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Eaux Claires New Construction Real Estate and Show Homes

Eaux Claires New Construction Real Estate and Show Homes

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The People and The Real Estate in Eaux Claires

One of north east Edmonton’s most unique neighbourhoods, Eaux Claires is a popular choice for new home owners and renters. The biggest reason for this popularity is that this community is a peaceful, quiet one that is ideal for both young families and older residents. At the same time, professionals who need easy access into the city find the neighbourhood’s excellent connectivity and central location a huge advantage. The public transport lines link Eaux Claires very efficiently with Edmonton’s major hubs and this is a huge plus for the residents.

The vibe here is quite unusual too. There is a good mix of commercial and residential properties here to ensure that the community is buzzing with activity yet there is peace and quiet for families to get the feel of living far away from the bustle of the city, tucked away in a cozy nook.

The vision that was outlined at planning stage for Eaux Claires, that of creating a safe neighbourhood with great access to amenities as well as adequate non residential land use, has truly been fulfilled here.   

The New Community of Eaux Claires

Eaux Claires is a rectangular neighbourhood that is symmetrical and has a very neatly laid out street plan. This neighbourhood is encircled on the north by 167th Avenue; to the west side lies the 97th Street, and to its south lies the 153rd Avenue. In the east, the neighbourhood’s boundary runs along the line between 89th Street and 90th Street. The neighbourhoods  surrounding Eaux Claires are  Beaumaris, Belle RiveBaturyn, Evansdale, Klarvatten, Griesbach, Lorelei and Lago Lindo.

Great connectivity is one of Eaux Claires’ biggest draws and the 97th street is the key reason why it has this advantage. Going north along this street takes you to CFB Edmonton and if you go down south along the same street you come to Northern Alberta Institute of Technology and beyond that you can get to downtown core easily. The straight drive down to downtown core is quick and easy.

As per the approved Neighbourhood Structure Plan for Eaux Claires, the neighbourhood has been designed with a variety of housing options as well as space for local amenities. Residents do not have to go far for essentials although if they want a change, they have options both right outside the neighbourhood and in Edmonton’ core for their shopping or entertainment needs.

There is a Transit Centre situated at 157th avenue and it is a well equipped one with bike racks, a park and ride apart from washrooms and vending machines. There is also a drop off area, making it easy for commuters to ask family members to drive them down here.  The Eaux Claires strip mall that is to the west of the neighbourhood makes things very convenient for those who prefer to do their shopping in a cluster of shops.

Your New Eaux Claires Home in Edmonton

Eaux Claires is one of the more well known Lakes Distrct neighbourhoods. It gets its name from the French word for ‘Clear Waters’. The neighbourhood’s plan was adopted by city council in 1983, quite late when you compare it with most other neighbourhoods in north east Edmonton. Unlike many other North East Edmonton areas, Eaux Claires is quite a recent neighbourhood here. Before the homes began to come up, this location was predominantly farm land area. Homes began to be constructed here as late as towards the end of the 1990s and even in the year 2010, construction activity was still happening around these parts. . A majority of the homes were built in the 2000s. You will find many modern style buildings here that have all amenities, as a result of this. This makes Eaux Claires homes ideal for working couples and bachelors.

A significant number of residences here are the single family detached home type dwellings and you can say that these dominate the scene here. The remainder of the homes are duplex apartments and condos.

The neighbourhood’s pathways are laid out so that residents can get around the interiors with the greatest of ease. Pedestrian pathways connecting Eaux Claires to the neighbouring communities are also well maintained. There is a central park alongside a school site here and the residents all have easy access to these parts thanks to its location. Apart from this, the neighbourhood is dotted with smaller green spaces as well as storm water management ponds, giving the whole area a very soothing, natural ambience. 

The layout of streets has ensured that there is minimal traffic in the interiors of the community, keeping it safe for pedestrians. However, the hierarchical road system also ensures that the neighbourhood itself is well connected from outside.

Things to do in Eaux Claires

With access to Edmonton’s downtown areas being so very easy from Eaux Claires, there is no dearth of options whether you seek entertainment, dining or shopping as a resident of this neighbourhood. All you have to do is take the public transport down to the heart of the city or drive down and you can enjoy the exciting nightlife in the city’s hub or do your shopping in the bustling commercial areas there. If you don’t feel like heading out far, then you also head to the Eaux Claires strip mall that is located to the west. This mall is quite a favourite spot for residents of the community. 

The school site does not have an educational institution yet but the park here is beautifully maintained and in fact, it is has been rated as one of the finest in Edmonton quite consistently.

Eaux Claires shares its community league with neighbours Evansdale and Belle Rive. The league conducts several activities for residents including games like soccer, hockey, baseball and basketball. They also have programs for kids and many other such activities that help residents come together and interact.  The Eaux Claires playground and Poplar playground are both maintained by the league in pristine condition for children to enjoy an active life. Donations are being collected to build a new basketball court here as well.