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Belle Rive New Construction Real Estate and Show Homes

Belle Rive New Construction Real Estate and Show Homes

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The People and The Real Estate in Belle Rive

Belle Rive in north east Edmonton is quite a distinctive community. This is one of the most mature neighbourhoods here and most of the development took place years ago. But don’t let this fool you into thinking that Belle Rive is an old fashioned locality. You will find modern designs in the housing is surprisingly prevalent here too thanks to upgrades and renovations while you also find an impressive number of homes done up in authentic old world Edmonton style. Sprawling homes with large frontages and backyards, overlooking one of the many water features are a common sight here and as is clear, this makes Belle Rive a good choice for both parents with young children who need space to stretch their legs, as well as older folk who want to enjoy a cozy nook overlooking a beautiful view.

The community is artistic and bohemian and you can expect to be welcomed with open arms by your enthusiastic neighbours into one of many events and activities organized by them. Overall, Belle Rive is exactly what you are looking for if you want a location that is sure to feel like home as soon as you set foot in it.

The New Community of Belle Rive

This North Edmonton neighbourhood is bounded on the south by 153rd Avenue, on the east is the 82nd Street, on the north 167th Avenue, towards the west lies 91st Street. In the north segment of this neighbourhood you have a power transmission line right-of-way. The artificial lake that gives the neighbourhood its name is in the southwestern portion. A lot of care and attention has gone into the design and layout of Belle Rive and the focus has been on creating a community that is balanced and that incorporates all essential features.

Belle Rive is surrounded by the neighbourhoods of Lago Lindo, Klarvatten, Schonsee, Mayliewan, Kilkenny, Evansdale and Eaux Claires.

One of the most interesting aspects about the layout of the neighbourhood is that it was designed to allow residents to have free, easy access to every single part but, at the same time, discourage thoroughfare from other parts of the city. This is why you will find very less traffic congestion inside the community although there are well laid out pathways and roads criss- crossing it efficiently. The idea was to keep the number of crossings to a minimum when laying out the roads. To address all of these focal points, the neighbourhood has been laid out with six entrance points. Thanks to this, the traffic is spread out evenly and residents can quickly make their way to their homes or to the various amenities with ease. There are quiet streets running through the residential sections and along with these, Belle Rive also has a network of paths that can be used by walkers. Getting around the neighbourhood is easy by car, cycle or on foot.

The presence of several small ponds make this area a good choice for those who want homes with a waterfront view since it’s easy to find such a home here. Add to this, the great access that Belle Rive offers to downtown Edmonton and you can see why this neighbourhood holds special charm for prospective home owners. Close to Highway 28 as it is, Belle Rive is just a half hour’s trip away from the bustling downtown area. 97th Street is another arterial road here that grants good access to other parts of the city. The neighbourhood is also well connected by the bus network and you will find stops both inside Belle Rive and on the boundary roads.

Your New Belle Rive Home in Edmonton

The community of Belle Rive was created from the Castle Downs and Castle Downs Stage II area (proposed) based on an official announcement to this effect in 1969. The Castle Downs Stage II was part of Edmonton North. As per the consent given by the City of Edmonton Council, nine and half sections of land here were to be annexed and made a part of the City’s jurisdiction. This process was completed in the year 1971 and what we now know as Belle Rive became a part of Edmonton city.

The construction activity also included the creation of an artificial lake, which gave impetus to the idea of naming the community for its waterfront view. Following the tradition of naming neighbourhoods in the Lake District after lake descriptions, this community was named Belle Rive, which when translated from the French means “beautiful shore”.

Development plans for the neighbourhood were in the making in the early eighties when the other Lakes district areas were being developed. But although the actual work began in 1982, the construction activity caught on later and it was only by 2011 that the neighbourhood development was completed. A majority of neighbourhood was built in the late 90s and into the early 2000s, which is why you will find a mix of old and new buildings here.

The vision of the builders was to create a truly cohesive community where the residents would form a closely knit family, willing to step in for neighbours at every need. The idea to keep the neighbourhood somewhat enclosed with respect to outside thoroughfare yet build efficient internal access was in keeping with this overall vision.

The predominant house style you will find here in Belle Rive is the single family detached home. Interestingly, there are no apartment buildings here but there are row houses and duplexes that are usually more commonly seen in the rentals market when compared to the bungalow type independent homes. 

Belle Rive is rated highly as a family friendly neighbourhood and parents prefer this location for the access it offers to some good schools. The Florence Hallock Elementary and Junior High School, part of the Edmonton Public Schools network, serves this community. 

Things to do in Belle Rive

Belle Rive is primarily a quiet community with the residents choosing to engage in activities on their own to foster cooperation and interaction with the neighbours. However, easy access to downtown enables residents to enjoy the exciting night life and buzz of the heart of Edmonton with ease. If you want to enjoy nature, then you can always head to Poplar District Park, which lies in the north east corner of Belle Rive. This is quite a popular destination for Belle Rive residents who just want to unwind in a peaceful spot. Also, if you are inclined towards sports you can always make use of the amenities here- there are baseball and softball diamonds, playgrounds, and soccer fields here. Apart from these there are quite a few well laid out walking trails too.