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Bergman New Construction Real Estate and Show Homes

Bergman New Construction Real Estate and Show Homes

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The People and The Real Estate in Bergman

Uber-modern, cosmopolitan and fast-paced, Edmonton is one of the most coveted Canadian cities for working professionals and retirees alike. The city beckons people of all age groups, origins, culture and races to blend with the contemporary vibe of the city and witness its rich history. The plentiful commercial and employment centres, well-developed residential localities and leisure activities make Edmonton one of the best cities for people looking for a fulfilling and balanced lifestyle.

The vibe of the city also extends to its residential neighbourhoods, which shelter the huge in-flowing population. Take Bergman real estate for example. The demand for Bergman homes for sale is only on the rise, and there are good reasons for the same. Entrenched in history but exuding a modern character, Bergman is an Edmontonian neighbourhood that every homeowner should consider if they wish to settle in this Canadian city.

Bergman remained an underdeveloped piece of land in the northeast corner of the city until 1910, after which the area saw a steady rise in population owing to the coal mining activities that emerged here. It was in 1913 when the entire area was incorporated as the Village of Beverly, which became a town by 1914 when its population reached one thousand.

Beverly couldn’t sustain itself as a mining town after the Second World War and closed its last mine in 1952. It was, however, in an advantageous position to ooze out as a residential suburb in Edmonton, housing workers and their families from different industries. It continued to grow until 1961 and was finally merged with the City of Edmonton when the population reached nine thousand.

The northeast part of the Town of Beverly included the neighbourhood of Bergman, which got its name from Gustave C. Bergman, the first Mayor of the town. Today, Bergman is a sprawling community featuring well-designed homes, modern amenities and a diverse population of millennial working professionals, families, and retirees. An investment in Bergman real estate will surely let you experience Edmonton’s energy and everything that it has to offer.

The New Community of Bergman

One of the primary reasons why Bergman homes for sale are so much in demand is because of its convenient and resident-friendly location. It is located in the eastern part of Edmonton, just immediately to the north of Town of Beverly. 122 Avenue surrounds the neighbourhood on the south, Yellowhead Trail on the north, 34 Street on the east and 50 Street on the west.

When it comes to amenities in Bergman, the neighbourhood has everything. There are quite a few schools within the vicinity of three miles from the neighbourhood, thereby proving a boon to families with kids who are studying. Clareview Head Start, Ben Calf Robe - Saint Clare,Sifton School, Big Rig Driver Education and York Elementary School are few of the many schools that provide elementary to senior grade education to kids residing the community.

Belvedere Station, DL MacDonald Platform, Clareview Station,Coliseum Station, Stadium Station and Kingsway RAH Station are the closest LRT stations that residents of the neighbourhood can access. Lessard - Downtown - Highlands – Clareview, Clareview - Belvedere - LON – Coliseum,Coliseum – Abbottsfield and Mill Woods TC - Downtown – Abbottsfield are a few bus routes passing through the neighbourhood and connecting it to major parts of the city.

Beacon Heights is a neighbourhood that lies to the south of to the Bergman neighbourhood, both of which share a common community league owing to their proximity to each other. The community league is a part of the northeast zone and holds many recreational programs like the Blastball House and Rally Cap House, wellness programs and community skating and swimming competitions.

Newton, Beverly Heights, Homesteader, Overlanders, Abbottsfield, Highlands, and Montrose are few other communities located close to the Bergman neighbourhood. As such, an investment in Bergman homes for sale would be an excellent idea if you wish to be a part of a convenient, facility-rich community that allows you to nurture and grow your family.

Your New Bergman Home in Edmonton

In the decades following the amalgamation of the Town of Beverly and the City of Edmonton, the southern fringes of Bergman witnessed a shared residential boom with the Town of Beverly. Although much of Bergman’s south was developed, municipal services were not extended to the northern portion of the neighbourhood until 1974, when major subdivision re-plotting efforts were initiated.

After the re-division, several municipal lines were laid out across the neighbourhood. It is only after this period that new residential construction took place in the 1980s. In fact, forty-five percent of units in the Bergman real estate offerings were constructed during this period. A landscape berm came up along the northern boundary of the neighbourhood to cut out the noise of the Yellowhead trail from new houses. The presence of both curvilinear and grid street pattern in the neighbourhood is clear evidence of construction taking place in two distinct periods.

Today, Bergman homes for sale consists of single-family dwellings, duplexes and row houses. The residential dwellings are designed perfectly to suit the comfort and lifestyle needs of both individual occupants and families.

Things to do in Bergman

One of the most attractive aspects of living in the neighbourhood of Bergman is its closeness to some of the most popular Edmontonian attractions. Finding Bergman homes for sale would be ideal because you can explore the exciting and adventurous side of Edmonton.

Edmonton is hugely famous for Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village, Alberta Legislature Building, Edmonton Public Library Alberta Aviation Museum, John Walter Museum, Edmonton’s River Valley Parks, and Edmonton Valley Zoo. You plan a visit to these places either alone or with your family and friends during day-offs, weekends and vacations.

Southgate Centre, Northgate Centre, and Manulife Place are a few venues in Edmonton where you can find some fantastic retail options for shopping. You can even find some really cool eateries like Franco's, A Yah Mi Deh, Million Thai Restaurant and Jay Bee's where you can dine with your family and friends.

If you are looking for an investment opportunity in Bergman real estate market, then get in touch with an expert estate agent. No matter what, you should definitely consider this suburban but modern and warm community for settling, either alone or with your family.