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Belmont New Construction Real Estate and Show Homes

Belmont New Construction Real Estate and Show Homes

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190 Kettle Creek Drive, Belmont

$1,270,000 - 4 Beds, 3 Baths, 2,065 Sf

MLS® # 40476196

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6 Joanna Crescent, Belmont

$850,000 - 2 Beds, 2 Baths, 1,679 Sf

MLS® # 40477496

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1425 Belmont Road, Belmont

$299,000 - 2 Beds, 1 Baths

MLS® # 202320275


The People and The Real Estate in Belmont

This northeast Edmonton neighbourhood is one of the most mature in this area and it is quite a large one as well. Primarily residential as it is, this community is perfect for young families and elders looking for a peaceful place to call home. At the same time, the fact that it affords such great access to the rest of Edmonton makes it an ideal spot for commuters who are tired of long, tiring drives into the city’s hub as part of the daily grind. The major attraction of Belmont is its safety and its quiet streets that are perfect for pedestrian or bicycle traffic, which is the chosen mode for most residents here. The greenery within and surrounding the neighbourhood is just yet another reason for prospective home owners to fall in love with this area. After all, who wouldn’t like to live in a home that affords the soothing sight of tall, swaying trees as soon as you look out the window every morning?

For those who are in love with the idea of living in a private, secluded home but still want to have easy access to essentials, Belmont offers the ideal solution with homes here usually ensconced within a copse of trees and sheltering them from the roadside and from neighbours. Offering the distinct impression of living in the middle of silent woods, such homes   are the most in- demand properties here. If the idea of living in a home like this appeals to you, then a visit to Belmont should be on the cards.

The New Community of Belmont

Belmont is part of the Clareview area and lies to the south here. 137th avenue lies to the north of the community, 40th street lies to the west, on the east is Victoria Trail and to the south is Kennedale Ravine. The neighbourhoods surrounding Belmont are Clareview Town Centre, Hairsine, Bannerman, Kernohan, River Valley Hermitage and Sifton Park. Yellowhead Trail is also close by with Belmont falling to its north.  To the south of the neighbourhood lies the Kennedale Ravine that leads to the picturesque river valley park system.

The biggest appeal of this neighbourhood to young professionals is that it has three arterial roads on three sides. Add to this the Clareview LRT terminal that lies close to 137th Avenue and you can see why this is one of the best connected communities in Edmonton. When it comes to connectivity to the business centres of Edmonton, Belmont scores really high.

Look at the layout of the neighbourhood and you will see that a very open plan has been followed. The main purpose has been to ensure that traffic can flow easily through without snarls and yet, there is no congestion or heavy vehicular flow on the neighbourhood’s interior streets, where the residents prefer to walk to and from the amenities. The school lies at the heart of the neighbourhood along with the recreation facilities and the residences encircle this area, making sure that everyone can get to this hub with equal ease. 

Your New Belmont Home in Edmonton

The name Belmont comes from the French term for ‘Beautiful Mountain’.  The first settlers in Belmont came here as early as in the 1880s, albeit towards the end of that period. The first subdivision of this location took place in 1912, when Edmonton was going through a land boom that transformed many of the neighbourhoods here. Surprisingly this early start on development did not ensure that Belmont was a well established community much earlier than its surrounding neighbourhoods. There was a hiatus in construction activity here as they area was beyond the locations earmarked for urban development for a long period. In 1961, along with many other neighbourhoods, Belmont too was annexed to the City of Edmonton and officially became a part of it. This spurred development here from this era onwards.

One of the main reasons why construction activity was slow to gain traction here was that there was uncertainty about the area being a viable residential location. The presence of petro- chemical operations nearby as well as other industrial operations made people hesitant to build homes in Belmont. Development here under the Clareview Outline Plan, which was approved in 1972, put these doubts to rest and sparked off interest in this neighbourhood. As it was one of the seven residential locations falling with Clareview, Belmont subdivision’s plans were also approved in this year and since then there has been no looking back.

The major part of the development in Belmont took place during 1975 and 1977 as construction activity peaked in these parts in sync with the economic boom that was taking place here. By the time 1980 dawned, Belmont was almost fully developed. About half of the structures here were single-family detached homes and even today you will see that about 45 percent of homes are of this type. The rest of the housing market is saturated with medium density structures, with a good smattering of row homes. 

The neighbourhood is a good choice for young parents because of the presence of good schools in the community and nearby. Within Belmont, you have Belmont Elementary School, which is part of the Edmonton Public School System. St. Elizabeth Seton Catholic Elementary Junior High School is another school here that is popular.

Things to do in Belmont

Belmont’s connectivity to Edmonton’s busiest hubs ensure that residents can quickly hop into Downtown for some rocking nightlife or a plethora of dining options to choose from. However, if you are not feeling like stepping out of your cozy neighbourhood or going very far, you can just relax at the Belmont Park located in the heart of the community.

The park is a popular hangout for residents who want to keep pace with their fitness goals with brisk walks, jogs or a little bit of sports with friends. Apart from sporting fields, the park has some amazing walking trails that draw people from other neighbourhoods too. There is playground equipment here for little ones to enjoy too so it’s quite the ideal wind down spot for families.

Hermitage Park lies close enough in the east for you to visit here when you seek a change of scenery. There are more hiking trails here and in addition, you can also try out your hand at fishing on the river. Boating on the river lakes is a popular activity here.  Head down to the ACT Aquatic and Recreation Centre if you want to interact with like- minded individuals looking to engage in an active lifestyle.

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