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Balwin New Construction Real Estate and Show Homes

Balwin New Construction Real Estate and Show Homes

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The People and The Real Estate in Balwin

Balwin is one of the older neighbourhoods in north east Edmonton. The charm of old world homes with sprawling gardens and backyards and the appeal of present day construction styles in the apartments- both blend together seamlessly here. A friendly community that is committed to making sure the neighbourhood feels like home to all the residents is an asset to this Edmonton locale. With excellent access to the rest of the city via the comprehensive road network and the presence of many bus and LRTS routes nearby, this is a great place to settle down at if you are tired of commuting for long hours to get to places.

Since the neighbourhood has been planned to encompasses a mixture of land uses, you will find pretty much everything you need right here too, in case you prefer not to move out at all. Schools, parks, shops- you name it, Balwin has everything right here practically at your doorstep and this is exactly why this neighbourhood holds such appeal.  

The New Community of Balwin

The neighbourhood is encircled by 132nd Avenue on the north side. To the south, 127th Avenue and the Yellowhead Corridor both form its boundaries. On the west, Balwin’s border is formed by 82nd  Street, and on the east it is the 66th Street that forms its boundary. Balwin is surrounded by the communities of Delwood, Belvedere, Yellowhead Corridor and Killarney.  The nearest LRTS station is Belvedere which is just a short kilometre from Balwin. Coliseum station and DL MacDonald Platform are also close by. What you need to know if you are planning to buy or rent a home here in Balwin is that it is really well connected with the rest of Edmonton by both bus and LRTS.

This neighbourhood lies to the north of the Yellow Head trail. To the east lies Fort Road. The location of Balwin ensures that you have no need to travel a long distance to get to the commercial hubs in the city or to get to places where you and your family can wind down during a short holiday or over the weekend. Yellowhead Trail offers excellent access to major thoroughfares if you prefer to drive around on your own to get your chores done or get to work rather than taking the public transport.

Your New Balwin Home in Edmonton

Balwin lies in the north east side of Edmonton and it was originally part of the North Edmonton area. At some point in time back then, it was called Packingtown. There were quite a few meat packing plants located around the area during that period and many of the families settled in this neighbourhood worked at these plants, hence giving the community its name.  The present day name of Balwin comes from names two of the first people to own property here, Frank Ball and Luke Winterburn. A combination of their names was used to give the neighbourhood its new monicker of Balwin.

When you look at the neighbourhood, you will notice that the layout design varies from place to place. That is because of the way this location was subdivided earlier. In the eastern side, you will see that the streets are laid out in the grid pattern that was popular during the World War I era. The western side has streets in a curvilinear design that was more popular later in the 1950’s. This area saw most of its construction activity after the World War II time though and right through the 80’s.

From the earlier times, many of the single family detached homes can still be found here in Balwin although quite a few have also been brought down and replaced with newer style homes. But there are quite a few apartments here too, especially when you are looking for rental accommodations.  When it comes to housing style, you will find a good mix of detached homes, duplexes and apartments herein Balwin.

Balwin is a good place for young families with school age children to move into.  There are three popular options nearby. The Princeton School and Baldwin School  are part of the Edmonton public schools system. A catholic school, St. Vladimir, is also located here and so is a private schooling option, Thomas Moore Academy.

Things to do in Balwin

Baldwin has plenty to offer to those who love walking through tree lined streets exploring their community. With some quaint old architecture on display here, you can take long walks through the neighbourhood, take in the interesting blend of old and new here.

For your shopping sprees, this neighbourhood has its very own mall located at 82nd street NW and 127th street NW. If you just want a change of pace from here or need a bigger and better shopping experience, then you can simply head down to the Londonderry Mall, which is located very near indeed. 

Thanks to the good network of buses, you can also take a quick trip to downtown Edmonton where the city’s hub lies, with all its commercial areas and the exciting events happening. You can always drive down with your family too and take in the unique, exciting sights of Old Strathcona if you have some time to spare. Do drop in at the Farmer’s Market here if you are heading down and you can get your fill of fresh produce from the local farmers all in one single place.

Within the neighbourhood, the Balwin community league maintains quite a few amenities in pristine order.  They also organize sporting events with neighbouring communities frequently to bring the residents together and help build good relations with residents of the nearby locations. Other events conducted by the league like parties for kids, art shows, craft demos, dance workshops and more keep things buzzing here. The league has a community hall with some impressive amenities where they hold family movie nights. Apart from this, they also have their tennis courts and a basketball court open to community league members.  An outdoor rink, maintained by the league, is also a popular destination for Balwin residents during winter months for various snow-time activities.