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Athlone New Construction Real Estate and Show Homes

Athlone New Construction Real Estate and Show Homes

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The People and The Real Estate in Athlone

If you are looking for a pristine locality to live with your family, then perhaps investing in Athlone real estate should be a good idea. There is an array of residential neighborhoods in Canada’s Alberta, but Athlone seems to hold a special place.

The neighborhood is located in the north-west part of Edmonton, Alberta, and is named after the Earl of Athlone, who was the Governor-General of Canada from 1940 to 1946. The western flank of Athlone is also known as Dunvegan. The name comes from the fact that Dunvegan Yards, a railway depot, existed in this place for about seventy long years.

Sir Alexander Augustus Frederick William Alfred George Cambridge was the Earl of Athlone. He served as Canada’s Governor General during World War II and organized the Quebec Conferences at La Citadelle in 1943 and 1944. The community named after him continues to keep his legacy alive in the country.

Athlone is a small portion of a huge land mass north of the Canadian National Rail Line. The railway track was annexed to Edmonton in 1913. No visible signs of development were seen close to it other than Calder, a village located just east of Athlone. It wouldn’t be wrong to say the village was keeping pace with the developed parts of Edmonton during that era.

The New Community of Athlone

The community members at Athlone should consider themselves privileged to reside in such a convenient location. The neighborhood is bounded by 127 Street on its east. You walk half a block south of 127 Street, and you land up in the neighborhood’s southern boundary. To the east of 125 Street is 132 Avenue, which forms the northern boundary of the neighborhood. To the north of 130 Avenue is the neighborhood’s western boundary.

Athlone is blessed with good educational opportunities for the kids in the community. Three schools dot the neighborhood: Wellington Junior High School, Athlone Elementary School, and Sir John Thompson Catholic Junior High School. The first two schools are run by the Edmonton Public School System, and the third is run by the Edmonton Catholic School System.

The Athlone Community League represents the community. The league was established in 1958 and has the responsibility of maintaining a community hall and outdoor rink, both of which are situated at 130 Avenue and 129 Street.

The interior street network of Athlone is easy to navigate owing to the modified grid pattern arrangement. This arrangement is also reminiscent of the development pattern prevalent during the region’s burgeoning days. The community is also serviced by a couple of bus lines that cross Yellowhead Tr and St. Albert Tr, making it a lot easier for working professionals commuting daily.

Your New Athlone Home in Edmonton

Most developments in and around Athlone did not materialize until the mid-1950s. Residential developments in Athlone only began somewhere between the end of World War II and 1970. During this time, just a little more than half of all residences constructed here. The pace of development was very slow during 1970-90. It was only in the 1990s that the region witnessed renewed developments, with one in three residences constructed between 1991 and 2001.

Talking about Athlone real estate now, you are likely to find single-family homes as the predominant residential offering. But some multi-family homes also show up in the list of Athlone homes for sale.

The residential community of Athlone is dotted by a plethora of convenience stores, schools, and industries. But this does not mean the quietness and calmness of the neighborhood are compromised. The locals are often heard praising the relaxed atmosphere that one can find while residing in the community.

The surrounding neighborhoods include Calder, Sherbrooke, and Wellington, all of which provide a nice sense of community to residents of Athlone. Most of the commercial establishments are seen concentrated on 127 Street. The neighborhood’s southern boundary has an inland grain terminal, which is a notable commercial establishment here. Bellwether Park, another new development, has also added a variety of housing options to the community.

The best part about the Athlone community is its recreational options. The area offers a staccato rhythm of green parks and cute houses, making anyone fall in love with its serenity. Athlone Park, which is the largest in the area, has the community league hall and a popular spray park. Not to forget, you will also find a soccer field, two baseball diamonds, and a massive playground—just enough to keep your sportive kids occupied.

Things to do in Athlone

One of the best things that can happen when you invest in an Athlone real estate is you get to become part and parcel of Edmonton’s super-urban life. Besides employment and education opportunities, Edmonton is also known for its plethoric local attractions and activities.

Being a historic city, Edmonton has gems for history and art lovers. The Art Gallery of Alberta, Winspear Centre, and TELUS World of Science are few of the many attractions that you can visit from Athlone. Roman's Pizza & Steakhouse and Szechuan House are two prominent places close to the neighborhood where you can go for a delightful meal with your family.

You should get in touch with an Athlone real estate professional to find the best deals in the market.