are nestled in the middle of sprawling plots surrounded by dense woods. These homes give you the impression of being the only one in middle of a forest and that’s the biggest appeal of these for affluent buyers. Privacy is a given since you have a copse of trees between you and your neighbours. Since you also have pedestrian friendly concourses, you can just stroll through the neighbourhood and make your way to the various amenities here or even in the adjoining communities.

The rest of the property market is made up of apartment style condominiums and duplex homes although there are a very few row homes also to be found here.

Gariepy Park in the heart of this neighbourhood gives the community its green lungs and adds another natural feature to the area. The Centennial School is located in this park. There is also a school for music here, the Elite School of Music, which has programs for both adults and children.

Things to do in Gariepy

Gariepy Park, located in the middle of the community offers residents the chance to unwind in the middle of open fields and virgin forest land. You can spend time in the middle of nature’s most soothing vistas here by exploring the many walking and hiking trails that go through the park. Stunning views from the cliff face by the river bank are a good addition to the location. 

Access to the North Saskatchewan River close by also affords easy entry into the sprawling river valley system and that takes care of weekend plans for you if you are a nature lover. If you would like to engage in a game to take your mind off the daily grind, the Edmonton Country Club, a private golf course is really close by too. This is one of the most well maintained golf courses in the city.

For shopping, all you have to do take the bus to Edmonton downtown or drive down there. But if you seek something closer to Gariepy, you can find pretty much all you need at Lessard Mall, which is at 172nd Street and Callingwood Road. Of course, the very famous West Edmonton Mall is easily accessible via a quick drive too since it lies close by and you can get here via 170th Street or 178th Street.