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Dechene New Construction Real Estate and Show Homes

Dechene New Construction Real Estate and Show Homes

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The People and The Real Estate in Dechene

One of the prettiest suburbs in Edmonton, Dechene is a primarily small, cozy neighbourhood set against a backdrop of gorgeous lush greenery and wide open spaces. With easy accessibility to the bustling city of Edmonton but cocooned within the safe, beautiful environs of a plush residential abode, Dechene unquestionably has the best of both worlds. 

Sprinkled with loop architectural designs and cul-de-sacs on the interior and with convenient arterials on the exterior, the area has been well designed to ensure traffic is mainly relegated to the outer edges of the neighbourhood and the main urban roads provide excellent connectivity to the heart of Edmonton. 

Dotted with attractive residences that surround a stunning park and two exceptional schools nestled in the heart of the neighbourhood, the community is a family-centric society. Residents have peace of mind thanks to the safety the area provides, and senior residents and children alike thoroughly enjoy the peaceful and charming abode they love calling home. 

Dechene is a society cushioned with mutual respect, understanding and co-operation where the warmth of community is hard to come by in big cities and larger urban landscapes.

The New Community of Dechene

Snuggly ensconced in the West Jasper Place South Plan area, Dechene is one of 17 neighbourhoods, which make up the pretty west sector of the City of Edmonton in Alberta, Canada. 

With easy accessibility from all sides, Callingwood Road flanks the picturesque locality to the north, with 184th Street bounding it on the west and Lessard Road/ 178th Street connecting it from the south and east. 

Only 24 minutes away from the throbbing hub of modern urbanization, Dechene is located within close proximity to the downtown area of Edmonton. With convenient bus links and taxi services that ferry residents back and forth to the city centre, the neighbourhood has great connectivity to the city of Edmonton, which is only 16.4 km away.

Your New Dechene Home in Edmonton

Dechene is named in honor of Joseph Miville Dechene who was one of the first entrepreneurs in the area. Subsequently, he became a political figure as a member of the Alberta Legislature from 1921 to 1935 as well as a member of Parliament for Athabasca until his retirement in 1958.

Years later in 1972, the City of Edmonton acquired Dechene and with civic development commencing in the 1980s, it progressed right through into the 21st century. 

Approximately 89% of all the homes in the neighbourhood are beautiful single-detached homes, with the remaining 11% of the residences comprising smart duplexes and beautiful townhouses that make up a seemingly triangular shaped area. As a testament to how much Dechene is cherished and loved by its community, an amazing 97% of all the homes are owner-occupied. And with a low-density population, the familial appeal of the environs is only enhanced. So typically after new homeowners invest in Dechene’s real estate and they realize the attributes of the beautiful, safe environment, they never want to leave. 

The two schools that are cushioned right at the heart of the neighbourhood are solid educational institutions, which extend special needs programs to the residents of southwest Edmonton. The Good Shepherd Catholic Elementary School comes under the purview of the Edmonton Catholic School System. It opens its doors to a well-rounded holistic learning experience with music, daily physical education and cultural initiatives forming part of the regular curriculum. Plus, they also maintain a high standard of academic excellence as well.

The second educational establishment is the S. Bruce Smith Junior High School, which is overseen by the Edmonton Public School System. It is a state-of-the-art learning facility and provides a successful junior high program enveloped in a well laid out campus. In addition, there are a host of other schools in a range of a km to a little over 4 km away, offering the residents of the area a wide selection of choice.

Things to do in Dechene

Thanks to the Good Shepherd Catholic Elementary School, their adjoining park is open to all the kids in the area, where they enjoy hours of fun and frolic with their friends. Since the park is large and centrally located, as are the large fields and sports grounds nearby, they form the perfect backdrop for thrilling games and joyous picnics when families and friends get-together. 

At the very heart of the neighbourhood is its small but bustling commercial hub, where a good few retail stores, including Tim Hortons and a Co-ops grocery store, offer sufficient shopping to fulfil the weekly needs of the residents. There is also a good sprinkling of restaurants in the area where families and friends spend hours relaxing and having a good time. 

When you are in the mood to soak up some of the urban culture and drink in the vibrant sounds and sights of big city living, just hop on over to the City of Edmonton, which is an easy drive of about 24 minutes. It is a pulsating hub of modern civilization at its best, where art meets history and exceptional dining meets sensational recreational and sporting activities. Home to Canada's biggest historical park as well as the largest living history museum, Edmonton city also boasts North America’s largest mall. Spread over almost half a million square feet, with over 800 stores, about 32 million visitors walk through its doors every year which gives fashionistas access to some of the finest retail shopping and families access to some of the best attractions such as the fantastic water park, beautiful theme parks, multi-theatre complexes, and a fantastic indoor skating rink. From museums to zoos and world-class amenities to sensational indoor and outdoor activities, which the whole family can enjoy, the promises of fun to be had in the city are limitless. 

Unquestionably, Dechene is one of the best places to live in Edmonton because it is a cozy abode where residents feel safe, cocooned within its beautiful environs. And thanks to its proximity to the City of Edmonton, homeowners are always spoilt for choice when it comes to entertainment and exhilarating action-packed weekends. In essence, the neighbourhood offers the perfect blend of peaceful suburban living and the pulsating humdrum of big city adventure all wrapped up into one. When you purchase real estate in Dechene, you are not just making an investment, you are also gifting your family with a quality of life they are so deserving of and the ability to truly enjoy the best of both worlds.