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Fulton Place New Construction Real Estate and Show Homes

Fulton Place New Construction Real Estate and Show Homes

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The People and The Real Estate in Fulton Place

Fulton Place is a vibrant residential neighbourhood located near the centre of the greater Capilano area. It is a family-friendly community and is best suited for everyone, from a family with children to old people looking to settle down. It is considered a mature suburban community as it comprises an ageing population, mostly. There are more individuals aged fifty years and above in Fulton Place. Though most residents in Fulton Place are above the age of fifty, the neighbourhood also comprises people of all ages.

The community has wide roads that facilitate public transit. There are walkways and bikeways to promote health and fitness. The neighbourhood is connected to arterial roads that give the residents the benefit of accessible transportation.

The parks that are located within the neighbourhood give the place a pleasant feel, and the luscious green block makes Fulton Place an enticing community. The Fulton Creek ravine and the North Saskatchewan River Valley located close by offer several recreational activities to the residents. They also contribute to the scenic beauty of the neighbourhood which the residents can view from the vantage points along Fulton Drive.

Fulton Place Community League hosts events for residents throughout the year such as organizing community swim events, promoting neighbourhood culture, creation of community gardens, among others. Fulton Place is a family-friendly community and gives people a pleasing environment with a variety of picks for leisure.

There are several recreational sites located within the community, as well as a community league. Two schools within the neighbourhood offer classes from grade 1 through 12, and several churches and parks around the community which the residents can access. The small shops located within the neighbourhood offer a wide variety of products and services to the residents of Fulton Place. The residents can also access the nearby Capilano Mall, which facilitates retail shopping.

The New Community of Fulton Place

Fulton Place is situated in southeast Edmonton, in Hardisty area, adjacent to Fulton Creek Ravine. The neighbourhood spreads eastward to 50 Street and lies between 106 Avenue and 101 Avenue. Yellowhead Drive, Wayne Gretzky Drive and Anthony Henday Drive are the arterial roads that can be accessed from Fulton Place.

There are three parks in Fulton Place. Harry Hardin Park is located off of102 Avenue, Kathleen McAllister Park is located on the neighbourhood's east border, off 50 street, and the Fulton Place Park. The Fulton Place Community League is located beside Michael Cameron Arena on Fulton Place Park. The L’arche Association of Edmonton and the Fulton Child Care Centre is located south of Fulton Place Park. 

There are two places of worship in Fulton Place- the Resurrection Catholic Parish in 102 Avenue and the Grace United Church on 62 Avenue. The Hardisty Fitness and Leisure Centre is a recreational centre on 62 Avenue, west of Fulton Place Park. The recreational centre promotes health and wellness in the community. Hardisty High School and McNally School are the schools located within Fulton Place, on 62 Avenue. Capilano Elementary School is located to the eastern side of the Fulton Place neighbourhood.

Your New Fulton Place Home in Edmonton

Fulton Place was named after Fulton Creek Ravine which runs through the ravine on the west boundary. The residential land in Fulton Place was developed in the 1950s, with some houses dating back to World War II. The Fulton Place community was annexed into the City of Edmonton in 1954. The stability of the population in Fulton Place is very high, with almost three-quarters of residents having lived there for more than five years.

Fulton Place has two schools, several churches, parks and a community league facility. The Fulton Place Community League dates back to 1958. Residing within the community hall, it includes a skating rink, community garden as well as programs and memberships offering several benefits. Hardisty Fitness and Leisure Centre provides fitness & recreational activities. 

As the Capilano Mall is located to the north of the neighbourhood, only a small number of businesses serve the residents of Fulton Place. The Capilano Mall facilitates a wide range of goods and services to the residents of Fulton Place.

Real estate in Fulton Place is dominated by single detached homes, leaving little room for condos. The dwelling styles also include a few semi-detached homes. The residential plots have an abundance of green lawns and mature trees, giving Fulton Place a natural look. Most of the houses are flooded with an abundance of natural light, making it environmentally friendly. The street plan uses a grid design to facilitate smooth navigation and public transit through Fulton Place. Public walkways run throughout this area and bus stops are easy to find on nearly every local street. Fulton Place residents enjoy easy access to major roads such as the Anthony Henday Drive and the Yellowhead Drive. There is plenty of recreational opportunities in Fulton Place, with several parks and facilities located within the neighbourhood area.

Things to do in Fulton Place

Fulton Place lies to the east of downtown core which saw development in the 1950s. Today, Fulton is a mature neighbourhood with a stable population. The Michael Cameron Arena has sporting events, classes and league programs, and the Hardisty Fitness and Leisure Centre offers several recreational opportunities to the residents. The Fulton Place Park and the Harry Harding Park have walking trails, open fields, playground facilities and peacefully wooded areas for the residents to enjoy. 

Fulton Place offers the residents easy access to the North Saskatchewan River Valley system. Residents can access the recreational facilities provided by the river valley which includes swimming, fishing, boating, kayaking, canoeing, among others. Outdoor enthusiasts can access the trails, for an early morning jog or an evening stroll along the riverside. The Fulton Creek Ravine offers a wide range of recreational activities, from walking trails to biking and hiking. Residents can enjoy a quiet picnic in the ravine or use the trail for some fitness activities. The residents can also enjoy the scenic views from vantage points located along Fulton Drive.

Fulton Place offers a quick commute to several locations, including the Capilano Mall, where the residents can enjoy a day of shopping and dining. The Mall has several retail outlets, restaurants and cafes that the residents can enjoy. The Sherwood Park is located minutes away from Capilano Mall, which the residents can visit for an outdoor family picnic or a gathering.

Fulton Place is in close to several main attractions in Edmonton. They include Tiger Goldstick Park, Edmonton Valley Zoo, The Muttart Conservatory, Highlands Golf Club and Riverside Golf Course. Residents can access these attractions with ease as they have easy access to arterial roads as well as an excellent public transit system.