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Cromdale New Construction Real Estate and Show Homes

Cromdale New Construction Real Estate and Show Homes

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The People and The Real Estate in Cromdale

With a valley winding its way right through the neighbourhood, you can’t ask for a better place to live if you are nature lover. Cromdale has this to offer and much more as well. This is one of the older residential neighbourhoods in the inner city and the north east Edmonton neighbourhood holds a great appeal for both the young and the old thanks to its good connectivity to other parts of the city and the peaceful environs. There is a certain charm in the community that attracts people to the location and keeps them here. The neatly laid out streets that follow an unusual pattern thanks to a natural feature, the open spaces that allow residents to stretch their legs in the fresh air, the availability of all essentials close by- all of these combine to make Cromdale one of the most popular locations for prospective home owners to consider.

The New Community of Cromdale

One of the most interesting features of the neighbourhood is its rather unique shape. This can be attributed to the Kinnaird Ravine, which is the most significant feature of the place. The ravine starts in the North Saskatchewan River valley and then winds its way right through the centre of the neighbourhood. The north-western boundary of this community where you will find the CNR/LRT right-of-way is where the ravine ends. Thanks to the presence of the ravine, Cromdale’s street alignment is quite distinctive. The ravine also makes sure that the residents have plenty of recreational activities to keep them engaged.

To the west of the neighbourhood adjacent to Cromdale, you will find the Edmonton Commonwealth Stadium, which again is a big landmark.  Access to Cromdale by LRT is easy via the Stadium LRT Station, a good advantage for those who need to quickly commute into other parts of the city.

Unlike most of Edmonton’s neighbourhoods Cromdale’s boundaries are quite irregular. On the south, you have the North Saskatchewan River Valley. To the west side, you have the 84th Street. The Canadian National Railway right of way forms the neighbourhood’s North West boundary. Kinnaird Ravine almost bisects the neighbourhood. The communities surrounding Cromdale are Edmonton Northlands, Virginia Park, Boyle Street, MacCauley, and Parkdale.

Your New Cromdale Home in Edmonton

Interestingly, the name of Cromdale has not always remained static. The neighbourhood had several names over the years, one of them being “View Point”, perhaps because of the beautiful nature views it presents. The current name comes from Scotland, where also there is a location with the same name. Cromdale literally means “crooked valley”, very appropriate indeed considering that Kinnaird Ravine does take a zig- zag path through the neighbourhood. 

The establishment of Cromdale as a residential area can be traced back to the year 1911. This was when developer William Magrath had a streetcar line laid in extension to new community. He paid $20,000 to the city of Edmonton to get the line extended to this community. The Railway went north from Jasper Avenue, following 82nd Street, also known as Kinnaird Street and then turned east to follow 112nd Avenue, also known as Pine Avenue. Once this line was extended, the area that you now know as Cromdale began to develop.  This line ran through Edmonton’s main business areas and hence, the laying of the line through Cromdale significantly spurred construction activity here.

However, for a long time after the first home owners settled in, this was still a low density residential area. The location had a second spurt of growth in the 1960’s when the advantages it presented, of good connectivity to Edmonton’s commercial hubs and its proximity to them, suddenly came into the spotlight. It was during this phase that many of the homes were taken down and replaced with high density apartment complexes here. The redevelopment that took place during this phase was quite extensive. There are still a very few of the original bungalows from that time standing here as well as some craftsman homes. 

In the 1970’s, disputes between Cromdale and northern neighbour, Edmonton Northlands residents were commonplace. Ultimately, about 400 homes in Cromdale became part of Northlands in the next two decades.

The majority of homes here in Cromdale are detached homes ideal for small families and these are clustered around the northern end of the neighbourhood. In the west, you will find the apartment complexes. There are quite a few of the original homes dating back from the early eras here in Cromdale too and they have been renovated or restored to their former splendour. These are primarily located in the area of Cromdale that falls in between the North Saskatchewan River valley and Kinnaird Valley. This location is called Viewpoint and as the name suggests, the homes afford the most scenic views, making them great investments for property owners. The home of Walter Scott Robertson who built one of the very first homes here is quite the tourist spot here as it is a great example of Alberta’s famous ‘prairie design’ home construction.

Things to do in Cromdale

With the Kinnaird Ravine going right through the neighbourhood, there is no dearth of things to do for Cromdale residents. A quiet dirt trail that takes you through the forest, the trail leads right to the River Valley Kinnaird trail. You also take a slightly different route to reach the trails around Highlands Golf club. There are quite a few little hills on the way that can make a great climbing exercise if you are with your family. For nature lovers, there is nothing more you will need as a resident of Cromdale.

The community’s league has an outdoor rink within the neighbourhood that is a popular haunt for residents in winter months. Sports lovers should know that the Commonwealth Stadium nearby has played host to the 2018 Canadian Football League Championship game, the Grey cup.  This is one good place to head to get your adrenaline rush watching your fav teams play. To get active yourself, all you need to do is head to the Commonwealth recreation centre with its indoor field house, aquatic centre, gym and indoor track apart from the fitness centre.