New Britannia/Youngstown Homes

Brand New Construction in Britannia/Youngstown & Nearly New Homes for Sale

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Britannia/Youngstown New Construction Real Estate and Show Homes

Britannia/Youngstown New Construction Real Estate and Show Homes

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The People and The Real Estate in Britannia/Youngstown

Britannia Youngstown is a small community located in northwest Edmonton. The neighbourhood is surrounded by 107 Avenue, 156 Street, Mayfield Road, and Stony Plain Road. The community is located in close proximity to a number of light industrial subdivisions and other neighbourhoods. While most high-intensity developments are located along the boundaries, the lower intensity ones are located in the interiors.

Britannia Youngstown has a number of options for budget buyers. In many cases, the asking price of homes for sale in the neighbourhood is within $400,000. It is not rare for buyers to find homes and condos offered for sale for less than $100,000. The community was initially divided into two smaller neighbourhoods, that were later combined.

The 170th Street connects the community to the city center. Some older properties in the neighbourhood were constructed in the 1950s. These homes for sale are renowned for their old-world charm. To ensure buyers do not have to compromise on modern facilities, the owners have been renovating these properties at regular intervals.

From location to amenities, Britannia Youngstown has almost everything that modern homebuyers look for in a neighbourhood. If you are looking for budget options, visit the community today, and we are sure you will find your dream property.

The New Community of Britannia/Youngstown

As of December 24, 2018, there are 15 properties listed for sale in Britannia Youngstown. The average asking price of properties offered for sale in the neighbourhood is $409,553. The priciest home for sale in the neighbourhood has an asking price of $1,385,000. The most affordable property listed for sale could be yours for $98,900. The average per square foot price of properties offered for sale in the community is $271.

Most properties in the neighbourhood are detached single family homes. You can also choose from a range of apartment-style condos that are available in different lot sizes and floor plans. Most homes in the neighbourhood were constructed during the 1950s. These mature homes have aged like fine wine and are perfect for families that want to own a piece of history.

The community features a grid type layout. Britannia Youngstown is one of the most pedestrian-friendly neighbourhoods in Edmonton. The community has a number of well-maintained sidewalks and roadways that improve the daily commute of the residents. There are various bus stops located within the community. These bus stops provide easy access to public transportation.

Originally, Britannia and Youngstown were two separate sub-divisions that were eventually merged. While the development work in Britannia started in the early 1950s, most projects in Youngstown took off in the late 1950s. Britannia Youngstown was annexed by Edmonton in 1964.

No matter the type of property you prefer, Britannia Youngstown will have something to keep you interested. To learn more about the neighbourhood, schedule a tour today.

Your New Britannia/Youngstown Home in Edmonton

Britannia Youngstown is conveniently located in close proximity to a number of amenities. Many residents in the community work in Edmonton. The community is well connected to different parts of the city, which means you can return to your peaceful abode every night after having a busy day at work.

The community is located close to Edmonton Common and Terra Losa Shopping Center. These shopping centers are home to various shops that sell a range of items. You will also find a number of restaurants selling a range of delicacies from different cuisines. If you decide to shift to the neighbourhood, you will find almost everything you need close to you.

Britannia Youngstown is home to a number of walking trails, picnic areas, and playground facilities. The serene setting of these areas is a blessing for residents who are looking for ways to beat stress. The community has a number of parks. Outdoor enthusiasts can be seen flocking to these parks in huge numbers to indulge in their favourite outdoor sports.

Roads within the community provide easy access to different neighbourhoods in Edmonton. Most amenities located in Edmonton including parks, recreation centers, and trails are easily accessible from the community.

Things to do in Britannia/Youngstown

Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast or love spending time amidst nature, you will have a long list of things to do in Britannia Youngstown. Fitness enthusiast in the community are regular visitors to parks within the community and those located in Edmonton. These parks feature ample open spaces that can be used by visitors for exercising.

There is never a dull moment in the neighbourhood. The community association organizes a number of events for its residents. People from all age groups participate in these events that focus on celebrating the vivid colours of life. To maintain the neighbourhood’s unique charm for years to come, the community association runs a number of community development programmes.

Britannia Youngstown is a paradise for shopaholics and foodies alike. The neighbourhood is located close to a number of shopping centers that are home to shops selling different products. Whether you are out shopping for everyday items or are looking for unique goods, these shops will have something for you. These shopping centers are also home to a number of restaurants. These restaurants are favourite hangout places of avid foodies who don’t let any chance of indulging in their favourite foods let them pass by.

Britannia Youngstown is one of the most preferred addresses in Edmonton for a reason. If you have shortlisted a home for sale, do not waste time in scheduling a visit to the neighbourhood.