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Central Mcdougall New Construction Real Estate and Show Homes

Central Mcdougall New Construction Real Estate and Show Homes

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The People and The Real Estate in Central Mcdougall

One of the mature neighbourhoods in Edmonton, Central McDougall, as the name suggests, is located in prime position. With great access to Downtown and Edmonton’s commercial heart, this is one neighbourhood that is very appealing to young professionals. The charm of this neighbourhood lies in the fact that despite its proximity to the hub of Edmonton, it has managed to retain its serene, calm atmosphere largely. The neatly laid out roads and pathways, interspersed with plenty of green spaces, the charming old homes standing shoulder to shoulder with modern low rise apartments- all serve to create the impression of two eras blending in seamlessly. A perfect location for professionals who need to commute into Downtown everyday and for those who would like to live in a quiet community without compromising on access to the best amenities, Central McDougall has many reasons for being the real estate hotspot that it is. 

The New Community of Central Mcdougall

The location is one of the most appealing aspects about Central McDougall and also one of the main reasons for the brisk activity in the real estate market here. This neighbourhood is encircled by the 111th Avenue on the north side, on the south it has the 105th Avenue as its boundary, on the east the boundary is the 101th Street and 109th Street marks its end on the west. With a near perfect rectangular boundary, this is quite a symmetric neighbourhood where the streets are all laid out in neat rows. The neighbourhoods surrounding Central McDougall are Riverdale, Queen Mary Park, Boyle Street, University of Alberta, Oliver and Downtown Edmonton.

105th street NW takes you straight into Downtown while 109th street BW takes you across the North Saskatchewan River and to the University of Alberta area. Kingsway Avenue is one of the arterial roads that run right through Central McDougall.

Well connected with the rest of Edmonton by public transport, this is one neighbourhood that you can definitely opt for if you prefer not to take the car out for all your errands. There is also a new LRT in Central McDougall, which makes using the public transport system all the more easy. 

Your New Central Mcdougall Home in Edmonton

Central McDougall got its name from John Alexander McDougall (1854–1928). He was a business man from Ontario who settled in Edmonton in the early years, maybe sometime around 1879, before these parts were developed. Later, he became a real estate developer and also went on to become the city mayor and served as MLA. McDougall was also on the Senate of the University of Alberta. The very first general store that was opened here on Jasper Avenue belonged to him and you can still see a replica of this store today in Fort Edmonton Park where the structures belonging to the olden day Edmonton are preserved for eternity. If the community was named in honour of the early settler John Alexander McDougall, the main road here, Kingsway and the neighbourhood of the same name got their names thanks to the King George VI and Queen Elizabeth’s visit to these parts in 1939.

Much of Central McDougall belonged to The Hudson’s Bay Company originally and in 1912, when the real estate boom was at its peak, the company offered up huge segments of what is the present day neighbourhood for sale after paving a part of what is today Kingsway Avenue. However, the boom did not last long and for many years after that, most parts remained unoccupied here. It was in the 1950’s that the area saw a lot of activity and by the 1960s, most of this neighbourhood was well populated.

The neighbourhood was predominantly a residential one earlier but now it is increasingly transforming into a mixed use community. To the north of the 105th avenue lie the industrial blocks that extend from the warehouse district of downtown Edmonton. Clustered around the 108th Avenue are the new low-rise apartments that have replaced old single family homes. There are also plans for new high rises in Central McDougall and these will come up soon in the next few years.

The major landmark in Central McDougall is the Royal Alexandra Hospital and this is also one of the reasons why the neighbourhood is attractive to residents. Central McDougall also gives you excellent access to the Norwood Extended Care Centre North and the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital. There are two schools located in the community and the Edmonton Public School System has its administrative offices right here in central McDougall.

Central McDougall has been earmarked for reconstruction this year and completion of these plans is expected by 2020. As part of the reconstruction, it is proposed to repave the roads here, fix streetlights, and reconstruct the sidewalks, gutters and curbs. Overall, the neighbourhood will be spruced up in the coming months, which is a good factor to consider in favour of the neighbourhood if you are planning to set up home in Edmonton.    

Things to do in Central Mcdougall

Kingsway Mall is located close by in the north and this is one of the most popular shopping destinations in Edmonton so if you are tired of your local shops, you can always make your way down here. However, for your essentials, you need not venture out much at all because Central McDougall is quite a self sufficient community in this respect.

For nature lovers and those wishing to just relax in solitude, the Princess Patricia Park in Central McDougall is the go- to place. The River valley is not too far from the neighbourhood either so that’s another place to head to if you want to indulge in some trekking through the well maintained trails of the River Valley park system. 

With Downtown so close by, there is no need to think twice about where you can go to enjoy the nightlife. Just head down to this buzzing heart of Edmonton and you can get your fill of arts, music, dance, drama and of course, sumptuous food from the many local- owned restaurants that dot the area here.