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Allendale New Construction Real Estate and Show Homes

Allendale New Construction Real Estate and Show Homes

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The People and The Real Estate in Allendale

A lovely community located between Southgate and Whyte Avenue, Allendale is a great place to consider in Edmonton if you are thinking of moving here. The proximity to Whyte Avenue gives Allendale residents easy access to the commercial centre, which means anxiety free commuting to and from work. At the same time, it’s not too close to give you that feeling of being in the middle of a hyperactive city hub. A well planned neighbourhood with friendly residents, this place has a vibe that is welcoming and warm, complete with white painted homes with their beautifully maintained lawns and picket fences. The straight streets marking its boundaries make Allendale an interestingly picturesque ‘square’ neighbourhood that seems to come alive right out of a storybook!

By dint of its prime location, Allendale attracts both families and young professionals and that’s why you will find a diverse population here. Blessed with scenic beauty, this neighbourhood can be the calm, peaceful little nook you are looking to call home but one that gives you excellent access to all the right things and places.

The New Community of Allendale

Allendale was originally part of the City of Strathcona, after it was annexed in 1907. Later it became part of Edmonton in the year 1912, when Strathcona was amalgamated with Edmonton. 

The neighbourhood is located equidistant from both Southgate and Whyte Avenue. To the east of the neighbourhood lie the 104th Street and the Canadian Pacific Railway right of way. To the south is the 61st Avenue, to the north 70th avenue and to the west 109th Street. Allendale is surrounded by the communities of Queen Alexandria, CRP West/ CPR Irvine, Parkallen and Pleasantview. 

The 104th street and 109th street play a very significant role in this community. These are the streets where the prime businesses of the neighbourhood are clustered. The biggest advantage that Allendale offers to its residents is that it is very close to the University of Alberta campus. So for those are studying here, this neighbourhood is a great place to move to.  With easy, quick access to a reputed hospital as well as the buzzing Whyte Avenue commercial area, there is no doubt that Allendale is in a prime location indeed.

Your New Allendale Home in Edmonton

Allendale used to be a rural area even before it was annexed by the City of Strathcona. In fact, it was the home and farmland of the early settlers, the Allen family. Thomas and Elizabeth Allen were Irish farmers who had come down here from Ontario. They cleared the area and set up home here on what is today known as Calgary Trail on three lots that they purchased for the unbelievable sum of $50. The family farmed here in the late 1800’s and in the 1900’s too until the annexation into Strathcona. Right until the 1940s, Allendale residents traversed dirt roads to get around the place and the few homes here were located right next to sprawling farms. Some of the development took place here in the times before the First World War but Allendale truly came into its own only in the 1950s.

You can still see the single family homes that came up during that era here in this community. In fact, this is the kind of home that you will find most predominantly in this neighbourhood. However the transition to duplex homes and low rise apartment complexes with less than five storeys is definitely happening here as you can see from the increasing numbers of these types of homes that have been coming up here in recent times. About half the homes are owner occupied and the rest rented out.

Allendale residents have the choice of enrolling their children in the schools in neighbouring areas too since there are quite a few that are quite close to the community. The school within the Allendale neighbourhood is Allendale Elementary Junior High School, which is operated by the Edmonton Public School system.

Things to do in Allendale

Allendale Community League maintains a garden here in the neighbourhood where residents can grow their own fresh produce on a plot within the communal garden. If you have a green thumb, this is good hobby for you to adopt especially because you can also interact with other similar minded folk at this Community League garden.  Near the community hall, are the League’s tennis courts. They also maintain a playground here and an ice rink that is quite a popular hang out in winter months.  

Allendale’s proximity to Calgary Trail ensures that the residents do not have to go too far when they need bigger stores than the neighbourhood boasts. With many businesses, restaurants, coffee bars and service providers located here, the trail caters to all your needs quite comprehensively.

If you are a nature lover, then you are in luck because Edmonton has such a plethora of scenic spots that you might never run out of new places to explore. Fort Edmonton Park is a great starting point for your nature adventures to start. Sprawling over 64 hectares of densely wooded land right along the river valley, this park is the place you want to be at to understand how this city developed through the years.  You can ride the actual streetcars that used to traverse the streets of old Edmonton here. There are wagon rides around the pond and the Fort, and for children, the pony rides are a great fun activity to do.

If you prefer to be in the midst of nature in her raw beauty, then a vacation to explore the river valley system may be in order. Remember that North Saskatchewan River Valley is the largest expanse of urban parkland in North America and it is easily accessible for you from your home in Allendale. You can try your hand at boating or decide to take a segway down the paths to get around or just walk or jog around. With about 150 kilometres of trails waiting to be explored, well maintained bike paths and hiking trails, you can keep finding new things to see here no matter how many hours you have already spent here.