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Abbottsfield New Construction Real Estate and Show Homes

Abbottsfield New Construction Real Estate and Show Homes

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The People and The Real Estate in Abbottsfield

The neighbourhood of Abbottsfield overlooks the picturesque North Saskatchewan River valley. A beautiful little community that is nestled in the lap of nature, Abbottsfield is a popular choice for those looking to set up home in a location that offers the best of everything. This neighbourhood developed in the 1970’s and the close knit community here takes you back to those days when all you needed to do was shout out to your neighbours when you needed a hand with something. The residents here believe in keeping this charm alive here and the many community activities that are conducted stand testament to this spirit. With easy access to the more commercial locations of Edmonton, great schools, sprawling green spaces and much more, Abbottsfield is a place that you are sure to fall in love with.

The New Community of Abbottsfield

This east Edmonton neighbourhood is bordered by the North Saskatchewan River valley to the east. 118 Avenue forms its boundary on the south side while 34th Street marks its boundary to the west. In the North Abbottsfield has Yellowhead Trail corridor encircling it. Right in between Abbottsfield and the river valley lies Victoria Drive. The neighbourhood of Rundle Heights falls to the south of this neighbourhood. Other surrounding neighbourhoods are Overlanders, North Saskatchewan River Valley, Bergman, Beacon heights and Beverly Heights.

Abbottsfield has one distinctive feature among all of Edmonton’s communities that developed before the 1980’s. The residences here are all row houses and there are also quite a few walk-up complexes. The layout of the community is rather well planned out and you will see that the residential area is centred around the school, which lies in the middle of the neighbourhood, which means that it is very easily accessible to all.  There is also a recreation centre by the school.

Since this neighbourhood lies really close to the junction of some major traffic routes, access to the city’s buzzing hubs is very easy indeed. Yet, within Abbottsfield, you do not see the rush and traffic that is characteristic of a location that is so well connected. Deceptively quiet and peaceful, this neighbourhood offers the advantage of connectivity without the downsides that typically come with it. With the Abbottsfield Transit Centre here you can see why this neighbourhood is preferred by those who need to frequently travel into the city. This transit Centre is located right by the Abbottsfield Mall to the west of the neighbourhood. There are quite a few bus lines that will take you to the busiest parts of Edmonton from here.

Your New Abbottsfield Home in Edmonton

In the year 1882, E. F. Carey owned what is now known as Abbottsfield. Carey was one of the best known personalities in Edmonton in this era. He was also the co-founder of Norris and Carey, a merchandizing firm here. Although the land belonged to Carey, the neighbourhood itself is named after a long time Beverly School District school custodian, Abraham Abbott, who was a resident of the Town of Beverly.

Carey’s property lay to the east of the Town of Beverly and it was designated as a rural area that did not see urban development until 1961, when it became part of the City officially. However, even after annexation, there was not much development here at all and almost no residences came up here for the next decade owing to the location’s proximity to the Beverly landfill site as well as the chemical plants that lay to the east of the River. Beverly was a coal mining town, and one of the main coal mines was situated within Abbottsfield’s boundaries. This was one of the primary reasons why people did not perceive Abbottsfield as an ideal residential location at all. 

Towards the end of 1960s, the plan to turn the landfill site into Rundle Park was set into motion. Once the work began on creating this multi-purpose resource on the river’s banks, Abbottsfield gained immense popularity and the neighbourhood flourished. A majority of the residences you see here were constructed during the 1970s. 

Access to schools is not a problem at all for Abbottsfield residents and this is yet another reason for the neighbourhood’s popularity among young parents. Abbott School, which also has a full-day Kindergarten, is a popular choice. Lawton School, a public middle school is close to Abbottsfield, located as it is in nearby Beverly Heights. East Glen High School in Bellevue is the secondary school that residents here go for.

Things to do in Abbottsfield

Erstwhile Abbottsfield Shoppers Mall and currently, Riverview Crossing, is one of the most popular haunts for shoppers from Abbottsfield to get their necessities and also spend a few hours in the company of family and friends. If shopping is not what you need and you are looking for a place to keep yourself engaged with interactions with like- minded neighbours, the Abbottsfield Recreation Centre is where you should be heading to. Formerly the place where Saint Sophia Elementary School stood, this property was sold off and converted into the recreation centre. There is generous space for the community members to carry out various programs here.

At the Abbottsfield Recreation Centre, residents can also keep fit with sporting activities. The two baseball diamonds here are usually crowded with friendly players. There are also three soccer fields here where games are generally going on full swing over weekends. Sprawling over a whopping 10,000 square feet of space, the Rec centre also has a fully fledged gymnasium. The nearby Abbottsfield park’s playground is well equipped too and an ideal spot for active children to burn off excess energy.

For nature lovers, the Abbottsfield Park, lying close to the incredible river valley and park system, is a perfect spot to spend time at. The River Valley parks are all well connected and that means you can find the perfect routes for trekking, hiking and nature walks right here. Rundle Park, located in the river valley, right below the neighbourhood, is a good spot to visit too. There is quite an impressive, well maintained golf course in the park that attracts avid golfers from far and near in Edmonton.

In short, whether you prefer to take long walks by yourself in the midst of nature or you want to participate in adrenaline pumping activities with your fellow Abbottsfield residents, this neighbourhood has all the bases covered for you.