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Baranow New Construction Real Estate and Show Homes

Baranow New Construction Real Estate and Show Homes

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The People and The Real Estate in Baranow

If Edmonton is the city you are looking to settle in, then Baranow real estate is the investment opportunity you should be looking at. There are a number of residential communities in Edmonton, but Baranow has always been a go-to for both Canadian and expat homebuyers alike.

For those of you who don’t know, Baranow is a residential neighborhood situated in the Castle Downs area of north Edmonton, Alberta. The community gets its name from the notable Baranow Castle, which was constructed between 1591 and 1606 in Poland. It was also the place of residence of Prince Lubomirski.

The community has seen residential developments taking place for decades now; the maximum taking place between the end of the Second World War and 1960. It was during this period that the area saw one in eight residences being constructed.

But most of the residences we see in Baranow today were constructed after 1996, which marks the second period of residential development in the area. At the same time, commercial developments in Baranow also gained momentum, most of which were concentrated along 137 Avenue, which forms the southern boundary of the neighborhood.

The New Community of Baranow

Baranow is one of the most sought-after residential communities in Edmonton, and there are good reasons for the same. Investing in Baranow real estate proves highly rewarding because of the convenient location and facilities residents get here.

It’s interesting to note that Baranow is ranked the 116th most walkable neighborhood in Edmonton, providing housing to more than 1,650 residents. Most of your daily errands can be accomplished on foot, saving you the hassle of driving through busy streets.

The community of Baranow, when viewed on a map, is shaped in the form of an “L,” making it slightly wider at its southern boundary. 137 Avenue forms the southern border, 153 Avenue forms the northern, and 127 Street forms the western edge of the neighborhood. The eastern boundary falls along half of 123 Street’s block west, a region lying between 140 and 153 Avenues. You can see the boundary turning east at 140 Avenue until it opens at 121 Street. The boundary turns south at this point until it touches 137 Avenue.

Your New Baranow Home in Edmonton

The first glimpse of Baranow will give you an impression that the neighborhood is non-residential, in character. But this is the unique aspect of the neighborhood where industrial or business entities dominate land use for commercial purposes. Nonetheless, the neighborhood has a burgeoning residential real estate market too.

If you scan through property listings in Edmonton, you are likely to find different Baranow homes for sale. The Baranow real estate sector has undergone tremendous changes since the past and has now become a popular investment opportunity for thousands of Edmonton residents. 

Residential land use in Baranow is mostly concentrated in two distinct areas: one in the community's northern portion and the other in the south-central region. Till 2009, most of the neighborhood was under construction, with many under-developed lands lining the eastern border of the neighborhood.

The community of Baranow is highly distinctive because it has a balanced residential and commercial land use. When it comes to residential land use, about seventy percent of all residential Baranow homes for sale are located within low-rise apartment buildings with fewer than five stories. Most of the neighborhood’s residential zoning is multi-family units. 

The neighborhood is also spotted by single detached family homes, which were constructed in the neighborhood’s eastern boundary during the 1960s. Furthermore, ninety-six percent of all Baranow real estate units were added to the community only in the late 1990s and early 2000s. 

Finding Baranow homes for sale is an excellent option, given the plethora of facilities that one can access. The community has a large shopping center along 137 Avenue, between 123 and 127 Streets. Northgate to Castle Downs, Westmount to Castle Downs, and West Edmonton Mall to Northgate are few of the many bus routes cutting through the neighborhood. 

NAIT station, Kingsway RAH station, Stadium station, and Coliseum Station are a few of the primary subway stations in the vicinity of the neighborhood, making it easier for local residents to commute to faraway places. 

Not to forget, some really good schools like Carlisle Play School, Rosslyn School, St. Lucy Catholic School, and Elizabeth Finch School mark the neighborhood. All these schools have excellent extra-curricular facilities for kids residing in the community. Edmonton Public Library in Calder and Castle Downs and McNally Library are some prominent libraries in close proximity to the neighborhood. 

It is to be noted that the Baranow neighborhood does not show much recreational or institutional land uses. But residents of the community can access these amenities and facilities in Caernarvon and Carlisle, the two neighborhoods located adjacent to Baranow.

Things to do in Baranow

Finding a Baranow real estate will open a whole new world of recreation in Edmonton. The city is known for its medley of attractions and activities, which a family can enjoy to the fullest. Alberta Legislature Building, Commonwealth Stadium, Edmonton City Centre, and Bonnie Doon Shopping Centre are located not very far from the neighborhood. You can plan a nice day out seeing different sights and indulging in shopping.

You should get in touch with an expert Baranow real estate agent to find the best property deals in this neighborhood.