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Delwood New Construction Real Estate and Show Homes

Delwood New Construction Real Estate and Show Homes

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The People and The Real Estate in Delwood

Delwood is one of the mature suburban neighbourhoods in north east Edmonton. This neighbourhood developed primarily during the 1960s. Quiet and peaceful, with friendly residents who are always willing to lend a hand, Delwood is a perfect place for a young family especially since it has great access to good schools as well.

If you are a busy professional looking for a location that cuts down your commute time into the city, Delwood ticks this box too because of its connectivity to the city’s most buzzing hubs. Quite close to Edmonton’s downtown area where the commercial hub is located, Delwood is a good option for those who need to get here for work.

A neatly laid out street plan ensures you can get around without any traffic snarls and the green lungs within the community afford spaces to relax as well. The almost perfect rectangle shape of the neighbourhood makes the planning uniform and symmetric and that’s another appeal that Delwood has for prospective home owners.

There are quite a few island parks here adding to the beauty of the neighbourhood quite significantly and the Yellow head Trail nearby gives residents a great place to explore when they want to be surrounded by nature. It is for all these reasons that Delwood is one of the most popular locations in the Edmonton property market and also why there are very few residents willing to relocate out of here. Finding a home in Delwood may be difficult because of the high demand so if you do have your eye on a property that is up for sale, it might be best to make a quick move. 

The New Community of Delwood

This northeast Edmonton location is surrounded by the neighbourhoods of Kildare, York, Belvedere, Balwin, Killarney, Glengarry and Northmount. 137th Avenue forms Delwood’s boundary on the north, on the south there is the 132nd Avenue, to the east 66th Street is the boundary and on the west 82nd Street. In Kildare, lying right next to Delwood on the north side is the famous Londonderry Mall.

The interior streets in Delwood all follow the modified grid pattern, which means they are all laid out around small green spaces. The bigger park here as well as the main school is located along Delwood Road, the main road running through the community. In the middle of the neighbourhood, you will find the schools and the commercial land use has been clustered in the corners so that there is easy access without much thoroughfare to and from the school and park area.

The Yellow Head trail is quite near to Delwood and this gives residents a big advantage, granting access to both east and west hubs in Edmonton. In the east lies the Fort Road/Manning Drive corridor that takes you to Fort Saskatchewan and also gives access to central Edmonton. There is an LRT station at 118th Avenue and 76th street, the Coliseum LRT, that is easily accessible from Delwood within a few minutes’ drive. The neighbourhood is also close to the Clareview LRT station which is located at 139th Avenue and 48th Street. Bus service is quite efficient and reliable too so depending on public transport to get to places from here is quite a viable idea.  

Your New Delwood Home in Edmonton

Delwood came into existence sometime in the early 1900s. According to some historians the neighbourhood was named after Edward Delegare “Del” Grierson who owned a lot of land here and was also active in politics. Before it was called Delwood, the areas here went by the names of Industrial Centre, East Delton and Queen’s Park. One of the significant landmarks here that lies in the northeast corner is the Josef Chelen Park. This park was named after a Polish-born market gardener, Josef Chelen.

Unlike many of the older neighbourhoods in Edmonton, you will find a good mix of old style and modern homes here in Delwood. The housing types are divided among single family detached homes, semi detached homes, row houses and low rise apartment complexes. 

Access to good schools is one of the most important reasons why Delwood is a preferred location for parents and young families. The public school, Delwood Elementary School, offers French immersion along with English. The Vladimir Catholic Elementary School offers quite a comprehensive range of subjects. Apart from these, Delwood residents can also choose from nearby schools such as Queen Elizabeth High School, Archbishop O’Leary High School, Princeton School, Balwin School, St. Francis of Assisi Elementary School and M.E. Lazerte School.

Things to do in Delwood

The neighbourhood is quite self sufficient and for more exotic necessities, the Londonderry Mall is close enough to visit quickly. In fact, including Londonderry Mall, which lies to the north, this neighbourhood’s residents have three shopping areas that they can head to. The Northgate Centre and North Town Centre shopping areas are close by too, to the west of Delwood. There are quite a few retail and commercial establishments along 132nd Ave as well.  Book lovers can head to the Edmonton Public Library branch in the Londonderry Mall to spend a leisurely few hours.

The Delwood Community League covers this neighbourhood and they maintain a well equipped community hall here where several activities take place. These include dance classes, fitness classes for residents. The league also conducts sports activities and games of soccer and hockey are quite common here. Apart from this, you also have facilities for skating on league maintained rinks in Delwood. As a member of the community league you are also entitled to admission to the swimming pools at O’Leary Fitness and Leisure Centre and the Londonderry Fitness and Leisure Centre.

For those who seek solace in nature when they what to wind down, the Josef Chelen Park is the green space to head to. The proximity of Yellow Head trail also gives access to other tracks and trails to explore.

Apart from this, Delwood plays host to the annual Fall Festival in mid-September that is quite the happening event in these parts. During this time of the year, a lot of people come down here to enjoy the festivities.