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Donsdale New Construction Real Estate and Show Homes

Donsdale New Construction Real Estate and Show Homes

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The People and The Real Estate in Donsdale

West Edmonton communities are known to be stunning, exclusive locations that have some of the best properties in the city and the best scenic views as well. Walk into Donsdale and you will completely agree with every one of these claims because this neighbourhood makes a fabulous first impression thanks to its sprawling premium homes set in the middle of beautifully manicured lawns, the abundant green cover and the neatly laid out streets that criss- cross the community.

A preferred location for affluent families, Donsdale is one of the city’s best choices if you are looking for luxury homes that still keep you well within reach of the busy heart of Edmonton. This peaceful neighbourhood has everything you could ask for right within reach and that’s why Donsdale properties deservedly reign among the most coveted in this region. The Western quadrant of Edmonton offers all the amenities you could possible ask for and then some so that the residents of communities here do not have to go very far for anything at all.

Stunning views from Donsdale Drive are just one of the many reasons why prospective home owners fall in love with this place. Add to this, the proximity to the beautiful North Saskatchewan River and the River Valley system’s stunning natural beauty and you can see why nature lovers have Donsdale down as their first priority when they are looking for a new home. The traffic free, easy to navigate streets just make this beautiful community a great place to raise a family too.

The New Community of Donsdale

Donsdale enjoys the advantage of a very attractive positioning right beside the North Saskatchewan River valley. On the other side of the neighbourhood, that is, the north west, lies the Lessard Road, and on the south west 184th  Street forms the boundary. To the south, the neighbourhood overlooks a ravine. As is evident, Donsdale has plenty to offer in terms of natural beauty. The neighbourhoods closest to this one are Dechene, Gariepy, Jamieson Place and Wedgewood Heights.

The affluent western segment of Edmonton is one of the most exclusive areas here in the city. The boundaries of this area are marked by 170th Street on the east, Anthony Henday Drive to the west side, Whitemud Drive to the south side and 100th Avenue to the north side.

There are quite a few homes along the North Saskatchewan River banks and as you would expect, these are the best sellers as well as the most expensive properties here thanks to their stunning water front views.

The neighbourhood has been planned out very well and in keeping with the needs of the residents. That’s why you will find that the streets are laid out so that there is no risk of traffic snarls within the neighbourhood because traffic is restricted. Pedestrians can take a leisurely stroll across to get their jobs done within the community without having to contend with congested streets. This is a big advantage for families with young children since it makes sure the streets are safe for young people to walk to the school and back. The paved walking cum cycling path allows you to get around without taking the car out at all. You can even walk or cycle right up to the lake in the neighbourhood and the River Valley close by. 

Amenities are located nearby in the surrounding communities of Jamieson Place, Dechne and Wedgewood, all within easy reach from Donsdale. 

Your New Donsdale Home in Edmonton

Donsdale gets its name from Frank Doncaster, who was the owner of a large piece of land here early in the 1940s. Once the area was annexed to the City of Edmonton and it came within the purview of the city, the name continued to be used for this neighbourhood. 

Most of development in Donsdale took place in the latter half of the 1990s and continued into the first half of the 2000s. However, along the river valley, you will find some older homes that are the most attractive properties in this community.

The presence of a wildlife habitat within the river valley system even today stands testament to the care with which Donsdale was developed to provide excellent residential properties without impinging on the natural features and beauty of the location.  The neighbourhood has been developed so that none of the scenic viewpoints have been disturbed and no natural features have been compromised in any way.

Most of the homes here, as you would expect, are single family detached homes. However, you will also find some low-rise apartments by Lessard Road. As per the plan, 35% of Donsdale will have multifamily housing once the development is complete. Keep in mind that most of the single family homes are premium properties with higher end accessories and finishes. Don’t be surprised to find gourmet kitchens, open rooms and hardwood flooring in the homes you are visiting. Many of them come with professional landscaping as well. Buying a home in Donsdale guarantees you great curb appeal that enhances your property’s resale value.

While there are no parks within the neighbourhood, the proximity to the river valley and the ravine make sure you do not miss this detail at all. You also have access to other natural features and parks and playgrounds through the Westridge and Wolf Willow routes. With fountains within the community and a natural wet land that has been preserved and maintained here, you do not lack for beautiful natural features at all.

Things to do in Donsdale

For those who are looking for a place to stretch their legs in the midst of a calm, peaceful green haven, Dechene Park is close by. Edgewood Heights Park is even closer, lying right beside the boundary of Donsdale as it does.  Access to the ravine system is easy and this also ensures that the residents have plenty of hiking and walking trails to explore from this community. Since the North Saskatchewan River lies so close by, you also have easy access to the river valley trails and parks via this route.

The lack of shopping within the community is not a significant drawback because there are commercial establishments located close to the neighbourhood’s boundaries. The Marketplace at Collingwood, for example is a favourite spot for Donsdale residents to do their weekend shopping. There are plenty of services here to address all your needs. Of course, mention must be made of the impressively huge West Edmonton Mall that draws crowds from all over the city. If you are looking for high end shopping this is just the place to head to. All you have to do is follow Lessard road, later 178th street NW, and you can drive down straight to the mall and enjoy an amazing shopping and dining experience here.