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Fraser New Construction Real Estate and Show Homes

Fraser New Construction Real Estate and Show Homes

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The People and The Real Estate in Fraser

Fraser is a young community with an exciting aura that draws you in and keeps you hooked. The neighbourhood lies close enough to the North Saskatchewan River to give you the feeling of being ensconced in the lap of nature when you buy your home here. If you think that this makes Fraser a remote location, then you could not be more wrong for this little neighbourhood is one of the best connected ones in north east Edmonton.

Fraser is part of the Clareview community that primarily developed during the 1980s and that’s why you will see that the neighbourhood has a modern vibe to it, when it comes to the design and layout. It has all that you need right well within itself so it’s quite the self sufficient community too. If you need access to essentials within walking distance or at a quick drive, then Fraser definitely ticks that box for you.

Fraser presents a unique mix of the urban and rural lifestyle and this sets it apart from the rest of Edmonton. If you are looking for a place to call home that is not very far away from the city’s heart yet that offers a peaceful retreat for you and your family, then this is one location that you should certainly be considering.

With more than one park, neatly laid out pathways, shopping, recreation and schools, Fraser is perfect for those who want to bring up their young family in a place that is safe, quiet and that offers a lot of green space too.  Remember that with the North Saskatchewan River lying right beside it, Fraser gives you access to the most significant natural asset that Edmonton has to offer.

The New Community of Fraser

This little neighbourhood is truly blessed by nature. On its west it is bound by the picturesque Victoria Trail.  This 58 kilometre trail is the oldest route that is still being used in Alberta. The trail winds through farmlands, right from the Secondary Highway 38 up to Smoky Lake County. To the north of Fraser lies the 153th Avenue NW, the eastern boundary is the North Saskatchewan River and also the 6th  Street NW. To the south, Fraser is enclosed by 144th Avenue NW.

The fact that this Clareview community abuts the North Saskatchewan River gives residents an immense advantage in terms of the scenic beauty they get to enjoy from their homes here. It also gives access to some of the most beautiful wilderness trails in Edmonton that are located in the river valley. The river front is a popular spot for residents to stretch their legs or for the community to hold recreational activities. The neighbourhood offers a very distinctive feel of being nestled in a woody enclave thanks to the trees being used for boundaries. For nature lovers, this makes Fraser a very ideal spot for sure.

The layout of the neighbourhood has been designed keeping in mind the need to provide easy access within the interior roads yet keep thoroughfare from outside to a minimum to prevent traffic snarls and congestion inside the community. The ring road street plan ensures that residents have great access to both driving pathways as well as public transport.  The pedestrian paths inside the community are well maintained and you will find that they are peaceful and quiet.

Connectivity is not at all a problem and it is quite easy to get to other parts of Edmonton from here via public transport or with a quick drive. The major and most frequented bus stops are along the Ring Road and vehicle owners generally use Victoria Trail to commute to the city’s other parts. Access by LRT is also a viable option. The nearest LRT station for Fraser residents is the one at Clareview Town Centre.

The neighbourhood follows the general pattern of most Clareview communities, with the homes surrounding the school area in the centre. There is also a recreation centre next to the school. Shopping is clustered around the 161st Avenue and Victoria Trail.

Your New Fraser Home in Edmonton

This north east Edmonton neighbourhood was named after John Fraser, who was one of the earliest settlers in this area and the original homesteader of the lot no 28 by the river. He was also one of the first Belmont School trustees. Fraser was one of the key people responsible for the educational system established in this area as is evident from the fact that he was trustee of the school that was one of the first to open up in the province.

As is the case with much of the present day north east Edmonton, Fraser too became part of the city after the annexation in 1961. This was one of many neighbourhoods that were part of the Clareview Outline Plan, approved in mid 1972 by the City council. The Neighbourhood Structure Plan for this community was approved as late as in 1982.

A relatively new neighbourhood in north east Edmonton, the construction activity in Fraser was at its peak in the 1970s and 1980s. However, homes were still being built in the early 2000s and even now there are locations where homes are yet to come up. You will find that a substantial number, more than half in fact, of residences are single family detached homes. The rest of the housing market is made up of row houses and low rise apartment complexes.

Things to do in Fraser

Proximity to the North Saskatchewan River Valley ensures that Fraser residents have access to fresh air and open spaces in abundance. There are quite a few walking trails and hiking paths in the river valley system that can be accessed from Fraser with ease. If what you seek is a sojourn in the deep woods, then you don’t have to go far from Fraser at all.

The community league maintains quite a few amenities here including an outdoor rink that draws a lot of crowds in the winter. Apart from this the many parks in the area ensure that you never run out of places to stretch your legs or take a quick walk when you live in Fraser. Dog owners have an off- leash area nearby that their canine companions will love.

Shopping for Fraser residents is easy too with a commercial space located by the Victoria Trail and since access to Edmonton’s hubs is quick and easy thanks to great connectivity, you can simply take the public transport down to the city’s hubs to do your shopping there, as well. Shopping in the Clareview campus is another popular choice for Fraser residents if they do not feel like heading out to the city but seek a change from norm.