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Brander Gardens New Construction Real Estate and Show Homes

Brander Gardens New Construction Real Estate and Show Homes

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The People and The Real Estate in Brander Gardens

Brander Gardens is cradled between the Saskatchewan River valley and Fort Edmonton Park and Whitemud drive. It is a secluded area, and it is desirable because of its proximity to the river valley. The neighbourhood overlooks the breath-taking river valley and offers peace and tranquillity.

Brander Gardens is a delightful and high-class neighbourhood. Walkways, bikeways and natural trails are made to access the nearby valleys and ravines. It is planned on urban design to promote pedestrian-friendly community. It also has a cycling path to improve health as well as minimize traffic congestion in the neighbourhood. Canoeing, kayaking and fishing along the river are some of the recreational activities that the residents love to do.

The majority of the real estate in Brander Gardens consists of duplexes, townhomes and condos. They offer outstanding value with modern conveniences. There are a lot of amenities that are conveniently located nearby and a broad mix of local attractions. Residents enjoy a low-maintenance lifestyle in an appealing residence. The floorplan in Brander Gardens ranges from spacious floor plans and mature gardens to extravagant luxury homes with gourmet kitchens.

Brander Gardens is a well-planned neighbourhood with decent parking. Large houses have garages, and there are ample parking lots available. As Brander Gardens is located in a bend in the river, it is very secluded. It is a community made for people looking for peace, and away from city life.

The New Community of Brander Gardens

Brander Gardens is a beautiful residential neighbourhood located in southwest Edmonton, Alberta. It is a residential neighbourhood located to the north of 51st Avenue, west of Whitemud driveway and southeast of the North Saskatchewan River and Fort Edmonton Park.

Residential houses in Brander Gardens are mostly medium and high-density dwellings. The area also offers plenty of condos, single-family homes and townhomes. It is one of the few places in Edmonton that has affordable condos and townhomes, as well as some of the city's most expensive estates. 

Located amid accessible transportation facilities is Brander Gardens. The residents can benefit from the proximity to the Whitemud Drive freeway for their regular transit to the city. Edmonton Transit System maintains regular bus service in the neighbourhood with seven bus stops in Brander Gardens. There are also bicycle paths for residents who like to commute using a bicycle instead of using public transport or personal vehicles. 

Brander Gardens houses a variety of medical and dental and associated health care service providers. They are available at the Riverbend Professional Centre and Riverbend Shopping Centre at Riverbend Road.

There are several schools in Brander Gardens, such as the Riverbend Junior High School, which is a public school instituted on skill, character and citizenship. Brander Gardens School is a public school that provides instruction to elementary students in regular and French Immersion programs. The Tempo School is a provincially-accredited private school that has about 380 students and a staff of 36 teachers. It accepts students from kindergarten through grade 12.

Your New Brander Gardens Home in Edmonton

Brander Gardens, formerly known as Glamorgan, was annexed to the City of Edmonton in 1960, enhancing its rich history. It was named in honour of George Brander, who came to Edmonton in 1921. It is considered an ‘Old Riverbend neighbourhood' because of its proximity to the Saskatchewan River.

Brander Gardens is a historic community which was mostly developed during the 1960s, through to the 1980s, though most of the construction happened in the 1970s. The plans for urban development and residential building was approved by the city council shortly after Brander Gardens was annexed to the City of Edmonton. The construction was based on the Riverbend-Terwillegar Heights Outline Plan. Not much has changed since then. There are old houses from the 1960s that give a refreshing look to the neighbourhood. The residential buildings are excellent and are likely to last for many more decades to come. 

Most dwelling units are clustered along the major traffic route and Riverbend Road. They are adjacent to the neighbourhood's multi-purpose recreational sites and neighbourhood shopping centre. The purpose of the plan was to give easy access to all residents. The neighbourhood plan provides efficient travel with minimal adverse effects of traffic on the Brander Gardens residential streets.

The streets of Brander Gardens are strategically planned. They include open space of a pipeline right-of-way along with pathways to promote pedestrian and bicycle travel. Walking and bicycling maps are also provided. The residents can also benefit from the Edmonton Transit System which maintains regular bus service in the neighbourhood.

Things to do in Brander Gardens

There are quite a few historical attractions in the area. Brander Gardens is very close to the historic Fort Edmonton Park, which is one of the major visitor attractions of the city. The park includes a replica of the 1846 Hudson's Bay Fort. It also features a model of ancient streets reflecting 1885, 1905 and 1920.

Brander Gardens is close to the North Saskatchewan River. The River Loop Trail which runs alongside the Saskatchewan River is an excellent place for an early morning run or an evening jog. The extensive river valley trail system and a footbridge crossing the river towards the Edmonton Country Club and Golf Course are must-visit tourist attractions. The Brookside Park is a 150-seat hall and a 41-seat social room which is used for cultural activities and is conveniently located near 143 Street and 53rd Avenue.

There are shopping areas and farmers' market that is ‘must go' places in Brander Gardens to experience the community way of life. Besides the community life, the spectacular footbridge from Brander Gardens to Oleskiw is not to be missed. The bridge connects several running trails to Rio Terrace in the west end. 

Brander Gardens is part of the Riverbend Community League which promotes sports such as soccer, tennis, pickleball, basketball, softball and hockey. Brander Gardens is also a part of the Southwest Edmonton Seniors Association and the Riverbend Athletic Club which is a private facility. The most popular attraction is the Edmonton Valley Zoo which lies just across the Quesnell Bridge from the Brander Gardens neighbourhood.